Why are Mozilla Firefox most uses?

Why are Mozilla Firefox most uses?

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If we want to understand the reasons behind Firefox's success we have to find the roots of this browser. During, September 2002 the first version of the browser was released to the people named Phoenix. After, lots of releases that the title has been changed to Firebird however due to a legal dispute it had been changed again to Firefox.

There are many factors behind Firefox's success however I believe the added features and the marketing strategy make a whole lot difference in users' embracing the program. One more thing, I want to add is that Internet Explorer after winning the conflict using Netscape's browser was left without any substantial changes. Of course, that has changed with all the upcoming new version of windows called Vista and a new version of Internet Explorer. I suppose Microsoft is trying to fix a few omissions and bugs at a variety of heights of this browser.

We are now going to explore the main features Firefox has in the present time. Among the principal objective of the programmers working in Firefox is enhanced accessibility and usability for the end-user. Tabbed browsing, where you load several pages on the same window, is a valuable feature in Firefox as it could make your browsing much faster. Additionally, pop-up blocking gets rid of those annoying advertisements and the user can easily find information on a particular page with the'find as you type' feature. The built-in search bar includes all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. and you can add more search engines if you want. People working on the availability of the browser have manged to make Firefox work with different screen readers, screen magnifiers and on-screen keyboards. 

These access features can help individuals with impairments browse the Web simpler than before.

Another feature Firefox users enjoy very much is they can customize readily many aspects of the browser. Extensions like the popular internet developer or the Venkman debugger may be added to the browser and increase the functionality of Firefox. Users, often like to have an appearance according to their preferences so they use different themes in Firefox. Therefore, themes are utilized to change the visual appearance of this browser.

Safety is actually critical for end-users and corporations. Both, want a safe browser they can trust with no security holes of Internet Explorer and its ActiveX technology. Mozilla Firefox fulfills this requirement chiefly by providing the chance to other developers to confirm the code for security bugs and using various successful security techniques and models such as the sandbox security model. Additionally, the browser may be used in many distinct programs and also the source code is freely available for anyone to compile it and contribute to the project.

We've observed numerous attributes that Firefox has I would love to speak just a little bit about the marketing strategy that is used. The maturation of the browser is encouraged by search engines Google and Yahoo through partnerships and largely by the open-source community. Mozilla Foundation that's responsible for the development of the browser believes community-based marketing can be successful. They have proven their point by using a community-based marketing website named spreadfirefox.com. They were able to set an advertisement on the New York Times through contributions made by the community of programmers and devotees during the release of Firefox 1.0.

The key behind Firefox's victory is the invaluable features available for the user along with the passionate community that helps financially through donations and spreads the word. Mozilla Firefox is a Web browser that is providing 24*7 hours customer service Mozilla Firefox customer service number which is giving you quick and easy solutions to your problem.