Who is Cheating Women? Ranking of Most Deceived Professionals

Who is Cheating Women? Ranking of Most Deceived Professionals

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There was someone famous who once said that there is no man that has not been deceived, only that not everyone knows it. My "new research" based on what I talk to the girls, has established what are the professions of men who have been more deceived when asking different women in this sector. Please remain calm if your work is on the list, everything has a solution.

Working as a photographer and writing my blog and dealing with Escort in Dubai, I have seen many men cheating on their wives, girlfriends or even boyfriends about to marry our girls. And the girls? They have seen everything. There are many lonely men who come to Dubai for work or simple tourism and seek company, and there they come to our website and book girls with us. So our companions get to see many men hiding their attractive rings and seeing the white mark left by the wedding ring.

But this article is really about the opposite sex. I am quite surprised to discover how many men are also deceived.

Businessmen are very deceived

That's right, people who are entrepreneurs, businessmen or those who are responsible for accounting and deal with numbers and close boring deals are not very interesting for wives once they arrive home exhausted. Often the fatigue accumulated after a long day of work is becoming a boring attitude towards women and do not wake up or generate very good skills in bed if they decide to have sex, that the safest thing is that there is no gain or time nor forces for it. That is why there are so many women who are deceiving them, and this they do systematically.

Then these men decide one day that they want to have sex with their partner and they reject them. So, of course, they need someone else to do the work and very often they turn to whores or Angeldubai escorts and not only sleep with them, but they share their stories.

Teachers in education or universities are also deceived

Most of the teachers in this country are intelligent and rational men, but unfortunately not so good at the action, especially if they are not gym teachers of some kind. According to the Escort in Dubai women asked "in the investigation", they qualify them as men with abandoned figure, poor hygiene and lack of taste. That no longer makes them attractive to their wives and it is not surprising that they are being cheated. Interestingly, most teachers have hot wives ... I know that very well.

Doctors are tricked into third place

Most women would say that a health worker is just a failed doctor, who did not achieve his goal. They definitely do not deserve something as bad as cheating on them, but many women obviously decide that these men are not enough for them and never will be. According to some Escort in Dubai, the attending doctors they met are very nice and tender men, who no longer have the balls to fight. But that makes them excellent clients with lots of money to spare and the touch of a surgeon.