What will you become when you grow up: 30 professions that will be in demand in the future

What will you become when you grow up: 30 professions that will be in demand in the future


Alpina Publisher Publishing House published the book Atlas of New Professions 3.0. This publication will be interesting not only to schoolchildren and parents, but also to students receiving education, but not sure of the correctness of the choice made.

We publish a list of 30 professions that are becoming relevant now or will be in the near future.

Targeted nanotechnologist

The developer of methods for the delivery of drugs providing targeted entry into the cells of cancerous tumors. Targeted drugs can only act on the tumor, without harming healthy tissues. They can damage the vessels that feed the tumor, block biochemical signals for reproduction, and even turn off individual genes.

Screenwriter of an interactive movie / TV series

A specialist who creates artistic scenarios in which the viewer can influence the plot. The television and film industry seeks to reach new heights of emotional impact on the audience. For example, screenwriters of the series Black Mirror have released the interactive series Brandashmyg for Netflix.

Computer games are not far behind - the plot's dependence on the user's moral choice brought popularity to the games Heavy Rain, Life Is Strange and Detroit: Become Human. All this requires new skills from screenwriters, both in understanding the psychology of the viewer and in plotting.

Enriched Food Designer

This professional develops products enriched with beneficial substances that give a cumulative effect in terms of health and longevity. The design engineer jobs of fortified foods should calculate the dosage of useful components, understand their effect on the body, derive the most easily digestible formulas and make sure that the additives do not affect the taste of the product.

HR Developer

A specialist who creates complex algorithms for selecting candidates for vacancies. These algorithms should take into account all sorts of factors that can affect the performance of candidates in a given place. This will require a combination of HR skills, programming, and deep machine learning.

design engineer

A specialist who creates conceptual solutions for the virtual world: philosophy, laws of nature and society, the rules of social interaction and economics, landscape, architecture, sensations (including smells and sounds), living world and social world.