Why Should You Prune Your Plants And Trees?

Why Should You Prune Your Plants And Trees?

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6 Reasons To Do It Right Now!

Why prune your plants and trees? By pruning and trimming your plants and trees you will be changing their form and the way they grow further. Pruning is basically just a preventive measure that you will be undertaking for the maintenance and controlled growth of your foliage.

According to several Edinburgh tree surgeons, the moment you undertake pruning and trimming of your trees on your own, you will be putting a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders. There will be a few problems that you will encounter if you are trimming your trees for the very first time. But all that hassle is going to be worth it because pruning has the following benefits:

1.     Enhances Plant Health

All the dead, damaged and diseased parts of the plant will be removed. This is going to prevent any diseases from spreading within the plant / tree. It also helps in the formation of new tissues and speeds up plant recovery.

2.     Improves Plant Appearance

When all the unwanted branches and diseased parts of the plant are removed, the structure and aesthetic beauty of the plant will improve. It will eventually impact the overall appearance of your property as well.

3.     Controls Tree Size

What the leading Arborists in Edinburgh also suggest you to do on a regular basis is control the size of the plant. Pruning is not only for shaping the shrubbery around your property but also for controlling them. Some vines and plants will grow faster than others. Regular trimming and pruning is going to prevent them from interfering with your property structures and obstructing your view from your home / office.

4.     Prevents Injury

Overgrown trees and branches often result in injuries and obstruction of pathways. If you have walkways and driveways, overgrown tree branches might cause hindrances and problems of various kinds not just to the people dwelling/ working in that building but also to vehicles looking for parking spaces. You can prevent any potential for tripping, falling and suffering injuries across your property by pruning and cutting down all the overgrown vegetation.

5.     Removal Of Dead Branches

Dead branches come in the way of utility lines, light structures, windows and doorways as well. Regular trimming of the shrubs and branches will also prevent them from obstructing the entrance of your home. The weight of your tree will also be maintained and it will prevent the entire trunk from bending and twisting in abnormal angles and eventually deforming over a period of time.

6.     Enables Flowering And Fruiting

Several tree surgeon services in Edinburgh advise strongly for regular pruning because it also influences the growth of fruits and flowers. If you prune them on a regular basis, you will be encouraging early growth of flowers and fruits as soon as the favorable season sets in.

Tools To Pick

Pruning & Trimming Tips By Arborists In Edinburgh

Pruning Shears

These are one of the most widely used tools used for pruning shrubs, buds, flowers and overgrown trees and vines on your property. They are hand-held and can be used to cut branches that are 3/4 of an inch thick.


Also invest in a pair of loppers because they can cut branches of up to 2.5 inches of thickness. If you have fruit trees or nut trees at home, these will come in handy. Other than these tools, you can also look for pruning saws, hedge shears and pole pruners. For more information, get in touch with the nearest tree surgeon in Edinburgh.