While John is Away Ch. 08

While John is Away Ch. 08

It went on what seemed like forever before it became too much and I had to reach down and pull Avery's finger out. I begged "Whoever has that remote stop for a minute I can't take any more," only to look up and see our waitress standing there with a tray full of drinks, her eyes wide in shock and her whole face and neck a bright pink with embarrassment.

She quickly put down the drinks and turned to leave when I called to her. She turned around and I grabbed the remote off the table and said, "Shannon, please take this and don't give it back until these guys give you a really big tip!" and handed her the remote. She obviously didn't know what to say but took the remote and slid it into the pocket of the apron around her waist. She smiled, then said she would be back in a minute to take our dinner orders and then she quickly turned and walked away.

I thought that would show the boys and also give me a little bit of a break but then James just held up his phone and showed me the app. I forgot all about that damn app. Fortunately he didn't turn it on right away. I was still too sensitive for it to start up directly on my clit again.

I finally got a chance to look at the menu and decided I would have the chicken and a salad. I didn't want to eat anything too heavy. I was still horny and looking forward to a night full of sex with these three handsome guys. We all went back to talking and joking and we were having a great time. They were all talking about how they couldn't wait until football season so I could lose another bet and have to wear some new outfits to host my husband's poker games. Chris kept putting on a fake accent and pointing to his head like he just got an idea and saying something in a German accent like, "I just got anuzzer idea; how about a slutty St. Pauli Girl" or in a French accent, "How about you dress up like a puuusssy cat." He had us all laughing.

About five minutes went by and all of the sudden the vibrator went off again on high and I quickly looked around the table to see who had their phone out. All three of the guys had their hands somewhere about the table and nobody had their phone out.

I had my thighs tight together as the vibrations were really intense and I grabbed the table with both hands as those vibrations tore right through me. A few seconds later, Shannon came back to the table with a wicked little smile on her face, watching me the entire time.

"Are you ready to order now?"

I just looked at her pleadingly but she just smiled and kept looking right at me. She took everyone's order and then as soon as she had gone and turned the corner, the vibe turned off. I slumped back in my seat. "That little bitch!" The guys finally caught on and they started cheering, a little too loudly, as half the restaurant turned and looked in our direction.

I finished my second drink and when Shannon brought us our dinners, the guys ordered another round. I was glad for the food because the alcohol was starting to go to my head. The vibrator hadn't gone off again thankfully. The food was pretty good and we were finishing up when Shannon came back to the table, just after the vibe started up again but this time, not on full speed. It was about medium and just enough to get things started again. She asked if we wanted dessert but the guys said that they had planned dessert on the boat. I assumed they meant me.

Shannon went to get our check and once again, as soon as she turned the corner, the buzzing stopped. I took the last slug of my vodka tonic and once again shooed Avery out of the booth so I could go to the ladies room. Just as the door to the ladies room closed behind me, the vibe came on full force and I once again, almost tripped in my heels. The restroom was small with only one stall and a sink. I hadn't thought to lock the door behind me and I was holding onto the sink as my pussy was vibrating like mad when Shannon came into the ladies room and locked the door.

She looked at me smiling and held up the remote control. I was so close to cumming I couldn't let go of the sink, afraid I would fall. Shannon came up next to me and reached into my dress and squeezed my boob and then found my nipple and pinched it.

That was all it took. I heard myself squeal as a huge orgasm ripped through me. That vibe was killing me and she hadn't slowed it down at all. I just kept cumming and Shannon kept squeezing my tit and pulling my nipple. Then she put the remote down on the sink in front of me and with her free hand, she reached behind me, pulled my dress up and slid her fingers down the crack of my ass, under my tiny little panties and right onto my dripping, vibrating, cumming pussy. She rubbed by pussy, feeling the vibrations and then slid three of her fingers right into my dripping cunt and finger fucked me hard for 30 seconds, compounding my never ending orgasm until I started to collapse.

