When Gina Met Tammy... Ch. 16

When Gina Met Tammy... Ch. 16

Chapter 16

Gina has a surprise before the girls leave for the wedding in Connecticut.

GINA: Time was zipping by as we got closer to the wedding. Tammy and I have been running or working out every weekday, and in the weeks that have passed we started seeing the results pay off. We haven't been losing weight or bulking up to be female Hulks, but everything that needed tuning up is looking fantastic -- butts, legs, tummies...hell, all over!

We've religiously followed Terry's advice as well, and have been having lots and lots of hot, sweaty sex! The list of possible places to make love in and around the house is pretty much completed. Some locations have seen repeat performances, and some (like the staircase) were just too damn uncomfortable. But it was fun anyway, even in the 'bad' spots!

I've kept up my teaching Tammy how to country-western dance. She still doesn't feel comfortable enough to go out, even though I tell her she's a lot better than some of the people I've seen trying to two-step before. I even bought some playground sand to spread a layer on the garage floor so she can see what 'boot-scootin' is all about.

Krav maga is still on the back burner, but I have been showing Tammy what I know about finding weak spots and taking advantage of them. I told her that escaping the situation is always the best option, but like in the case with Steve, I knew I had the advantage because he was drunk, and his friend Marty is a wimp. There's a police-run self-defense course for women here in Durango, and I think we're going to sign up for that sometime during the fall or winter. We've even been able to go to the shooting range a couple of times, learning about and firing some of the pistols in Granpa Jake's collection.

TAMMY: We've talked to Momma and Angie at least 3 or 4 times a week, sometimes about wedding matters, but a lot of times it was just for gabbing. It gives me a warm fuzzy every time I see them together. It's too bad that they had to find out that SOME men are scumbags before they found each other, but c'est la vie.

Gina and I have finally gotten to go on a few hikes, too. One weekend, we went with Jo and Dee on a trail they knew of, and the 4 of us had a blast traipsing around the mountains. My favorite, though, was a trail we took that had a little meadow at the summit where we could take a break before going down. The meadow was on a cliff face, and the view of the valley below was spectacular. What made it special was a barely visible trail that led under the cliff.

As evidenced by the discarded condoms hanging on a bush, this was a good spot to fuck. Maybe it was the thrill of possibly being found out, or just being out in the open that made it so great, but Gina and I thoroughly enjoyed eating each other's pussy to a climax. We didn't have any used rubbers to hang from the bush, so we ended up tying our cotton panties together and leaving them as a testament to our conquest! It was especially funny was on our trip down the mountain. Without panties, and with dried cum on our faces, we passed a group of church-going men who'd been on the trail. I'm positive they could smell the odor of sex that wafted off of us when we passed, and we giggled the rest of the way down.

GINA: Our pale blue satin gowns had come in, and we went to the dress shop for the initial fitting. A few minor alterations needed to be done, but the end result was a very sexy yet subdued look. We decided to ship the dresses to Connecticut so that Keme and Angie could have any wrinkles steamed out and the clothes would be ready for us when we got there. It seemed to be the best way, instead of trying to keep up with a garment bag besides our other luggage when we got ready to go.

Angie and Keme kept bugging me about what song I wanted to do for their first dance, so I ended up sending them a list of possible songs. That way, they can choose what they want. It turns out they decided on my original pick ("Could I Have This Dance"), but then Angie had thrown me a curve ball. She said they'd talked to the band leader, and he had recording equipment he could set up so I could record another song to play when we walked them down the aisle at the start.

They'd picked "The Sweetest Thing (I've Ever Known)" by Juice Newton. Keme said Andrew (the band leader) had told them his keyboard player was tickled pink, because he also knows how to play a pedal steel guitar and loved playing country music. I practiced it a couple of times for Tammy, and we both agreed it was a beautiful song to start the ceremony with.

I've been rethinking my idea on proposing to Tammy also. Woman's prerogative, right? Anyway, I've decided to do it before we leave, in the privacy of our home. This is going to be one of the biggest things in either of our lives and I think that with just the two of us, it will be a lot more special.

TAMMY: Even with all of our other activities, we still found time to get plenty of sun and play at the pool. Every time I see my bronzed goddess out in the sun makes my heart pitter-pat, along with the desire it creates in my loins. I still can't believe how incredibly lucky I am that we found each other.

