Why Your Computer System Keeps Crashing? - www.webroot.com/safe

Why Your Computer System Keeps Crashing? - www.webroot.com/safe


If the user is facing the issue, that there computer keeps crashing then they must know the reason because as this can damage their device and they will have to suffer from loss of data. To prevent their computer from malware and viruses, they can install Webroot antivirus through www.webroot.com/safe get download the key for free

Reasons Your Computer System Keeps Crashing:

  • Hardware Conflict:

The main reason why your computer crashes is hardware conflict. Because each hardware device like printer, keyboard etc. communicates with each other through an interrupt request channel (IRQ). And when these devices are not installed properly and the user uses both devices at the same time then a crash can happen. If you want to fix this problem then you should remove the problem device and just reinstall it.

  • Bad RAM:

RAM issue, generally show the blue screen of death with a message which says Fatal Exception Error. This is a serious hardware problem, in this may be the part is damaged and requires replacement. This error may occur because of the mismatch of chips. If you want to fix this issue, then you should rearrange the Ram chips on the motherboard, or you can take some of them out.

  • Hard Disk Drives:

If you want to prevent the disk from causing a screen freeze, then you should go to Start option and select Programs and then choose Accessories and after this, select System Tools and then click on Disk Defragmenter. Normally, Hard disks slow down and crash if it is too full. So, you must free some space on your Hard Drive. Here, you can also open the Windows folder on the C drive and just find the Temporary Files folder. Now, just delete the contents this will free a lot of space.

  • Malware:

Malware can also causes crashes in your computer system. If in case, you don’t run antivirus software in your device then malware and viruses will store in your PC without your knowledge. And this malicious software will change the settings in your device and can cause your system to crash. Hence, it is advised you should install Webroot antivirus software in your computer which will scan the data on regular basis to secure it from malware and viruses. webroot com safe

  • Printers:

Printers has small amount of memory known as buffer. If you want to print a document then this will use CPU power. And it will also slow down the computer's performance. But if the printer prints the unusual characters, then it might cause your computer crashing. If you want to fix the issue then you should unplug the printer for ten seconds.

  • Software:

One of the major causes of computer crash is faulty or badly-installed software. But this problem can be cured by just uninstalling the software and reinstalling it again in your computer.

  • Overheating :

Central processing units has fans just to keep it cool. But if the fan fails or your CPU gets old then it will start overheat. This makes your PC runs slowly than before. One alternate, to keep your Computer cool is you should get bigger better fan and just install it on top of the CPU.

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The above are some of the reason why your computer keeps crashing. To protect your device from malware, you should install Webroot Antivirus via webroot.com/safe get the key for free download. For details, you can visit to the official site of Webroot antivirus.

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