What to do while waiting for Kentucky Derby 2020?

What to do while waiting for Kentucky Derby 2020?


The coronavirus epidemic has conquered the whole world. Habitual life has changed beyond recognition. Many people had to abandon their hobbies and traditional events, which filled their weekends or holidays. Sports events that are planned for six months or even take place annually at the same time, also had to be canceled. 

For example, the Kentucky Derby 2020, which were planned to take place in the spring, is now rescheduled for fall. However, according to experts, coronavirus can become a seasonal disease. And it is completely unknown whether the races will be held in the fall.

What is a Kentucky Derby?

Kentucky Derby is a sport that is held in Louisville, Kentucky's largest city. These are horse races, which were first held on the first Saturday of May in 1875. An interesting fact: the duration of horse races is no more than two minutes, for which it was these races that were awarded the title “The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports”. 

However, this did not stop the races from taking one line with such grandiose events as the Royal Races or the Epsom Races. A quarter of a million people come to Louisville annually to witness the races that make up the Top 10 most successful brands in history.

What to do while you wait for the race?

So, now it is known for sure that the races will not take place in spring. When the races for horses take place, no one knows. But it’s well known that we will offer you some interesting ways to spend time waiting for your favorite horse racing.

• One way to spend time is cleaning the house. Usually we put it off for the weekend, then for the next weekend, and then we just are lazy. But now we have a great opportunity to get to every corner of the pantry, sort through old children's toys or throw out newspapers that have accumulated over several years. You have enough free time and energy to make your home perfectly clean.

• After putting things in order, you can relax a bit. Read a book, play computer games. There are also board games that are suitable for the whole family, for example, a monopoly. A family evening will allow you not only to spend time together, but also, perhaps, learn something new about each of the family members. In the end, we are all constantly evolving.

• You can also devote time to yourself. Engage in self-development. You can find the right online course for this. Also, sports or beauty treatments will make you feel better. On the Internet there are a large number of online trainings and video clips on how to make a face mask or wrapping whiskey or chocolate. You will definitely find what will make your day perfect!

• The time has come to treat yourself and your family with something delicious. Why not cook something unusual? Even from the ordinary products in your refrigerator, you can create your own masterpiece. By the way, this activity can also be suitable for joint activities with the whole family. Play a restaurant or a cooking show. Let each of you cook something according to a new recipe.

• Another way to have fun and relax is to travel one day to Vegas. You do not have to go anywhere, just connect to an online casino. One of the great options is to download an online casino and have a great time, enjoy modern high-quality graphics, high-resolution games (full list of download online casinos you can find here http://bit.ly/38MUHMd). But the best part is that each player can hit the jackpot!

• But even if you could not get the main prize in an online casino, this is not a reason to be upset. Right now, you have a great opportunity to review your family budget. You can find those "black holes" that absorb your money. Adjust home budget items by reviewing the categories of expenses, income, and be sure to highlight the amount that you are willing to save for a vacation or pleasant things.

• During forced quarantine, you have a great opportunity to think about where you would like to go when the borders are open and travels become available again. A large amount of information and tips on the Internet will help you find affordable locations where you have not been yet, and which can not "eat" your budget very much. Since there is a lot of time now, you can plan everything to the smallest detail.

• Speaking of planning! If you do not have a soulmate yet, but have a loved one, then now it is the time ... to start a family! This will allow you to abandon the magnificent ceremony and headaches from the planning process. Only you and your loved one. If you wish, you will have a luxurious holiday later. In autumn, winter or even a year later.

• You do not have a loved one? No problem! Now you have a lot of time to build a new relationship. You can find your soul mate in social networks, forums or even specialized dating sites. It may be a person from another country! If you value the effect of surprise, you can call an unfamiliar number or write a letter to the address of a stranger. Perhaps you will meet a good person who can become your friend. Do not forget that this can really be the decisive step in your life.

Several traditional ways

While you are waiting for the announcement of when the races finally start, you can watch movies, TV shows, call friends you haven’t talked with for a long time, or just arrange family evenings. Choose the method that suits you best. It is important that you feel comfortable. Remember that quarantine will end, life will return to its usual rhythm. You can return to your everyday life as a renewed person who has reached a new level. Do not miss this opportunity.