Our supply of the lavender/peppermint oil lotion was getting low, so we got the name of the company and found out where to get some more of it ordered. I think we must be getting addicted to this stuff. There's nothing like getting a nice rubdown with the lotion after an afternoon of sun and swimming...plus, the taste of peppermint and pussy is wonderful!

When we'd gone hiking with Dee and Jo, they had told us the inside renovations for their 'new' business were underway, and they had a spot already picked out for the large painting I'm going to do. Dee asked if I could have it done in a week or so, and I promised that I'd get it done. I've already got the picture formed in my head, and I think they'll be pleased with what I'm going to do.

The package for our wedding gift had come in from Jerry, and he had included instructions on what we needed to do at Gina's bank and the bank in Connecticut in order to get the wire transfer done smoothly. We're excited to see what Momma and Angie are going to do when we spring our gift on them. Since we're going a few days before the wedding, we plan to give it to them the day after we get there, so they'll have time to get over the shock of suddenly having $20 million!

GINA: I'd gotten a text from Therese at the jewelry store saying that Jim had finished our rings. I replied that I'd pick them up soon, whenever I could get away by myself. That day came when a cool front rolled in, leaving the morning skies outside gray and cloudy. Tammy figured it was a good day for her to work on her painting, so after I helped her set the long canvas up on two easels, I got dressed and drove to town, using taking the package from Jerry to the bank as my excuse.

The beady-eyed bank manager nearly flipped when I told him what we were going to do, but since I still had over $130 million left, he got everything set up for the transfer on this end without a big squabble. Jerry had done an excellent job of explaining exactly what needed to be done, and although it took a couple of hours, by the time I left the bank, the wheels were in motion. Even the sun seemed to be agreeing with my progress and was starting to burn off the clouds, promising a nice afternoon.

My eyeballs nearly fell out of my skull when I got to the jewelry store and Jim brought the rings out. The renderings had been great, but the actual rings were exquisite! I tried on one set, and they fit perfectly, so I'm nearly positive they'll fit Tammy as well. I couldn't resist giving Jim and Therese both a big hug. Jim assured me that he never copies one of his custom designs, so we'll be the only ones on the planet with such gorgeous creations.

I had them put the engagement rings in one box, and the wedding bands in another. After paying the balance and another round of hugs, they both wished me good luck as I walked out on a cloud of air. The smile on my face was putting the shining sun to shame when I got in the car to head home.

Stopping on the way to get some of the fried chicken breasts we like so much, and a very fine bottle of bourbon, my mind was racing as I tried to figure out the best way to propose. By the time I pulled in the driveway, I'd decided that tonight will be the night, after we eat supper. I put the chicken in the fridge, the engagement rings were stashed in the couch cushions, and the wedding bands went in the dresser upstairs.

TAMMY: My hand and arm were starting to ache from the work I was doing, but the painting was nearly completed when Gina came in. She gave a low whistle, and said Jo and Dee were definitely going to be happy with it. After a nice kiss and some playing with each other's asses, I shooed her out, telling her I'd be done in a few minutes and we can deliver the painting tomorrow. I asked her to send them a text saying we'd be stopping by, and she left while I put the finishing touches in.

This is by far the largest painting I've ever done, and I'm very proud of it. I put their portraits on the left side, so the first thing their customers see will be their faces, and then have an oblique view of how the building will look once the renovations on the outside are done. After cleaning up my mess, I left the painting to dry and went downstairs, collapsing on one of the island stools.

Gina said Jo had replied to her text, and that anytime tomorrow afternoon after 2:00 would be fine. She gave me a wonderful massage on my shoulder, arm, and hand, then suggested I get in the hot tub to let the jets help ease the soreness. The pulsing water was grand, and the warm glow from the bourbon and coke that Gina made for me felt even better. When our fingers started pruning, we got out and air dried in the sun before going in for a rubdown with our lotion.

We were sitting at the island talking when I got a text from Momma wanting to set up a video call for 10:00 AM tomorrow morning. She said she had a question she wanted to ask, so I accepted the meeting. I wondered what she wanted, since we usually talked to them in the evening, but Gina just shrugged and said she had no idea.

