Which types of silencers exist?

Which types of silencers exist?

A cell phone jammer works great as a means to help keep the rules of public etiquette.  One of the first civilian applications of cell phone jammers is as a device to provide peace and quiet in theaters, cinemas and lecture halls.

 By turning on the mobile phone jammer, you can be sure that an unexpected call will not spoil the whole impression and will not interfere or distract other people in the room.

 Devices.  Issue a variety of types.  It can be drone signal jammer, gms or gps jammer and so on.


Types of cell phone jammers

 * Stationary devices for continuous operation.  As a rule, such cell suppressors are quite noticeable blocks mounted in the center of the ceiling of a meeting room, or installed at various points in lecture halls and cinemas.  Their main function is hardware assistance in observing etiquette and blocking any activity in the GSM band (and, if necessary, in a number of other bands for mobile communications).  Some stationary devices have built-in batteries that allow you to continue working even after a power outage.

 * Camouflaged cell jammers.  Such devices disguise themselves as some familiar object, such as a watch.  For unknown reasons, bugs fail within their range and cell phones stop working.  The use of camouflaged cell phone jammers is justified in those situations where you do not need to inform everyone present that cellular communication will be turned off.

 * GSM bug suppressor.  This is a device usually installed in meeting rooms.  The bug suppressor is used to block any activity in the radio range used by spy equipment.

 * Mobile cell phone jammer.  This compact device allows you to always have a mobile jammer with you and protect yourself from both unwanted calls (for example, in a restaurant) and from acoustic listening to your mobile phone.

 * Desktop cell suppressor in the form of a glass.  This model represents a simple, but effective version of the cellular jammer.  Put your phone in the "glass" - and the device will cut off any attempts to wiretap through it.

 The need to purchase cell phone jammers

 Today, cell phone jamming is an urgent need for many medium and large companies, for cultural facilities, as well as for protecting individuals from unwanted attention and disclosure of private information.  Cell phone jammers can have both a fairly short range and interfere with cellular communications at a great distance (up to 15 meters from the object, which is quite enough, for example, for a movie theater).  The possibility of autonomous power supply, power supply from a car battery or installation powered by a conventional power supply makes the use of jammers quite wide and versatile.

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