Why do businesses need Expense Policies?

Why do businesses need Expense Policies?


Expense refund

Running a business can be expensive, and expenses can go beyond essential operational costs. To add to the trouble, travel costs, meals, transportation, mileage, etc. easily add up as company expenses. 

As part of the finance team, you need to track and manage multiple employee expenses. You also have to make sure all the expenses fall in line with Thai Revenue Department rules. This not only costs you productive hours but also causes frustration with the entire ordeal.

This is where an Expense Reimbursement Policy comes into play.

An Expense Reimbursement Policy works as the framework that underlines everything an employee has to do for a seamless expense reporting experience. It brings all information around expense reporting and expense reimbursement under one roof. This makes life easy for all stakeholders. 

With Weladee you defines rules and policy for expense refund. Your employees can request refund with Telegram or Weladee mobile application. They can access the policy any time.

Expense policy with Weladee

On the one hand, employees do not have to lose out on personal money for business expenses. On the other hand, businesses do not need to get penalized by the Revenue Department or have to deal with unhappy employees. (This is a win-win situation for everyone!)

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