Shannon felt me start to waiver and took her hand off my tit and turned off the vibe. Then she pulled her fingers out of my pussy and held them up in front of us. They were a gooey mess. She stuck one in her mouth cleaning it off with her lips and tongue and then offered me the other two which I did the same to. Then she kissed me. Her tongue slid between my lips in a second and tongue fucked my mouth. It was amazing and we hadn't even said a word.

When she finally broke away, she just smiled, grabbed the remote and turned toward the door. I felt it turn on low as I struggled to recover. I washed up as best I could before heading back to the table.

The guys were ready to go when I got there and they told me that Shannon had negotiated a hundred bucks to get the remote back. When I told them what she had done to me in the restroom they all agreed that it had been well worth the hundred bucks just to hear the story.

We walked down to the dock and when Avery pointed out the boat, we were all a little shocked. It was more like a yacht than just a boat. I went to step onto the boat when Chris stopped me. He moved slightly to the side and pointed to a home-made sign that said 'Women must be topless to board this vessel". I laughed and was more than willing to get topless although I was wearing a dress so topless also meant bottomless, except for my little lace thong. I started to pull my dress over my head when I realized the young man from the marina was on the dock watching. Oh well, he looked old enough and I pulled my dress up and over my head. I only glanced at him but his eyes were as big as saucers and his mouth was hanging open. I stepped onto the boat and handed Chris my dress with a smile.

The boat was huge and had a large cabin with a full living room, a kitchen and all the way at the bow, a nice size bedroom with what looked like a king-size bed in it. I thought that might come in handy this evening. I looked around for a while and James handed me another vodka tonic from the well-stocked bar. I probably didn't need it since I was already walking around a beautiful yacht in 4 inch heels, a tiny little thong and a remote controlled vibrator up my pussy, and nothing else but what the heck, I took it and rubbed the cold glass across my nipple and then spread the cold condensation around my nipple for effect while James just watched.

No sooner did I hear the engines start up, when Avery yelled down, "First Mate Tabatha, report to the conning tower!"

I yelled back, "Aye, aye Captain Avery." We both laughed at that.

I went to the aft deck and climbed the ladder up to the cockpit where Avery was slowly guiding the boat out of the Marina. I turned and waved to the marina kid and threw him a kiss. He waved back, still with his mouth hanging open.

Once we got out of the wake-free zone, Avery opened it up and the powerful engines shook the whole boat when they roared to life. We headed to the middle of the lake and cruised for probably twenty minutes until we got to a spot where, from the middle of the lake, we could just barely see both the Dallas and the Ft. Worth skylines. Well, we couldn't really see the skylines but we could tell from the lights where the two cities were and Avery pulled back the power and we stopped. Avery dropped the anchor and I climbed back down the ladder and onto the open rear deck where James and Chris were sitting. Avery climbed down behind me.

"So now what do you guys plan to do to me?" I asked.

James, the most outgoing of the three, spoke up first. "Tabby, first we want to thank you for allowing us to enjoy your company for these last 5 weeks."

"Any by enjoy my company you mean fuck my brains out on a regular basis?" I queried.

"Exactly, James said. And since this is the last night we get to fuck your brains out, at least until after you wear your husband's dick out when he returns, we thought we would make the most of it. There are three of us and only one of you so...." I interrupted him. "So, you are thinking you need to pick up more of your guy friends to even the odds?"

That made everyone laugh. "Actually," James said, "We did think that we might need a little help so we have each ingested what is known as the little blue pill so that we might possibly try to keep up with you. Having the pharmaceutical advantage, we thought that we would stay out on this lovely lake until each of us achieves three orgasms, one in each of your delectable holes."

"My holes?" I started to laugh and then before I could say anything, that damn vibrator kicked on again full force. With the boat rocking and me in 4" heels, I thought I better sit down and I reached for my pussy while I made my way to the padded bench on the back deck. I looked to see who was holding the remote and saw Avery's hand in his pocket and a smug look on his face.

I reached into my panties and dislodged the vibrator which finally stopped once I was holding it my hand. I casually lifted it to my lips, stuck the end that had been torturing my poor G-spot all night in my mouth and sucked my slick girl juices from it before dropping it on the couch next to me. "With three hard cocks to fill my holes, as you so eloquently put it, I don't think I will be needing that god-forsaken torture device any longer this evening." Everyone laughed.

