Why Telegram X ?

Why Telegram X ?

There are many users who asks why they should choose Telegram X over Telegram Classic Client, so here we will try to list out some unique features on Telegram X which is not available in the classic client or have a better implementation than the classic client
Work In Progress - Last Updated On: 09-Jan-2021

01) View Admins

02) View Admin Rights

03) Chat Permissions

04) Member Since (Member Joined Time)

05) Go to Beginning of the chat

06) Scrolling Chat Preview

07) Advanced Passcode Lock

08) Secret Chat Passcode Lock

09) Emoji Sets

10) Video Messages Options

11) Voice Messages Options

12) Prompt before calling

13) Use System Fonts

14) Data Saver

15) Take Screenshot of Secret Chat Encryption Key

16) Notification Customization

17) HTTP Proxy

18) Proxy: Reorder by Ping and Error Details

19) Forwarding Options

20) Open in Instant View

21) View All Profile Pictures

22) Nobody option for Profile Photo Privacy

23) Clear from cache for specific media/file

24) Clear cache from specific chat

25) In-App Language Editor

26) Open Chat for Bots in website sessions list

27) Switch #hashtag and $CASH tag search between current chat and Global search

28) Select in between

29) Copying the message copies with formatting

30) Edit Markdown

31) Send without markdown

32) Text Mention

33) Send Dice and Dart as Emoji

34) Dice and Dart Captions

35) Privacy Exceptions

36) Independent Animated Emoji and Big Emoji

37) User join time and number of messages while admin deletes a message

38) Ignore content restrictions

39) Display sensitive content

40) Admins can dismiss pinned message only for self

41) Restore previously closed pinned message

42) Linked Group & Linked Channel easy access

43) Unlink confirmation when linking a group which already has another channel linked

44) Linked Group Preview

45) Change Emoji skin-tone for all emojis

46) In-App Camera Customization

47) Unlimited Multiple Accounts

48) In-App Updates

49) Non-bubble (Plain) mode

50) Account Preview

51) Clickable Usernames and Links in Bio

52) Chats Selection for bulk actions

53) Swipe Actions (Share/Reply)

54) Text formatting on Chatlist, Pinned message and reply quotes

55) Original message date and time on forwarded messages

56) Deleted original message preview changes to "Deleted message" in reply quotes

57) Schedule/Reminder for forwarded messages

58) Decide number of messages to be forwarded to user while adding to a normal group

59) Separate photo and video tabs in shared media

60) Archive a sticker pack directly while viewing the pack

61) View sticker pack while previewing results from an inline bot

Features implemented in classic client after TGX

1) Chat Filters

2) Set as current for Profile Pictures

3) Keyboard Stickers as Telegram Stickers

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