Whitepaper EtherWin

Whitepaper EtherWin

EtherWin team

pdf version of the whitepaper will be available before the start of the Pre-ICO EtherWin


Global online gambling market

The gambling industry is evolving alongside the IT. With the development and popularization of the Internet, the industry has gained a new field for further growth. The first online casino was opened in the US in 1997.

In the era of wired Internet, absence of borders became the biggest advantage of online casinos. Millions of players around the world were finally able to play without leaving the comfort of their homes or offices.

The popularity of online gambling was growing rapidly, as were profits of gambling Internet establishments. With the increasing availability and popularity of the Internet all over the world, online casinos were developing fast, offering new and better betting opportunities to their customers.

Through the years, the gambling market has been steadily growing. In 2007 the global revenue amounted to $ 15 billion, and in 2017, it’s been estimated to surpass $ 100 billion (of which about 40% accounted for the online gambling).

As can be seen in the diagram "Online gambling distribution", lottery occupy a significant part of the market, and every year this sector only improves its position.

The latest data from Newzoo (analytical company) shows annual >8% market growth.

These are excellent prospects and forecasts for the online gambling industry, but, like in any other field where there’s a fast growth rate, there are certain factors and problems that may impede its development.

Problem and solution

The biggest problem in the online gambling sphere is the lack of independence and transparency of the results. As polls show, a lot of potential players could’ve been more inclined to try their luck if they were confident of the results to be reliable.

With the development of IT and the blockchain technology in particular, we’ve found a solution to this problem. With the help of Ethereum smart contracts, we will be able to provide an honest, transparent and independent RNG (random number generator) to our users.

Blockchain project EtherWin

About the project

EtherWin is a project specializing in gambling development and building games managed by smart contracts based on Ethereum blockchain.

In addition to the already functioning instant lottery, several other types of lotteries with different gaming structures will be launched within the project. In addition, our team is in the process of developing blockchain-based roulette and slot machine games to be launched in the future.

Each of our products will be managed by an open source smart contract, to absolutely ensure honest and transparent results for our users.

Specifically for this project, we’ve issued Etherwin tokens (ETWIN). The owners of tokens will be receiving dividends from the profits brought by products launched within EtherWin project.

Our team is constantly developing and improving the project, taking notes of the issues and listening to wishes voiced by our users and tokens holders.

Instant blockchain lottery EtherWinX

As of now, our team has already launched instant blockchain lottery EtherWinX25. In the near future, we plan to roll out EtherWinX300 lottery, with an increased minimum jackpot value. To try your luck — or to audit the smart contract — visit our website ewlottery.com.

What makes EtherWinX instant lotteries stand out is a unique payout structure, aimed to increase frequency to win prizes and jackpot.

All the EtherWinX lottery results will be publicly available through Ethereum blockchain, which guarantees transparency and independence of the lottery. The process of determining the results and paying out winnings will be fully managed by smart contracts, thus eliminating any possibility of fraud on the part of the lottery organizers. Smart lottery contracts and project source code will be available at Github.com before the start of Pre-ICO.

More than 31% of players win with EtherWinX lotteries; while for many other lotteries the winning odds are (at best) about one in several thousand.

EtherWinX instant lottery doesn’t offer its users prizes that are tens of thousands of times higher than the initial ticket price. For our lotteries, the goal is fast turnover of prize funds and attracting the target audience with the promise of not astronomically huge, but frequent prizes and jackpots. Due to this, a significant part of EtherWin lottery players will not only be able to enjoy winning, but will return and play to win our lotteries again and again.

As numbers of users rise and the project becomes more popular, it’s planned to launch blockchain-based lottery drawings (Lotto-types, etc.), with significantly larger prize pools and a jackpots.

EtherWinX25 lottery: how it works

EtherWinX25 is an instant game type lottery. You can partake at any moment, for unlimited number of tries (read the rules).

Let’s examine the structure of EtherWinX25 lottery more closely. The ticket price will be 0.005ETH ($ 2.5 on 04.2018). In case of fluctuations of the Ethereum crypto currency, the adjustment of initial ticket price is provided in the smart contract. More than 91% of the funds collected from ticket sales will go to the lottery prize fund, which is a much larger percentage than in other lotteries, where up to 50% of the funds collected are allocated to the organizers.

Another feature of this lottery is a progressive jackpot, which will exceed the ticket price by an average of 50 times - X50. The minimum possible value of the jackpot will be no less than X25, and — with a probability of 1% — the jackpot will reach values of >X128 of the ticket price.

Table of winning odds* (EtherWinX25 lottery):

* read the in-depth description in the rules of the lottery

As you can see, the odds of winning playing EtherWinХ25 exceed 37,5%.

Why choose EtherWinX?

•    Clear and fraud-free structure of payout. High chances of winning and striking jackpot, in comparison to other lotteries.

•    Instant lottery games. Get results within 1 minute.

•    Transparency and independence of results ensured by Ethereum smart contracts, , with open source code.

•    More than 91% of funds received from the sale of lottery tickets go to the prize fund.

•    A unique and easy-to-understand RNG allowing convenient tracking of results.

You can participate in EtherWinX25 lottery visit ewlottery.com, or through a smart lottery contract (via wallet.ethereum.org). PLEASE READ CAREFULLY before participating in the lottery.