"So what do you three drugged up stallions propose to do to this innocent young maiden?"

Avery and James pulled their shorts down to reveal their hard cocks. Chris was kind enough to remove my little panty before he too dropped his pants. Avery stepped up and grabbed the back of my head, weaving his large fingers into my hair and pulled me toward his ten inch monster which I gladly opened my mouth to accept. Chris dove tongue-first into my pussy and James dropped to his knees and began sucking greedily on my nipples.

Avery's cock was more than half way down my throat and James was biting my left nipple and pulling and twisting my right nipple when Chris' tongue hit my clit causing me to explode with my first orgasm onboard the HMS Fuck Tabby.

While that orgasm rolled through my now dripping pussy, Chris had moved lower and started to lick my tight little butt-hole. I felt his tongue trying to push through my tight sphincter but it was really hard to concentrate with ten inches of cock filling my throat and my nipples being sucked, licked, pulled, twisted and bitten. In less than ten minutes I had become a quivering, cock hungry slut that wanted nothing more than to be used by these three lovely men. I would have done anything they asked, and I knew they were going to ask a lot. I tried to envision Avery's giant cock in my ass, something that we had not done before. I knew it would be painful and my ass would probably never be the same again but I had to have it.

James told Chris and Avery, "Guys, I think it's time we make Tabby 'air-tight'. What do you think?" Avery and Chris readily agreed. James became the director and he instructed Avery to lay on the bench and for me to get on top of him which I was more than happy to do.

"Now Tabby, get on your knees above Avery's cock and lower yourself down on him. Once you are balls deep, I want you to lean forward and then Chris, you need to position yourself behind her, but first, let me grab the lube."

Chris ducked into the cabin quickly and came back with a tube of lube. "James, while she is working that donkey cock of his into her, you need to lube her up good and work a couple of fingers into her and get her nice and stretched out."

I felt like I was in a porno and James was the director, telling everyone what to do, how to do it and was orchestrating the whole thing but frankly, once Avery's cock started working its way into my tight pussy, I didn't care what else happened.

I did feel Chris pour the lube onto my butt crack. It was cold but it only took a minute to warm up and Chris started working his finger into my tightest hole. He was working one finger in and at the same time as I felt my pussy hit the base of Avery's cock, Chris inserted a second finger which slid in pretty easily.

I started sliding up and down on Avery's thick cock while Chris pushed yet another finger into my now, well lubed ass. I guess that was the signal for him to know it was time to slide his cock in my ass. He pulled his fingers out as I ascended Avery's pole and I felt something much larger pushing against my slippery hole as I started to descend. Once Chris' mushroom head finally broke through, he slid in easily next to Avery.

I was so full I had to stop for a moment. I was stretched more than I had ever been stretched before and it hurt but in the way that I knew would eventually subside and cause me great pleasure. 'Hurts So Good' coursed through my head like it had earlier that day.

That is when James got back in the picture. My eyes had been closed while my body adjusted to the new sensations and when I opened them, I recognized James' cock right away. James has the model cock that could fill the needs of any girl. About seven inches with enough girth to fill a girl but not be too thick that you needed to take time to adjust to it. I quickly grabbed his shaft and pulled the swollen tip into my mouth. It was the perfect size for a blow job too. I could suck on him all day without my jaw locking up and there was just enough room to work my tongue around, unlike Avery's monster that completely filled my mouth offering little opportunity for finesse, only a warm wet orifice to slide into.

Concentrating on James allowed me to take my mind off the initial pain which quickly subsided, so I started to slowly move up and down with both of them inside of me at the same time but it was too much. I pulled James out of my mouth and told them to work so that one was going in while the other was going out if they could, at least until I got a little more comfortable. That was much better, actually once they figured it out, it was way better. We did that for about 10 minutes, nice and easy but I could tell the guys were getting a little impatient. I was having a hard time concentrating, being filled with three cocks at the same time but I managed to stop for a moment and tell them to try doing it at the same time again.

