Whatever the Boyfriend Says Goes_(1)

Whatever the Boyfriend Says Goes_(1)


My boyfriend of a year Russel and I were laying on his couch. Just outside, dry, yellow hills stretched out as we were pretty far out West from the city. I didnt see him too often because after catching a train out to the nearest station, hed have to drive out to pick me up. He was a shameless alcoholic so Id have to make sure I woke up early to get there in time before he had had too many.

Russel had a slim build. Just recently he had decided to shave off his shoulder length blonde hair. Surprisingly, the new look suited him but now his sunken in eyes were more prominent. Needless to say, Russel had a few unhealthy habbits that I tried not to be critical about then and was always there for him whenever he crashed. Today was one of those bad days hed occasionally have and as usual, I was by his side.

We were on the lounge watching something we had both agreed on. This wasnt something that happened usually so I was more than happy when he agreed to the movie I suggested. I was the small spoon and he was the large. I loved when he was in this kind of mood. The feeling of him stroking my curly, brown hair while I could feel his breath on my neck set me in a wonderfully relaxed mood. I didnt even notice his bourbon breath as much anymore. Russel started to run is hand up and down the side of my slim body. Stopping at my hip, he played with the hour glass shaped valley my body naturally rested in. After slipping under my shirt, he had easy access to my breasts as they were perky enough that I didnt need to wear a bra. He gently flicked my nipples, and as they began to harden with each movement, I could start to feel the shape of his cock against my arse. Gentle rubs of my breasts became firmer before he grabbed my waist and turned me around so I was facing him. I automatically stuck my tongue in his mouth and put my leg over his body.

When he started to run his hand down the front of my body across my stomach, I flinched back as I remembered I was unfortunately on my period. He doesnt mind if I am or if Im not. He would still be more than happy to continue but I just dont feel comfortable with it. Especially on days like today when my flow was extra heavy. I placed his arm back on my hip and spoke in my most innocent of tones.

Im sorry babe. Im on my monthlys

Its fine, you know you dont need to worry.

Im sorry. I will give you something though

After kissing his lips as gently as I could, I moved onto this neck. I pulled up his shirt and started to kiss his body all the way down. Once I got to his pants, I gave him a sexy grin while looking into this eyes. I couldnt help keep smiling as I undid his pants. Its not that I didnt want to fuck. My pussy was burning and I could feel that I was so wet, my juices were creeping past my tampon. I flicked his knob with my tongue a few times before moving to the bottom of his shaft where I started licking the length of his cock up and down. I thought I would do a bit of teasing before I took his entire cock into my mouth. I opened up my throat so I could get right down to the base. Back up and then back down again. I bobbed my head while sucking as hard as I could. Stroking his balls as I used my tongue on the tip, he was groaning in pleasure.

Russel was getting into at this point, rubbing my breasts and grabbing my arse. He was pulling my silky panties up from the back so they were going right between my firm arse cheeks. He smacked them until they were a cheeky pink colour. As usual when he started rubbing my little arsehole with his finger, I moved his arm away as I knew what he wanted that to lead to. This time he was very persistent. I stopped what I was doing for a moment and after catching my breath I firmly said one finger. I didnt like arse play after a nasty experience and he knew that.

I put his balls in my mouth while stroking him and this really got him going. Sliding my panties down, he stuck his fingers in my mouth to get them wet. I knew if I admitted it, hed definitely pressure me more but silently him stroking my arsehole got my very turned on. He gently stuck one into my arse and had a bit of a play.

He was moaning more viciously than usually I noticed. Without warning, he threw me on the couch so I was sitting up and started undressing himself. I thought he just wanted to be more comfortable and sexy so I took my shirt off and then slipped down my skirt. Completely naked expect for my panties, he laid on top of me. Reaching down he started to take off my last item of clothing.

Babe... Was all I said. He knew what I meant.

Its fine, I wont do anything.

So I let him. Though after that he ran his hand up my calf then thigh and in between my legs.

Babe! Thats not nothing you know that.

Just please let me


I tried to wriggle my way free but his put all his weight on me so there was no chance. He put my hands together and with one of his he held my wrists tightly.

Just relax. Let me do this.

Babe, Im sorry but no!

We liked to play around and at this point he had crossed playful and I was just quite annoyed at his persistence.

He was rubbing my clit and my juices were helping him along. I think he knew a part of me was really turned on from sucking his cock. Im sure he was also enjoying the fact that I was basically helpless and he had all control at this point. He tugged on the string of my tampon.


Out it came and he threw it across the room without either one of us looking at this. Without any warm up he stuck his cock into me. My pussy is a beautiful tight little gem so it wasnt going in without him forcing it. It was half way in before he gave a hard thrust and all I could feel was a sharp burn before being filled.

Ouch, Russel! I yelled so loudly with what must have been a very shocked expression on my face. He didnt move and just looked into my eyes with a gentle expression.

Did that hurt baby?

Yes! What the fuck?!

Sorry baby, but Im going to pound your pussy so hard today.

And with that, he stuck to his word and thrusted his entire length in and out. His balls were smacking against my arse cheeks each time. I was screaming with so many different emotions. One part of me was loving this but another knew it was wrong and even though he was my boyfriend, I had seriously told him no. He let go of my wrists and I didnt even try to push him away. Russel put my legs in the air and my thighs rubbed against my cheeks. His hand was firmly around my neck.

Throwing me over the coffee table I arched my back as he took my hair into a ponytail and began to pull.

Fuck me like a dirty whore. Do whatever you want to me. I screamed as he thrust hard and fast.

Youre a nasty little bitch. Turn around so I can cum on your face.

He pulled out and I did what I was told. Hot streams of cum went into my open my mouth and hit my lips. He was groaning and panting in delight. I looked at him and licked off what I could from my lips.

Dont make me wait till next month for you to fuck me like this again.