GINA: The truth was, I DID know what the call was about. I'd sent a text earlier, after the message to Jo and Dee, telling Keme and Angie that tonight was the night I was going to propose. It was a struggle to keep from grinning, but I managed to hold it inside. I focused on getting our supper ready, different scenarios running through my thoughts.

One thing I hate about knowing what's coming is the waiting, imagining the worst. I'm certain Tammy will agree to marry me, but the 'What Ifs' are driving me nuts! Thankfully, Tammy started talking about something else, distracting me from the negativity. After eating and cleaning up, we moved to the couch to watch TV for a while.

We watched the rom-com "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", which was actually pretty good. At least, the parts I remember seeing were good -- my mind started getting distracted again. After the movie was over, my chance came up when Tammy had to go to the bathroom. (She stuck her tongue out at me when I told her not to fart too loudly!)

I got up and refreshed our drinks, taking a big gulp to help steel my nerves. Turning off the TV and putting some soft music on the stereo, I sat back on the couch, my legs curled up under me and the ring box sitting hidden under my legs. Putting on a serious look when Tammy came out, I told her to sit down, and that I needed to talk to her about something.

TAMMY: The look on Gina's face and her tone had me worried. I sat down, and she started, "Baby, ya know I love ya more than anything, but somethin' has been botherin' me here lately. Now, I know we ain't known each other that long, but I can't shake th' feelin' that somethin' is missin' in our relationship."

Totally concerned, I asked her what she thought the problem was. My eyes must have bugged out when she suddenly grinned and said, "Darlin', I think th' only fix fer our problem is that ya need to have some more jewelry." She pulled out a ring box, and took a gorgeous diamond ring out. Taking my left hand, she said, "Tammy McKesson, would ya do me the honor of marryin' me?"

A floodgate of joyous tears opened and I blubbered "YES! Yes, yes, YES! Ohmygod, I love you baby. Yes, I...I WILL marry you." Through a veil of tears, I watched her slide the ring on my finger, then I managed to put the other ring she produced on her finger. She hugged me fiercely, and I gave her the best kiss I could, the saltiness of my tears mingling with the sweet taste of her lips.

We sat embracing for a few seconds...or minutes...or hours, I don't know. My whole body felt flushed, and it wasn't because of the bourbon. I'm totally in love with Gina, but this has just taken my love to heights I never thought possible.

GINA: The relief I felt was overpowered by the happiness that flowed through me. Tammy cuddled up against my shoulder, and our left hands entwined as tightly as the two hearts on her necklace while we admired the rings. I know everyone has probably said it at one time or another, but at this moment, I was the luckiest girl on the planet. Tammy looked up at me, her green eyes practically glowing, and asked me how long I'd been planning this. I told her the story from start to finish, and she giggled that maybe she said yes too soon, if I was going to be a sneaky like this from now on. I could only waggle my eyebrows and tell her that this was my last act of sneakiness...maybe.

We sat there for quite a while, kissing and snuggling. It started getting uncomfortable, so we finished our drinks and went upstairs to bed. I showed Tammy the wedding bands, and she loved them, especially the way they go with the engagement rings. We fell together on the bed, not even bothering to turn it down, and resumed our kissing and fondling.

Lust started raising its head down deep inside my belly. Nibbling on an earlobe, I whispered "Darlin', d'ya think almost-married pussy tastes any different?" She giggled, and we squirmed our way into a 69 position. I licked her moist slit, and proclaimed "My God, it tastes even better!"

Our assaults on each other's honeypots began and almost became a race to see who could bring the other to climax first. Fingers, tongues, and teeth were all weapons at our disposal and we used them well. Embers of passion were fanned inside my core, yearning to be set free. From Tammy's moans and cries, I could tell she was building towards her release also.

I'm not too proud to admit that I lost the race. A monumental orgasm gripped and shook me from head to toe. My cries of release deep into Tammy's cunt ignited her rocket and she blasted off with a yell. I licked and sucked from the banquet her pussy offered while she drank from my oozing fountain.

