What is Savate?

What is Savate?


Savate is a French sport, it is developed style of kickboxing that originated as a form of streetfighting. The style uses both hands and feet as weapons, but the kicks can only be executed with the feet. It is extremely effective for self-defense when utilizing all the techniques. Originating in the late 1800s, it was a hand-to-hand combat style developed by sailors and wasn’t considered a lethal fighting form. It’s a modern fighting sport practiced by individuals around the world.

 There are many techniques in Savate that include striking, grappling, and even wrestling. The performance of a fighter is scored based on their performance and the techniques they used. Also, there is a big emphasis on kicks over punches. Unlike most other martial arts systems, Savate only allows kicks with the foot. Most people start to this martial art and believe that it has elements of traditional kickboxing. Strikes are delivered with closed fists, protected by gloves without laces, and foot kicks using reinforced shoes. Savate is perhaps the only style of kickboxing in which the fighters habitually wear shoes. Shins and knees are illegal, as is an upwards swung kick.

Savate ranks are marked by the color of the practitioner's gloves. The gloves must be worn during all tests and official competitions. The ranks are blue glove which is the first degree, for the second degree is green glove, red glove is third degree, white glove is fourth degree, yellow glove, silver glove–first degree in technical rank, sixth degree, silver glove–second degree in technical rank, seventh degree and silver glove–third degree.

Savate is good for self-defense because a large component of the techniques taught is oriented to defensive strategies against a street attacker who does not follow any rules of engagement. The practicality of the style and its real-world application make it effective and popular. Although it is not a popular style for MMA fighters to learn since many believe other styles 토토사이트 offer more, Savate certainly has techniques that can prove useful to an MMA fighter. Learning Savate is not something a person can take up to learn and become a master practitioner in a year, it's not hard to learn but takes time to master. Becoming completely proficient in Savate can take several years beyond this.