When Should You Use Submersible Flat Cables? 

When Should You Use Submersible Flat Cables? 

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The electrical industry is quite versatile, it provides solution to all your needs whenever you need them. There are various types of cables and wires in the market based on the project requirements. One of the special type of cables is that of Submersible Flat Cables. These are specially designed which makes them suitable for usage in water related projects as well as deep under water projects. Generally these submersible flat cables are insulated with a rubber coating which makes them function in water and also protect from oil, grease or any other compounds which poses a threat to the functioning of the cable under water. Make sure that you consult one of the leading manufacturers of Submersible Flat Cable India so that it has the best of properties and features which make them serve for long, as below:

Properties– The essential features which make them function under water are as below:

·        Their physical and chemical composition makes them functional under water and moist conditions while electric current passes through them. Also, these cables are so built that oil, grease and other liquid particles are not able to damage the cables outer or inner surface in any way.

·        They are available in both Single and Multiple conductors.

·        They are available in different shapes and sizes as per the requirement.

·        These are generally considered for control wires and power conductors for the motor of the running water pump.

·        The different conductors of the cables can be differentiated based on different colours which help in easy identification, while the common ones are Rubber core cables and PVC Core cables among the rest.

Usages– Their physical and chemical properties and composition make them highly suitable for under water environments, especially in water pumps both for domestic and commercial purposes, irrigation purposes, underground mining, drilling works on surface as well as under water drilling of oils. Their insulated rubber coated surfaces make them stand strong against heat or high current flow as well as enables them to fight against oil, grease and other impurities in the water.

Varieties–These different types come with slightly different physical and chemical properties which make them suited to their specific expertise areas. The commonly used submersible flat type cables can be summarized as below:

·        Three Core Flat Submersible Cables These come with a lot of strength, as compared to the general ones. They are made from electrolytic copper and its conductors are insulated with a high grade PVC and its outer cover is abrasion resistant due to the presence of PVC compounds.

·        Flat Submersible Cables These are the general ones used in winding of pump motors under water.

·        Pump Submersible CablesThese can be submersed deep, like in a deep well. The available sizes are from 1.5 - 50 square mm and can withstand moisture, abrasion, grease, oil and has long shelf life. These are used inAutomobile industries, Shipbuilding, Transport, Steel Plants, Railways, Refineries, Oil fields, Automatic Welding Robots, Construction and Coal Mines.

So get in touch with one of the certified and leading manufacturers and dealers of Submersible Flat Cable India so that you get the quality tested products only. Always remember these are critical project requirements where single carelessness may lead to a great damage so choose the best in order to serve the best!