Short-term project development plan

One of the main advantages of EtherWin project is the fact that our team comes to ICO with a fully-functional, tested and ready to work with product. In the near future, it is planned to launch blockchain roulette, blockchain slots, as well as other types of lotteries.

The purpose of fundraising is financing of the marketing and further development of external/internal infrastructure. The more users we can attract, the greater profits will go to the owners of tokens.

By the time of the ICO, our team has already developed and is preparing to launch two new blockchain products - an instant lottery EtherWinX300, with an increased minimum jackpot value, and EtherWinTwist roulette. As of now, both products are going through testing and will soon be presented to our users and partners.

Etherwin token

Basic info (token characteristics)

Token name — Etherwin

Symbol — ETWIN

Ethereum token standard — ERC-20

There are 10 000 000 issued Etherwin tokens.

Information for investors

Etherwin are equity type tokens. The owners of tokens will be receiving dividends from the profits brought by products launched within EtherWin project.

For EtherWinX instant lotteries, this will amount to a fixed percentage from each lottery ticket sold. On average, 8-9% of the funds go to the organizers (depends on the format and type of the lottery).

The dividends distribution among token holders will be managed by a smart contract. The source code for the smart contract is publicly available at GitHub. Dividends (in Ethereum cryptocurrency) will be transferred to Ethereum wallets of token owners.

Let's make a short-term prognosis with some calculations. The average cost of EtherWinX lottery ticket will be 0.005ETH (approximately $ 2.5 on 04.2018, and depending on the rate at the time, the ticket price will be adjusted). There are more than 150 billion lottery tickets bought annually in the world. As of now, the share of online lotteries is more than 10% and keeps growing. Let's do the math, and we’ll get that about 15 billion lottery tickets are sold online per year, and this figure will only increase with time. Given the current growth in popularity and accessibility of crypto-currencies, virtually every Internet user will be able to freely participate in crypto-lottery. For our calculation, take 10 million lottery tickets sold per year which is only 0.07% of the total number of lottery tickets sold online per year. If you take into account the fact that EtherWinX lottery is ‘instant’ and will be available online all over the world, in several languages, the number of tickets sold per year can exceed several times the estimated number.

Let’s calculate yearly revenue per 100% of tokens:

10 000 000 (tickets sold annually) х

0,005ETH (initial ticket price) х

7% (token holders’ profits) =

3 500ETH (profits per 100% tokens annually)

( 3 500ETH / 10 000ETH* ) х 100% = 35%

*value of 100% tokens by ETH, 1ETWIN = 0,001ETH rate

The outcome: according to preliminary calculations, the profit from investing in Etherwin tokens will round up to 35% per annum.

Take note that so far this calculation only covers a single product line of EtherWin project - instant lottery with jackpot. As new products launch, the revenue from tokens will increase significantly.

In addition to the dividends, Etherwin tokens holders will be able to count on the growth of the token exchange rate due to:

•    growing interest to a profitable investment instrument;

•    the general popularization of EtherWin project;

•    constant development and launching of new products;

•    growing number of users.

The transfer of tokens to Cryptocurrency Exchanges supporting ERC20 standards is planned for the immediate aftermath of the ICO. Buy Etherwin tokens and familiarize with the full instruction on the purchase at ico.ewlottery.com.

Token sale


During Pre-ICO, 500 000 tokens will be sold at the rate of 1ETWIN = 0.00067ETH.

Pre-ICO start — June, 2018.

Duration of Pre-ICO — 25 days.

Funds collected during Pre-ICO will be distributed to:

1.  Creation of the reserve prize fund for EtherWinX lottery, which will increase the limits for the maximum number of tickets participating in one block (see lottery rules).

2.   A large-scale advertising campaign for EtherWin ICO.


During ICO, 4 200 000 tokens will be sold at the rate of 1ETWIN = 0.001ETH.

ICO start — June, 2018.

The duration of ICO — 75 days.

Funds collected during ICO will be distributed:

10% — current expenses of the EtherWin project team (testing and launching of new products, legal and technical expenses).

90% — marketing of the project and advertising of EtherWin products.

After Pre-ICO and ICO are over, all remaining unsold tokens will be kept by the developers.


December 2017
Launching of EtherWin project

February 2018
EtherWinX25 lottery test launch

April 2018
Active EtherWinX25 launch

June 2018
Etherwin Token sale

Q2 2018
Further development and implementation of UI / UX lottery design

Q2-Q4 2018
Large-scale advertising campaign

June 2018
EtherWinX300 lottery launch

June 2018
EtherWinTwist blockchain-roulette launch

August 2018
Transfer of Etherwin tokens to Cryptocurrency Exchanges

August 2018
Firs dividend payments to tokens holders

Q3-Q4 2018
Testing and launching EtherWinSlot blockchain slot machines

Q4 2018
2019 development plan and new product line-up

Our team

EtherWin is created and managed by blockchain technology fans:

Dmitriy Plaksin

Head manager and project coordinator

Certificate (Development on the Ethereum blockchain)

Anton Koltsov

Technical manager and head of development

Certificate (Development on the Ethereum blockchain)

Eugeniy Tihonov


Eugene Bondarev

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA)



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