Which planet is responsible for good health?

Which planet is responsible for good health?

Vinay Bajrangi

One fact about Jyotishya, or astrology, that most of us are unaware of is that it is the last of the six branches of Vedas. Health astrology predictions are a vast field, referred to as Medical Astrology. As per this branch of astrology, the 12 Rashis stand for different parts of the human body.

Sun has a direct sway on human health. It is to be primarily considered when it comes to deciding about the health of the native. The Sun mobilizes the entire universe and induces pranic energy. Matsya Purana says that health is due to the Sankalpa of the Sun. Sun rays are at their beneficial best at the break of dawn every day. These rays possess restorative health powers, and as per Rig Veda, the rising rays of the Sun can heal even heart problems cure jaundice and anemia. Prayers to the Sun should be offered facing east direction. The sun rays which touch your chest during these hours can be immensely favorable for health. The morning sun can cure 22 diseases.

What are the indications of Specific diseases in the birth chart? 

Different planets indicate specific diseases in the birth chart.

Sun governs bones. Moon rules the circulatory system. Mars controls the muscles. Mercury has sway over veins. Venus takes care of the reproductive organs. Jupiter controls the digestive organs. Saturn governs the excretory system. If any of these planets are afflicted, you can expect problems related to the body part it signifies. Diseases are also gender-specific, as men encounter different health issues than women. Some diseases that afflict both genders equally are asthma, skin complaints, allergies, headaches, eye defects; hearing loss, stomach upset, venereal complaints, and obesity. Men usually suffer from cardiac, brain, liver, and venereal complaints, whereas women develop cancer, thyroid disorders, and gynecological ailments.

Which house represents health and its afflictions?

The 6th house stands for all those loans, illnesses, and debts we incur. The debts can be of spiritual, social, or intellectual nature. If the owner of this house is weak and is mildly malefic, then it can prove to be a boon for the health and longevity of a person. The placement of a malefic planet is very favorable for the health of a native.

What are the health Astrology predictions for different diseases?

Different planets indicate different diseases in general. Diabetes occurs due to the combination of Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn in connection with the 6th house. When these above planets are affected by malefic, one incurs diabetes. Jupiter and Venus conjoined in watery signs may also result in the same. Sun and Jupiter conjoined closely can cause the deathly lethal disease of cancer. If it is otherwise, cancer need not be feared.

Different combinations of planets cause different types of cancers. Heart disease is caused when cancer, Leo, 4th, 5th, Sun, Saturn, and Moon are afflicted. While heart muscles can get affected due to the bad positioning of Jupiter, Saturn's bad placing can cause artery blockage. Mars and the moon can cause blood pressure when weakened in the chart. Mars and moon conjoined show stress-induced BP. Mars and Saturn conjoined indicate anxiety-induced BP. Venus, Sun, and moon must be strong for a good vision. If they are afflicted, eye defects may arise.

When Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu afflict mars and Sun, problems with the head, forehead, or associated parts may appear.

Jupiter and moon bring on stomach complaints when afflicted. When Jupiter and Mars are afflicted, the person may suffer from stomach disorders. Liver diseases occur when Jupiter is not placed beneficially in the horoscope. Intestines may be affected when Jupiter and the moon are not strongly placed. Jupiter and Sun have to be well placed to indicate fertility in a person.

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Uterine dysfunction:  Moon and Venus should not be afflicted for a normally functioning uterus. If Rahu, Saturn, and Ketu afflict these, uterine disorders afflict the native. Moon-Venus and Rahu, if badly placed, cause kidney problems. The afflicted moon causes the hernia. Guru and Ketu, when weakly placed in the chart, bring about ear-related issues. For throat afflictions, Mercury and Venus must be in an afflicted state. And nose diseases are caused by Mercury, Venus, and Ketu. Mercury and Venus, if badly placed because of speech disorders like stammering and lisping. Moon and Mercury, if affected by malefic, can cause numbness.

Mars governs dental problems. Mars should be strong to have strong teeth. For mental illness, the planet is the moon. Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn should not afflict the moon. Mercury reflects on the intellectual independence in a native; the moon, the mental illness; Saturn, mental stress; Rahu and Ketu, depression. Sun, Moon, and Saturn cause heart diseases if afflicted. Thyroid problems may occur when Moon and Venus are badly placed in the chart. Tuberculosis can happen if Saturn, mercury, Rahu, and Ketu are not benefits for the natives' chart. One may incur rheumatism if Saturn mercury and mars are not strong. When Jupiter in the 6th house or connected with it in any way, it is sure to cause this disease.



Due to the strength and position of various planets, these disorders can be specifically calculated. It is impossible to merely see this chart and come to a diagnosis. These above diseases do not affect the body if the concerned planet ruling the disease is favorably placed.

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