What’s So Unique About the Industrial Containers: Eurobins?

What’s So Unique About the Industrial Containers: Eurobins?

What Items Can These Industrial Containers Store? Can I Stack Multiple of These Bins?

The industrial bins have been specifically designed to provide safe storage space to their consumers. The bins have a pouring lip at the bottom that ensures the greatest hygiene during the transportation of the items inside.

The base is strengthened with a thick, tightly welded steel plate that allows for added silent operation and stability, saving you from dragging a noisy storage container with you, wherever you go.

If you are looking for industrial containers that will keep the stored items safe, clean, and will keep them from getting spoiled, then Eurobins are the perfect choice for you!

And if you purchase more than one bin, you can also avail of their stacking feature. That’s right, they can also be used as stackable tanks, letting you store even larger quantities of food before and after the processing.

Are These Industrial Bins Made from Stainless Steel?

Yes, these industrial bin storage units have been constructed in heavy-duty AISI type 304 stainless steel and will protect anything you store inside. It will allow you to relaxedly transport items while ensuring full maintenance of their hygiene, whether you’re using it for storage purposes on transporting needs.

Can I Safely Transport Food and Perishable Items in These Eurobins?

Of course, you can! Eurobins come with the guarantee of helping you transport or store all kinds of items and materials such as foods, supplies, electronics, clothing, whatever you like!

The multipurpose industrial bins allow you to put them to any use relevant to their capacity and can help you through processes related to your industry. They oblige easily with the highest food safety requirements and will allow you to store several items.

Not only are the bins reliable and long-lasting but also ensure a smooth workflow.

Are There Any Items That I Should Avoid Carrying in These Industrial Bins?

Yes, some things should not be stored in any storage container. They include:

·        Fireworks.

·        Gas or oil.

·        Paint or thinner.

The storage of these materials inside such containers for a very long time can put the whole space in danger, which would be your company building or factory. Besides other combustible and flammable materials, gas, especially, can ignite when put in an enclosed unit.