What is Mint.club? Everything You Need To Know,In A Nutshell

What is Mint.club? Everything You Need To Know,In A Nutshell

By Amal Roy
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Hello Mint Enthusiasts.

In this article,we'll be explaining what is mint.club and what it has to offer for its users.We'll try to cover as most as possible about mint and it's features here.

To start,Mint club is a smart token building platform that has no need to code and provides instant liquidity. Anyone can launch a smart token with just a few simple clicks.It is a revolutionary project, created by fresh off the success from HUNT by YoungHi Cho(@heyproject7 on twitter)and team,who are based in South Korea

You can find more on how the whole smart contract and smart token price arrangement works ,here(Price Bonding Curve)

Mint.Club is used to create bep-20 tokens using their own MINT collateral smart contract and unique price bonding curve.The tokens created using mint.club are called "Smart Tokens"

Main Features of Mint

While we're here,let's go through the main benefits that mint offers that makes it unique and fun

For Token Creation:

•no need to code
•no need to provide liquidity
•smooth UI which makes buy-sell operations effortless
•lowest fees due to being on BSC
•100% trading fee to the referrers
•embeddable plug-ins/widgets for multiple sites

Also,The official team of Mint.club has already successfully created and raised other cryptocurrency projects,with the most notable one of them being Project Hunt(HUNT)

Mint.club token (MINT)

Price of MINT as on 06/01/22

MINT is the official cryptocurrency of the mint.club project as it is used in buy-sell transactions of the smart tokens.They also have the role of being the collateral asset when you buy a smart token created in the platform.MINT was launched in July 2021.All the values of the smart tokens created in mint club is tried to MINT,which means if the price of mint rises,the price of all the smart tokens will rise with them too..

You can view the official price,market cap,and other details in Coinmarketcap or BscScan

It is powered by the Binance Smart Chain network (BSC)

Where and How to Buy MINT

Exchanges Where Mint is Currently Trading

The User has many options regarding where to buy mint from.The most reliable and trustworthy here being Pancakeswap where the liquidity was first added and where the highest trading volume occurs.You can buy and sell mint easily in the given exchanges.

Contract Address of MINT : 0x1f3af095cda17d63cad238358837321e95fc5915

You can purchase MINT from the following markets/exchanges and the direct links to buy MINT is given below:

PancakeSwap - Click Here To Buy

Matcha.xyz - Click Here To Buy

Gate.io - Click Here To Buy

StealthEx - Click Here To Buy

ChangeNow -Click Here To Buy

Smart Tokens in Mint Club

Smart tokens are bep-20 tokens created using the mint.club smart protocol.Any user can create their own smart token in a few minutes in the mint website.The smart tokens value is set by the price bonding curve which eliminates the need for liquidity(but liquidity can still be provided, although from an exterior source i.e pancakeswap etc).You can buy any Smart Tokens with the mint tokens you've purchased.

The utilities and functions of the smart tokens varies over a wide spectrum.The most important one being that you can use them for your businesses or crypto projects and people can instantly buy your smart tokens from your own website,due to the widget link function and the smooth UI.Also,every smart token has its own special utility and functions that the creator can assign to them.The only thing the creator on mint needs to do is to set the token metrics and assign the price using mint.For your ease here's atutorial on how to easily create your own smart token:

A Very Useful Video on how to create your own smart token

How to Buy Smart Tokens Inside Mint.Club

The process of buying and selling smart tokens have been made very easy and fluid thanks to the UI of Mint.Here's the step by step tutorial of how to buy any smart token of your choice

1:go to the mint.club homepage and connect your wallet

2:go to the explorer section from the menu

3: you can view all the smart tokens in the explorer section,search and select the smart token you want to buy/sell

4:When you reach the specific smart token page ,go to the detail page and you can see the token swap panel

Token Swap Panel,As seen in mobile version

5: Enter the value of smart tokens you want to buy (with mint or other cryptos)

6: Approve contract if you're using it for the first time ,otherwise click Place Order

7: You can find the smart tokens in the Dashboard menu,or the token details page, after successful completion of the transaction

How to add any Smart Token to your Trust Wallet/Metamask/Other Private Wallet:

The process to add any smart token in mint club to your private wallet is really easy.Just go to the custom token adding section in your wallet, select BSC ,and Enter the token metrics ,Which can easily be accessed by going to the respective smart token's page inside Mint.club.Click OK and Voilà!,just like that,the smart token you wanted is now displayed on your private wallet.

