What to do If I Washed off Airbrush Tan Too Early?

What to do If I Washed off Airbrush Tan Too Early?

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Left your salon glowing like a flawless beauty and forgot to follow the instructions? 

[OH no!]

Been- there- done- that.

There are multiple mistakes most of us make if we forget those valuable guidelines from the technicians. Similarly, one such mistake is given below.

We know we know it is incredibly tempting to rush to the showers after having a spray tan. Your skin looks chestnut and beautiful, and you might think you have given yourself enough time for the tan to settle down. Perhaps this common mistake of washing off a tan too early is mainly due to the bronzers contained in the spray tan. With the help of the bronzers your skin looks highly tanned, but this color is washed away during the first shower. As a result, the actual spray tanning needs much longer to develop. 

Fortunately, tanning salons have suggested a few ways to fix a spray tan that has been washed off too early, and what you can do to fix it!

What exactly is "too early"?

Ever wondered why most of the newbies make this usual mistake? This is because they do not have an idea about the "too early" part.

Don't get demoralized. We're here with all the answers.

We all know that the tan is douched on with a bronzing fluid. So when you shower, the brown fluid is the bronzer washing off. The tan does not take place because of the bronzer. Instead, it develops due to chemical reactions with the skin. 

How long before you wash off airbrush tan is the important question. Mostly it takes 2 hours for this chemical reaction to absorb. This means you can rinse it off just 2 hours after the tanning sessions. The more you spare the time, the more intense it turns out to be. 

Washing off your tan before 4 hours may also be too quick, as it depends on the richness you want to achieve.

What happens when one washes off tan too early?  

As the tan newbies typically don’t know what the upshots could be. Something as simple as the shower can make or break it.  

  • If you wash off the tan after 2 hours, do not worry. You wait for around 20 hours. The DHA will start taking place on your skin, and you will still get beautiful skin. 
  • Waited 18 hours, and the tan still has not developed? Let us tell you that this is where you need to start tensing about.
  • For an intense result, you are necessary to leave the spray tan on overnight. Even washing off after eight hours may leave you unsatisfied. 
  • Washing off spray tan untimely may also reduce longevity. This means that your tan will not last for too long
  • Using harsh products like body wash can be a bad idea. They will result in your tan not taking place fully
  • You will also increase the chances of streaking 
  • Not washing the tan correctly may leave with some darker spots

What should you do if you wash off airbrush tan in the shower?

This is the core part of this article, and it is ubiquitous that we fail to give the spray tan enough time. But below are ways you can consider to fix the airbrush tanning disaster.

Call your tan specialist for help ASAP

Kept the tan on your body for the prescribed time? Prepped your skin before the session? Something must be fishy.

There is a probability that the chemical reaction did not occur, or washing it early did not allow the color to grow on you. But, again, getting in touch with our specialists will help you get the answers. 

Use self-tanning products for the instant glow 

Didn't get the time to make it to your tanning salons? Use a tinted moisturizer or self-tanning products at home. As it will highlight all the right places, meanwhile most of the bronzing lotions can help darken your airbrush tan temporarily.   

The great part is that self-tanning products are super simple to use.   

Get a quick second round of airbrush tan! 

This time, learn thoroughly about how to prepare for an airbrush tan and follow all the preventive measures to avoid any hassle; now the damage is done, you don't have any other option left rather than going for second rounds to get that correct and perfect look. 

Go for the touch-ups 

Call your salon for compensatory touch-ups. Are you not content with the outcomes? Get it fixed. The experts may spray over your existing tan to uplift it. 


Mistakes happen, but the bottom line when they take place, consult the best tanning salons and get them corrected by following all the guidelines.