Why Choose to do BBA in USA, Canada & Australia?

Why Choose to do BBA in USA, Canada & Australia?

Stefan Smith

The dynamic job scenario and work opportunities have made the millennial generation come out of the cocoon and hunt for the practical skills oriented courses. A Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) is one of the most sought after courses which opens up avenues to many job opportunities and better emolument packages.

Pursuing BBA in the best colleges can enhance your resume and impart skills that will make you more oriented to real-life job scenarios. With the world becoming a global village the opportunities to study abroad and gain a wider horizon to the global business prospects have become feasible. USA, Australia, Canada and U.K. have seen an upsurge in the number of students to study business administration recently.

BBA in Australia

Australia is world’s third best study destination with innumerable study and work opportunities. The Australian Government has opened up doors to a number of management schools and BBA in Australia is definitely the most promising and comprehensive course. With a plethora of job opportunities and on-campus placements by Australian colleges, BBA in Australia may be your next go-to button.


With the best American universities, BBA in USA is the most preferred course because of its vocational, job oriented approach. High level of tutoring and the best level of mentoring can ace your career to the top with the right institute. BBA degree by the top colleges in USA is recognised all around the world and gives the students an opportunity to explore research works as well gives them hands-on experience to work in different work scenarios.

What is better BBA in India or BBA Abroad?

You may be caught up in the battle between studying BBA in India or abroad. If high quality education, practical orientation, training and placements are the criteria, BBA abroad score much better. On the other hand, if expense of education and living and the costs of living are the consideration, top colleges in India score on this account.

However you will be amazed to know that a twin program offers the benefits of both-BBA in India and BBA abroad. The School of International Studies(SOIS), Mohali is the best international education experience and the most promising career after pursuing BBA in USA, U.K., Australia and Canada. With alliance in the topmost universities abroad, SOIS offers a twin program for BBA by easy credit transfers to these universities.

You can fulfill your dreams of pursuing BBA abroad by enrolling in the twin BBA program offered by SOIS.

Why should You Opt for BBA at SOIS?

SOIS is the topmost business management institute in India offering twinning programs with the best universities in USA, Australia, Canada and U.K. At SOIS the first two years are taught in India and then the final years at partner institutes abroad. The student can avail best of both the worlds and accomplish much better job opportunities. This also enhances the students’ personal growth and knowledge.

BBA at SOIS has the following advantages:

  • The twin program enhances the conceptual knowledge of the students in various aspects of Commerce and business.
  • It offers the students opportunities to take up various projects in companies and gain hands-on experience in field jobs.
  • This enables the students to carry out a comparative analysis of economies and how various business models work across different time zones.
  • The job opportunities, both domestically and globally, are enhanced and the students can get better jobs and packages.
  • SOIS offers world class faculty and modern teaching modules both online as well as on-campus.
  • This opens up avenues to study for masters and pursue MBA, Law or any other business course abroad.

Over to You:

SOIS is the most reputed school of international studies and with the twin programs, you can be benefited immensely. The dilemma of BBA abroad or BBA in India is solved once you enroll for twin BBA programs. For details and information on various courses and alliance with top league BBA colleges in USA, U.K., Australia and Canada, log on to www.soisonline.com and evaluate various cost effective and job-oriented courses.