Why Thumbtack Clone for Your Local Service Marketplace?

Why Thumbtack Clone for Your Local Service Marketplace?


Before we get into the matter of Thumbtack Clone Script, it is important that you understand what Thumbtack is. There are plenty of reasons you might want to use a Thumbtack Clone as it provides quite a few features and benefits along the way. In this article, we’re aiming to provide answers to the questions of what those features are and why should you use the script in the first place. Let’s get right to it.

What exactly is Thumbtack and Thumbtack Clone?

Thumbtack is a platform which provides different types of services. Users could register and use it to find all kinds of locally supplied services, get quotations from the companies after choosing a specific one based on a fully verified review inside the platform. The service basically provides a marketplace for local services, when described in a simpler manner.

You could find services as such as a photographer for your kid’s birthday party, hire a transport service if you’re changing your house or address, or find a house cleaner because the last one was stealing from you. You will be able to protect yourself from the latter, as every service provider has a profile, which is being reviewed by previous beneficent of the service. What that means is that if someone doesn’t deliver a quality service, that could directly put an impact on his profile and people would stop using his or her services.

The Thumbtack Clone basically provides the same platform, such as the one of the original service. It’s quite customization, and users are able to perform all of the tasks just as easily as on the original platform. On the admin side, everything is transparent and easy to manage. To obtain it, however, you’d need a Thumbtack Clone Script.

The Thumbtack Clone Script provides you with the Service Marketplace Software which users could utilize to find the local services online. It’s one of the most advanced platforms in the industry developed with MySQL and PHP 5. The developers have conducted a thorough research on all of the market advantages Thumbtack had and pinpointed the features that made the platform so great. By utilizing all of them into the Thumbtack Clone, the end product is just a good, rich on features such as event and service management, quotation management and review management, including all of the other required functionalities, marketplace software.

Main Features

The Service Booking Software has the option to “Request a Quote”. Before receiving the specific quote, the end user will be asked to fill in a short list of information regarding the types of services he or she would require. The questions are based on the type of services. After completion, a list of service providers offering different quotes appears.

Another major feature is the ability to leave a review after you’ve encountered the services of a specific company, allowing you to either recommend them to other platform users or make certain that other people won’t hire them.