What is shipping by freight? Know the benefits of shipping by freight

What is shipping by freight? Know the benefits of shipping by freight

Have you considered working with a freight management company but haven’t yet given the idea the green light? Then some business-boosting freight management benefits might just convince you. Let’s imagine a scenario for a moment, shall we? You’re in the middle of yet another busy week trying to maintain the efficiency and productivity of your business when you realize that you don’t ever remember receiving confirmation that the large shipment you sent out the week before arrived at its destination—and it most definitely should have. Suddenly, you’re scrambling—checking through emails, asking your warehouse supervisor if she received the confirmation, and preparing yourself to receive a call from your customer that you really dread having to take. 

Wouldn’t it might nice if scenarios like that didn’t have to happen? If making sure your freight shipped out (and actually delivered!) on time one of the simplest and most pleasant parts of your day? Well, lucky for you, working with a freight management company can help give you that peace of mind. When you work with a company whose sole purpose is to ensure freight is delivered to customers on time, situations like the one we mentioned above are far less likely to occur. When you’re attempting to manage freight on your own it can be easy to fall into the habit of simply choosing the lowest-cost carrier. And unless you have someone dedicated to tracking the deliveries of every shipment that goes out the door you may not realize that the low-cost shipper you’ve chosen is low-cost for a reason—a track record of slow-to-arrive shipments. But when you work with a freight management company they’ll have all the time and resources necessary to help you track your shipments and make sure they’re arriving on time—and making customers happy. Please go here to this link https://www.paigelogistics.com/flatbed/ and get more benefited. 

Efficiency: No matter the size of your shipments, sea freight companies can usually accommodate your needs. Smaller shipments can be grouped together with other cargo to fill a container, allowing for cost-sharing of transportation services. Larger cargo can fill one or more containers, offering shippers unmatched bulk options. In fact, vessels are the ideal way to move high volumes of cargo as they are designed to carry large amounts of goods or raw materials. 

Economical: Hands down, the ocean shipping industry offers the most competitive freight costs to shippers, especially over long distances. By comparison, some estimates show that ocean freight shipping costs are generally four to six times less expensive than air. With statistics like this one, it is easy to argue that ocean transportation is the cheapest international shipping option. 


Oversized, heavy, and bulky cargo capability: A major advantage of sea freight shipping is shipping companies’ ability to handle oversized, heavy, or bulky cargo – often referred to as breakbulk or Not in Trailer (NIT) loads. Such cargo could include large vehicles, equipment, construction materials, and more. Oftentimes too heavy or large for air freight or even over-the-road transportation, very large cargo is not a problem on many shipping vessels. 

Environmental friendliness: When compared to sea shipping, air and many other forms of transportation have much higher carbon footprints – a definite disadvantage for the environment. Ships, on the other hand, provide the most carbon-efficient mode of transportation and produce fewer grams of exhaust gas emissions for each ton of cargo transported than any other shipment method. These already-low emissions continue to trend downward as technology advances, new ships come online, and liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered options are utilized.


Safety: Ships are designed to carry hazardous materials and dangerous cargo safely. The industry is well-versed in the handling of such goods and has regulations in place to ensure the safety of the vessel, crew, cargo, and environment. Cargo loss caused by incidents during transportation is continually dropping as maritime safety increases and has dropped significantly in the past decade. Containers are designed to be sealed and locked during transportation for extra security. 


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