Why Commercial Drain Cleaners Won't Solve All Your Problems?

Why Commercial Drain Cleaners Won't Solve All Your Problems?

Jebra Posino

Tired of putting with slow draining sink or frequently clogged toilet in your house or office? Many homeowners and business owners turn to the commercial drain cleaners whenever problems like these occur; but, these problems are best left to the professionals.

Lots of people who have issues with their own plumbing reach out for a drain cleaner prior to they perform anything else. This is quite understandable on one hand; pouring a little Drano down any stopped up sink tends to be about as easy as drain cleaning. In contrast, these products contain some harsh chemicals which can hurt your plumbing and result in serious issues down the roads if they are over utilized. Here are a few reasons only why it is better to contact a plumbing service company rather than resorting to chemical drain cleaners.

They are Very Toxic

Many chemicals in the commercial drain cleaners – particularly off-brand cleaners – offer toxic fumes off that linger after cleaner itself has actually gone down the drains. These fumes irritate the eyes and nose, and at their very worst they can sting when they’re inhaled. These cleaners themselves could be fatal or harmful if swallowed, therefore, they should be always kept outside reach of kids when you’ve them in your house.

They Can Erode Pipes

The chemical cleaners are very caustic; they need to be capable to break stubborn clogs up. Unfortunately, this does not bode well for the pipes if you count on chemicals to repair every plumbing issue you have. The key active ingredient in lots of cleaners is the hydrochloric acid, a very harsh substance which can erode pipes in your house, especially PVC pipes or older pipes. You will not notice this damage instantly, but over the years you might notice that the metal pipes become leaky or even corroded, while PVC pipes becomes soft.

They are Bad for Environment

Once you utilize a chemical drain cleaner from any plastic bottle, the said bottle will have a little chemical residue left in it always. When these bottles wind up in landfill, the residue can cause damages to the whole environment. One bottle of cleaner that you utilize may not make a lot of difference, however try to imagine many people using a harmful chemical drain cleaner as well as throwing out the bottles. That type of pollution will certainly add up over the years.

Future Chemical Reaction can Be Caused Due to Chemical Drain Cleaner

Just like the chemical from drain cleaner leave a deposit in their plastic bottles, they even leave residue on the side of your own pipes. Professional drain cleaner products have their ingredients, and utilizing a range of cleaners will definitely expose your plumbing system to many different chemicals. The chemicals can react easily with one another, at times violently and in such a way that can harm your plumbing.

They Don’t Work Always

Not all drain issues can be resolved with chemicals. In case your issue is related with a broken pipe or your sewer line, no chemical drain cleaners will fix the plumbing. All you are doing is pouring out a corrosive and toxic substance down the drains.

Rather than reaching for bottle of Drano whenever your drains are going too slowly, call your local plumbing services company. The professionals can recommend a safer solution for your plumbing problems, helping you save money and time with any plumbing repair. Do not waste your money or time pouring damaging chemical drain cleaners down the drains and contact the experts instead for all house drain pipe repair. The Plumbers in Mesa professionals will take care of your drains and pipes in the best possible way.