TAMMY: I know it's all psychological, but having my LOVER -- my SOULMATE -- bring me such a fantastic orgasm was divine. When our juices stopped flowing and every drop was licked clean, I clambered from on top of Gina back around to lay beside her. The nectar of our loins was shared with our deep kisses and our tongues waged their own battle while we pressed together.

I rolled over and slid out the 'toy box', getting my favorite, the strapless dildo. Since we've started our exercises, especially with the crunches and planks, our pelvic floor muscles are stronger, so I don't think we'll even need the panty to hold it in.

Slobbering on the wearer's end, I looked at Gina and said, "Honey, I love you so very much. I'm yours forever, and now, I want you to fuck me. I NEED you to fuck me!" Grinning, she spread her legs as I slid the end of the feeldoe into her still slick vagina. With it firmly embedded, I laid on my back and spread my legs, beckoning her with my finger to enter and ravage me.

She spread a small amount of lube on the plastic and started to slowly penetrate me. The agony of waiting was too much so I wrapped my legs around her and pulled her down, crying out as the full length of the dildo slammed into my depths. Without the cloth barrier between us, our crotches ground together, invisible heat passing between our skin.

Gina turned the vibrator to the lowest setting and the plastic came alive, thrumming its rhythm deep inside our cores. With slow, deliberate strokes, she fucked me while our lips remained locked in a passionate kiss. With nothing holding it in place, the end of the dick inside her was moving with each thrust she made into me and our moans reverberated in each other's mouths.

GINA: This was the first time we'd used the feeldoe without the panty harness, and the movement it made in my pussy as we fucked had my inner fires blazing. I reached down and turned the vibrator to full blast, making us both scream when the clitoral nubs shook us while the toy chattered on our G spots. We both came violently as I continued pumping in and out, our bodies melded together except where my pelvis moved up and down.

Tammy started moving her hips in a circular motion, intensifying the effects of the plastic penis buzzing inside us. Another cataclysmic orgasm roared through our bodies, and the lip-lock we'd been keeping broke while we both gasped for air. A final plunge to the hilt from me prolonged the ecstasy that was washing over us, the vibrations fueling the tsunami within.

I turned the toy off but we stayed locked together. Each involuntary twitch from our crotches sent a fresh wave of pleasure to our cores. While the phony phallus kept us physically joined at the hips, the love we have for each other has locked our very souls together. I could feel our hearts beating in synchronicity as we merged into one another.

Gazing deep in each other's eyes, we both smiled, knowing that this consummation has cemented the love we share. Tammy continued to hold me inside her with her legs and arms, even while our eyelids began drooping. Sleep rushed in to claim us, with our bodies and minds locked together in utter bliss. I was lying on top of her, so I moved to where we were side by side, still conjoined.

TAMMY: I woke with a start, feeling Gina's warm breath on my neck and the fullness in my pussy. Glancing at the clock, I saw it was 3:00 AM, but I was not ready to uncouple from her yet. The slow circular movement I made with my hips woke her, and we smiled and kissed deeply. Releasing my leg-lock, I rolled us over and got on top of her. I began slow, rhythmic strokes with the dick inside me, the movement making the end embedded in her move as well.

Despite being joined together for hours, our pussies were still lubricated and the phony penis slid easily in and out. I cried out as yet another climax rocked me, triggering a shuddering orgasm in both of us. Easing myself off of the toy, I slowly pulled the other end out of Gina, giggling at the soft 'pop' it made when it came free.

Tossing the drenched toy down to the foot of the bed, we laid there for a few minutes kissing, then I turned over so Gina could spoon me. We quickly fell back into sleep, our left hands intertwined with the diamonds glittering in the moonlight. Disregarding the warm, wet spots we were lying in, we slept for a few more hours.

I woke up (again) at 7:30 to soft kisses on the nape of my neck. Turning my head, Gina's smiling face leaned over to kiss my mouth. The wonderful smell of our escapades was heavy in the air, since we'd neglected to open the doors in our ardor last night/early this morning. Laughing softly, Gina said, "Well, love, I guess we won't need our morning run today, huh?" I giggled and we climbed out of bed, taking the soiled duvet off and dropping it down the laundry chute and opening the doors to air out the room. She took the toy and tossed it in the shower, then sat down to pee while I brushed my teeth, urging her to hurry up before I peed in the floor.