What is affiliate marketing and Tivit Bet Partners

What is affiliate marketing and Tivit Bet Partners

Tivit Partners

Thanks to this article, you will learn what affiliate marketing is. Read to the end and you'll understand how Tivit Partners works. Good luck reading it!

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing, where a person does not get a fixed payment for promoting a product, but a reward for a certain action of the attracted person. For example, if it is an online store, it pays a certain percentage of sales. For example, Amazon's affiliate program pays a certain percentage of the sales of their products. But that's not what we're going to talk about today. Because there is a direction much more profitable and much easier! Of course - this is Tivit Bet Partners.

What is Tivit Bet Partners?

Tivit Partners is an affiliate program of one of the most promising online gaming platform Tivit Bet. Inside the site has its own online games for money like crash, dice, mines, tower.

tivit.bet site

Tivit Bet's affiliate program pays 50% of its income. That is, you attract players to Tivit Bet, and they start playing using your affiliate link. Such payment model is called Revenue Share.

For example:

1) You attracted 100 active players in 3 days.

2) They deposited 60k rupees.

3) In one day your player lose 40k in general.

4) You get 50% from their loss = 20k.

5) You withdraw this money from Partners Cabinet.

6) Tivit Bet Partners send you money on PayTM/UPI💸


1) To get into affiliate statistics you need to register in Tivit.partners . Registration is very easy and takes 1 minute.

2) To get your affiliate link, go to the statistics section, choose "Tivit Bet" offer and click "Get tracking link".

3) All statistics will be displayed in the "Statistics" section where

Total number of clicks - the total number of clicks through the link.

Unique clicks count - unique clicks by your link.

Conversion - your conversion count for each player

Registration - Number of registrations.

First deposit - Number of first deposits

FTD sum - First deposit amount

All deposit - Number of all deposits

Deposit sum - sum of all deposits

Revshare - your profit

You can copy your own affiliate link and make a registration, then it will appear in your statistics



In this statistic we see how our successful partner earned 9 Lakh rupees in 14 days. Isn't that cool?

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