This time I was still incredibly full but there was no pain and I let them know that it was more comfortable now and to let me try something. They both agreed and I started to ride up and down their hard cocks at the same time. Soon I was fucking them hard and fast. I was bobbing up and down on Avery and Chris and at the same time, I was bobbing my head up and down on James. Filled with three beautiful cocks was almost more than I could take and I started to cum. It was different, not like a giant wave crashing over me, it was more like a slow build that grew and grew in intensity and just kept going.

I was slamming down hard on their cocks when Avery let us know that he was about to cum. One more thrust and I felt his cock jerk as his cum covered my insides. I think that set off Chris because I felt him pull out and slam into me one more time before he poured his seed into my backside.

James lasted another two or three minutes before his cum was spurting down my throat. Chris had pulled his semi-hard cock out of my ass but Avery was still deep inside my pussy. Once I cleaned up James, making sure to suck every drop of his cum from his still hard cock, I pulled myself up and off of Avery and worked my way down to his only slightly deflated cock which was still way bigger than most men I have had. I took him in my mouth and cleaned my juices off of his sensitive cock, gently sucking and licking every last bit of cum from his cock and balls.

Chris handed us each a bottle of water. I didn't realize how covered in sweat we all were. That was quite a workout. I drank half the bottle before putting it down.

I noticed that Chris had cleaned himself up which I appreciated. I have heard of the whole ass to mouth thing and it has absolutely no appeal to me. Well, maybe if someday Mike made me do it but still, not interested. Seeing that he was freshly cleaned and that I had already had each of the others in my mouth, I decided that I would see how quickly the little blue pill helped these guys recover. I dropped to my knees in front of Chris and began by gently stroking him with my hand until I started to feel him get hard. I then began by licking and sucking his balls which got him hard again in record time.

I grabbed James who was already 2/3 hard again and began sucking on him which only took a minute to get him hard. Once both were hard, I had Chris turn sideways on the bench and I got up on all fours. I started sucking Chris and wiggled my ass at James. He quickly got the message and pushed his stiff cock deep in sopping pussy with one thrust. Not wanting to leave Avery out of the equation, I beckoned him over with my hand and grabbed is big cock and began stroking it.

James took about 10 strokes before he pulled out of my pussy and I felt the tip of his cock pushing against my still gaping ass. His cock was covered with a mix of my cum and Avery's which was plenty of lube for him to push easily into my backside. James wasted no time, pumping me harder and smacking my ass. Avery reached under me and squeezed my left tit while Chris reached under and squeezed my right. Avery found my nipple first and started pulling on it, knowing how it would affect me. James was pounding my ass for all he was worth and I was pushing back on him with every stroke. Chris had one hand entwined with a fist full of hair and was fucking my mouth while at the same time, he slapped my right tit hard. I screamed into his cock which was fully embedded in my throat. It hurt but the pain melded with all of the other sensations that were going on and I felt the next big orgasm start to build. Another slap, a pinch and twist of my other nipple and a hard pounding in my ass were driving me to a peak quickly. I was breathing hard, or at least trying to with Chris' cock in my mouth and at one point, I felt like I was going to pass out, all in a good way. When the orgasm hit, it came all at once and rocked my little world. I briefly thought I might be squeezing poor Avery's cock so hard that I would pull it right off but he wasn't pulling away.

It probably didn't exactly happen like this but to me it felt like everyone came at once. I felt Chris' cock shooting his cum deep in my throat, straight to my belly. James had stopped, buried as deep as he could go in my ass and I swear I felt every bit of his cum https://www.applefritter.com/users/yodiwasi










splashing against my insides. I was a quivering pile of flesh.

Avery didn't cum so he came and sat next to me and he carefully rolled me onto my back and kissed me. He must have tasted Chris's cum in my mouth but it didn't stop him. He gently lifted my legs to his shoulders and slid close to me, his big hard cock laying vertically on my pussy. The weight of his cock just lying in my slit and over my clit was amazing. Then he grabbed my ankles and carefully pushed them forward until they were almost next to my ears. I felt his cock slide down over my clit and through my soggy slit and realized that he was going to fuck my ass.