What is the Importance of Fossils?

What is the Importance of Fossils?

Fossils are traces of ancient life, and it is the preserved remains of plants and animals that once existed. When talking about fossils, people make an image of a hardened bone or shell, but fossils are not only in bone form but can take many forms. 

An imprint of a leaf, an insect, preserved in amber, and a footprint all are examples of different types of fossils. Scientists use fossils to gain knowledge and information about the lives and evolutionary relationships of organisms. 


There are different kinds of fossils available such as dinosaur fossils, fossilized mammoth bone, molecular fossils, etc. Plants, insects and animals, all can leave fossilized remains, but organisms that are completely soft-bodied are less likely to leave fossils when they are dead. Hard body parts such as bone, teeth, and shells are most likely to be preserved and become fossils. 


Fossil remains are the best to give us information and evidence on how and why fossil organisms died. It also gives us insight into how those plants and animals obtain food and reproduce. 


Fossils are used by researchers to match layers of rock in different locations by age. This information is beneficial to understand when different layers of rocks were formed. These fossils are also used to understand the age of different rock layers.


Different types of fossils are found in various areas, which helps to understand what kind of environment existed when fossils were formed. The most important function of fossils is they constitute one line of evidence for understanding the role of evolution. 


With the help of information gathered by fossil evidence, scientists can reconstruct the body type of animals that no longer exist presently and can make a tree of life to describe the evolutionary relationship between organisms. 


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Wrap Up

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