Why am I snoring?

Why am I snoring?


Why do I / my partner snore?

When the muscles of the palate, pharynx and tongue slacken in deep sleep, they take up more space. With this altered position, they reduce the possibility that air can be easily inhaled and exhaled. The airways become blocked, and the throat begins to vibrate with the increased pressure of breathing. This vibration is known as snoring.

And every snore is different, women are more likely to have a snoring snore, with about 42% of all women affected. But on average, their snoring is quiet, their tongues tend not to fall back.

Snoring has different volumes, we know about volumes from 25 decibels to 95 decibels. On average, we can say that very loud snoring is more dangerous than quiet snoring. Especially loud snoring should be clarified by a doctor.

What are the reasons for snoring?

Not an example for light meals

The following risk factors promote snoring:

  • Gender: Men snore more often than women
  • pregnancy
  • Age: The older, the higher the risk of snoring
  • enlarged tonsils
  • Curvature of the nasal septum
  • alcohol
  • Sleep medication
  • Smoke
  • Obesity: is a major risk factor for snoring

What can you do against snoring (home remedies)?

As you can see, there are many things you can do yourself to reduce the risk of snoring. We are not at its mercy. A healthy, active life without cigarettes, alcohol and few medications reduces the risk.

Only some things cannot be changed. Snoring during pregnancy is one such example. Due to the sudden weight gain and hormonal changes, one is at the mercy of snoring. Medications, such as decongestant nasal sprays should not be used during pregnancy if possible, at least consultation with the doctor is recommended. However, there are also alternative options, nasal dilators and nasal spreaders can provide a perceived relief at night.

But even aging people cannot simply turn off aging (but it would be nice). Here you have to look for alternative solutions, like nasal dilators. But these can be very simple, even a change in the sleeping position can provide relief. Sleeping sideways significantly reduces the risk of snoring.

Is snoring dangerous?

Snoring in general first of all not a serious problem. Rather, it is the consequences that can cause us problems.

  • Less performance at work
  • Daytime sleepiness, lack of concentration on heavy equipment or driving a car
  • Relationship problems due to annoyance of the partner due to snoring. If there is space, you can of course use separate bedrooms.

But there are also forms of snoring that are to be regarded as dangerous.

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