Which is the best Tesla: the Model S, the Model X or the Model 3?

Which is the best Tesla: the Model S, the Model X or the Model 3?

Tesla is among the most well-known manufacturers of electric cars in the world today in the sense where in United States its three models (the Model S, Model X and Model 3) are part of the top 5 sales of electric cars and include their top model. The Model 3 is by far the most popular battery-powered car available in North America, to the point that it has managed to take on all its competitors in the premium D segment.

Presently, the Tesla range is somewhat limited however, new models are expected to be added in the future (the D-SUV Model Y, a pick-up model, it's the Roadster hypercar, and the semi truck, and so on). ...). So, we have a medium saloon in the segment D (Model 3.) with a sedan body as well as an executive saloon in the segment E (Model S) with five doors as well as an SUV representing that segment (Model X) .

The Model 3 is notably cheaper than the Model S and Model X When it comes to selecting the Tesla version, many customers have doubts as to which is the most suitable option for them , because although it is cheaper, the Model 3 is cheaper It is also more advanced and offers advantages, such as rapid charging of 250 kW that its competitors currently do not have.

Ben Sullins, from the Teslanomics channel, along with his wife Jennie have decided to solve this problem by studying the three Teslas they own. They have both spent time in the cars to be aware of their pros and cons, so before giving their final response they look into the many positive and negative aspects of three Tesla suggestions.

In the case of the Model X, which is a P90D variant, it's superior performance, its massive panoramic roof and its ride comfort (which makes it an ideal car for traveling) will stand out. It is true that it is not without its flaws. There are areas that could be improved such as the space available on the 3rd row , which is not significantly large when compared with the dimensions of the exterior of the car.

Model S Model S, which was their first Tesla model, is an automobile with a rear-wheel drive of 60 and has a limited distance, though they also note that this doesn't happen with the current Model S. In addition they believe that it is a fun model to drive and very practical thanks to its gate and fold-down seats . Concerning the Model 3, they consider that it's an flexible and practical vehicle due to its smaller size, though it lacks certain features such as its loading door (it is an automobile) or less careful features of convenience (for instance, the open system ).

What is the final conclusion? The most effective is ... Tesla Model Y . The Model Y isn't yet on the market however, it will blend all the benefits of the Model 3 (size, chassis, price) along with the convenience that comes with Model S and Model S and Model X (hatchback, 7 seats etc). Of his three cars, Ben receives one of them, the Model X, and Jennie is the Model S.

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