Why 501(c)(3)?

Why 501(c)(3)?

Roman Pushkin, founder of LibreTaxi

Important note before you read the rest: LibreTaxi is not 501(c)(3) non-profit organization at the moment.

There is no way LibreTaxi can be incorporated, except non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. LibreTaxi was founded in California, and non-profit status aligns well with the mission of the company, with the vision, with our focus on social change and freedom. However, we do not have resources to start this process, and rely on your help.

We unsuccessfully tried to submit the paperwork to Secretary of State of California two times, but failed due to the lack of experience with that. There are several complications that can occur after a paperwork is submitted. For example, Yorba's (organization that focuses on Free Software) application was rejected. This makes submission process little bit more complicated compared to other non-profit organizations.

These obstacles will not affect the technical side of LibreTaxi, we will work hard and fast, sponsoring LibreTaxi development with our free time, and will pay all the expenses out of our pocket. However, all legal work is delayed until we find resources to sponsor the help of professional lawyer, who can take responsibility for registration process.

According to our research lawyers we want to work with charge $450-550/hour. At the moment we never received any money from organizations or individuals.

Please refer to donations page if you are willing to donate some funds to help us finish the legal process and/or start working on LibreTaxi full-time. Note that your donations are not tax-deductible at the moment (make sure you consult with your accountant if you have any questions).

To make it clear, LibreTaxi will never be for-profit commercial and/or proprietary application/organization. We will never charge drivers, passengers, or other parties, will never ask for any fees for using application, obtaining the source code, monthly payments or commissions.