What is Para Thriathlon?

What is Para Thriathlon?

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Paratriathlon is a category within a triathlon race for athletes with certain physical disabilities. This categories offer athletes the chance to compete against people who are physically similar. Athletes race over three disciplines, 750m of swimming, followed by 20 km of cycling and 5 km of running. Depending on an athlete’s classification, they may use a handcycle and a track chair, a tandem bike and sighted guide or standard equipment.

The athletes compete in categories based on their physical disabilities. There are different classes including wheelchair user, severe leg impairment with above knee amputation, athletes with multiple sclerosis, arm impairments, moderate leg impairment and visual impairment. Paratriathlon was first held at the Paralympics as an official event in the 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Paratriathlon competitors are required to demonstrate incredible endurance, strength, and determination across three grueling legs. With its short distance, the Paratriathlon is understood as a sprint triathlon. All participants must have a high level of mental and physical fitness and preparedness in order to complete the race successfully. The International Triathlon Union uses a comprehensive Profiles System to ethically and fairly define levels of functional ability, scoring across three different categories which is strength, mobility, and neurosensory coordination, with zero being the lowest measure of each range, and 5 is the highest.

World Triathlon has actively demonstrated its readiness to develop and evolve the sport and has encouraged athletes to achieve much 사설토토 more than just their individual sporting goals, whatever they may be. Para triathlon is accessible, equitable, viable, sustainable and well balanced in every way, incorporating in its sub-disciplines, three of the most prolific and recognizable medal sports in the history of the Paralympic Games. Read more...

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