What is a good brand of table saw for an entry level woodworker? 

What is a good brand of table saw for an entry level woodworker? 

There are a number of great brands to choose from when deciding on the right table saw. It is unlikely that that you will find any significant differences as a beginning woodworker between the brands. An experienced woodworker may have certain features or refinements they will prefer that won't make much difference to you, yet. Brands to consider, would include, Delta, Powermatic, Jet, Grizzly, General, Rigid and SawStop. If you are a potential SawStop buyer, then look no further. The product is very well made and has one safety feature that no other saw can provide because of patent protection. The SawStop mechanism will stop and retract the blade within .005 seconds. It will save fingers, hands or anything else put in harm's way.

If you are like most woodworkers, you may not want to pay the difference for the SawStop product. You want to look for:

1. weight. A heavier saw vibrates less. My General is 300 lbs.

2. right handed woodworkers will want a left tilt blade, so that boards do not bind between the blade and fence, which can cause a deadly kickback.

3. Newer saws will have a self squaring fence. Biesmeyer fences and clones are greatly respected.

4. A 36 inch fence is fairly standard. I will admit to really liking my 52 inch fence. Other things to look at are motor power, the fit of extension wings and dust collection. If you are fairly new to woodworking I would also suggest my favorite podcast, The Wood Whisperer. Remember to always be safe and enjoy yourself.

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