Where will India after 20 years in Science and Technology?

Where will India after 20 years in Science and Technology?

John Mike

Modern Science and Technology:

India is one of that country which is investing in the modern science and technology. It also invests large amount of money each year in modern scientific research methods for students. The rank of India is in top exporters and information and technology is very good. Day by day new innovation is building the strong relationships of India with other countries. India has an idea that science and technology both are the major need of the country in which the growth and development of the country based. The country is already taken its spaceships on moon and other and launch its vehicle (PSLV).

Education in Science & Technology Information:

 Education is expended in all the universities and colleges related to science and technology. All the basic expenditures in science and technology development are increased in private and the government sector industries. India has its strong position in technology. It is serving of catering knowledge is many institutions of science and technology with qualified trainers and staff. NEET coaching centres in Bangalore are giving informative ideas for students related to the field of science and technology. Now the Indian technologies and higher companies can compete with other countries in various fields.

Modernization of Industry:

No doubt that science and technology play the very important role in the modernization of the industries. But it also has some major impact on society. Science and technology both are reforming our society. Here we discuss the some of the major facilities of science and technology in society:

•      The towers of telecommunication in villages are set up to facilitate the villagers.
•      People who belong to far away from the country or living in their country the technological advancement become accessible to them. They can easily entertain themselves by the broadcast of different programs in television.
•      With the advancement of technology, electricity is supplying in in every street of India.
•      The scientific health care clinics are also available in village areas with technical staff and doctors.

•      CCTV cameras are located on every street including public sector places which helps a lot in reducing crime in India.

•      The job of army and police becomes easier and helpful they can catch the criminals by tracing their number anytime anywhere.
•      The death rate decreases after the advancement of new scientific research methods. New scientific methods become very useful to cure the diseases.
•      With the basic facility of the internet in rural areas people can know about the solutions of their problems regarding health care issues, basic diseases affecting the crops and etc. 

Future of India in Science and Technology:

Nobody in this world can predict his or her future. Science and technology provide a wide platform for the student who wishes to be a scientist or astronauts. The future plans of India in science and technology ground are very high. India is thinking to launch the earth observation satellite which will be the first development and launch of vehicle and spacecraft. ISRO has also planned much mission from 2012 to 2017 with cost 200 billion. So we hope that in future India will be abler to launch new ideas in the field of science and technology for its country people and becomes the superpower.