Where Can I Buy Top Down Bottom Up Shades?

Where Can I Buy Top Down Bottom Up Shades?

Top down, bottom up shades are window coverings that raise from the top or the bottom. They are available in various styles to match any space and window. Some are made for specific window types. Find out how to buy them and what to look for when buying. If you have windows that are large you might want to consider purchasing custom-made top-down bottom-up shades. These shades are more expensive than standard window coverings however they are worth it in the end.

Factory Direct Blinds

Shades that are top down and bottom up are ideal for rooms that get full sun during the morning and afternoon. The coverage can be adjusted to match the sun's position. Top down bottom up shades are available in a variety of styles that include Roman, cellular and pleated. If you're looking for top-down shades that are bottom up, Factory Direct Blinds is the best place to look. Their selection is huge and their customer service unbeatable.


EcoSmart Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Window Shades are an easy and efficient way to limit the amount of light coming into your home. These shades are easy to operate with a cordless pull cords that are on either side. These shades are perfect for small to medium windows because of their low profile headrail. Shades that are cordless TDBU are child-safe and cordless. The cordless cord is concealed in the fabric of the shade making sure that pets and kids cannot get it while operating the shades.

Home Depot

Top down bottom up shades are cordless that let the user determine how the shade hangs from the window. They are not cordless and can be adjusted to change the height of the shade from the top. This lets light to enter and privacy. The Home Depot sells these shades for as low as $2.49 and offers discounts on the cordless versions. You can choose from different sizes and have different levels of light filtering or blackout.


Top down bottom up shades differ from traditional corded shades because the bottom section is fixed while the top section is loosely moved. Motorized shades that have built-in remote controls are available. Cordless top down bottom up shades are operated using remote controls that are cordless. A top-down bottom up shade typically has two cords on either side that allows the user to control the amount of light that enters the window.


Shades that are cordless, top-down and bottom-up can be pulled down by pulling downwards on the tab at the shade's bottom. The tab can then be pulled up to raise or lower the shade. Based on the model that you want, you can find shade cords that have a continuous cord loop or motorized shades. Top-down bottom-up shades typically have two cords- one to raise the top of the shade and the other to lower it.

Roman shades

A Roman shade can add class to your home. You can pick from a wide range of colors and styles to be a perfect fit for any room and there are a lot of places to buy them. When purchasing Roman shades, be sure to measure your window accurately and make sure you buy the correct size. There are two types of Roman shades in both the inside and outside mount. If check this out planning to install them outside of a window, you'll need to measure the area. You'll find that some folds are thicker than others, and it's important to measure them accurately.

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