Progress of Smart Tokens

Details of the Smart Tokens as seen in the Explorer section of Mint.club

Within 6 months,Mint has managed to reach 2640+ smart created in its platform,which is a whopping achievement and a testament to the incredible potential it holds for the upcoming future.Also, creators can promote their tokens on mint club itself as it offers various ways to do that, including their Announcements tab,Wide Telegram,Discord and other Social Media outlets.

Smart tokens are ideal for small business owners or YouTubers who wants to dip their toe in cryptocurrency ,as mint.club provides you with the easiest way to interact with the crypto world.

For starters,you can begin by purchasing the most trustworthy smart tokens,which are created by the mint team itself.For Example Mint Club Grant (GRANT) is a smart token created by the mint team to reward any activities that promotes and educates others about the project. Likewise Monkey and MintDAO are other projects by the team which has exclusive utilities.

A list of the top smart tokens in order of highest MarketCap

How to find out good smart tokens with function and potential

Like I said before, there's 2000+ smart tokens out there in mint,while most of them are created for a good use and with good intentions,there are a few sh•tcoins which,as soon as you put money into it,rugpull you and run off with the money.While usually,this happens with unknown smart tokens with a single or few holders,who hold a large part of the smart token,so when you buy that token,the price increases,and the creators sell their whole balance for the updated price, leaving you holding a dead token.

Select a good smart token to buy by using the following criteria:

•check the Details page of the smart token,a good smart token will always have a laid out description of what the token is for and how it's used. If the details page doesn't provide clear details or is empty,don't buy it

•always check if the website linked to the smart token looks professional and clean. Messy, unorganised website means it's not to be trusted

•MINTDAO,a smart token created my Mint team,is used to give an appropriate rating to any of the smart tokens,by anyone.You can rate each token,based on Credibility, Utility and Vision.Always check the rating given by multiple addresses on the Rating section on the token page.

Example of a badly rated smart token
Example of a good rated smart token.

For more info about how to select which smart tokens to invest in and how to differentiate scam tokens and bad tokens from good, potential bearing tokens ,please refer to Daniil Sedov's article on How to make your MINT work for you

Also when you buy smart tokens, your MINT goes to the collateral contract of Mint Club and the more MINT is there, the more price of MINT grows.

Innovation and Growth

Since the beginning of Mint,the team behind the project have always focused on the active development and innovation for mint.As the world's interest in Crypto increases,mint becomes more advanced and upgraded to meet their needs.

They have since introduced many new functions to the project, with some of them being but not limited to :

•Promotion and Support to various Smart Tokens created in mint

•Introduction of the smart token burn system,which enabled the creators to burn their supply in order to adjust and maintain the price of their smart tokens

•Added instant widget link feature that enables the users to instantly purchase the specified smart token from the link,which the creator can embed on any website,blog or social media page.

•Introduction of the Zap In function,by which any user can purchase any smart tokens quickly and efficiently using other cryptos than BNB like CAKE,BUSD etc.

•Integration of mint.club to the Matcha crypto market.

The team has also published a To-Do List/Roadmap which is filled with many more ideas,of which some are already realised,and other features on the way.You can see the To-Do List here

Additional Benefit-Provide Liquidity and Earn

For even better advantage for Hodlers of MINT,An option to Add Liquidity and Earn APY on your provided Assets have been brought forth by the team.You can now provide liquidity to the BNB-MINT Pool in Pancakeswap,and that too from the Mint Website itself and earn trading fees.You have to provide BNB and MINT on a 50-50 ratio to earn APY.

It can be found in the Liquidity option in the menu of Mint.club homepage

Option to provide liquidity, provided by Pancakeswap

3rd Party Projects That Use Mint Club Protocol

Understanding the ultility of the mint club protocol,other 3rd Party Projects that doesn't have any relations with Mint have partnered with Mint for expanding their use-cases and objectives using Mint's Vision.Notable among them are


A marketplace where the time of people becomes a tradable asset.

1s Logo

In 1s.market You can initiate anyone’s time token, as well as your own on this decentralised network.Its a unique idea with a special utility

1S token, the governance token of the 1s.market, will be used to create a proposal to make a community consensus in relation to the project, token, and the potential marketing activities.

It was successfully launched on 1st December 2021.


MetaFabric is the backbone of metaverse communication.

MetaFabric is a messenger allowing you to message any wallet address. You can also message all holders of any token or NFT you hold. And you can freely decide who can message by their holdings or net worth, or set a fee to be messaged to avoid spam.

The partnership with MetaFabric was initiated on 30th December 2021

Binance Incubation Program

Logo of the program

Binance Incubation Program,is a program of Binance Labs,which is the venture capital section and incubator program of Binance,to support promising ventures in the blockchain space.

For the past two seasons of the Incubation Program, Binance Labs incubated market-leading and successful crypto businesses such as Polygon, Perpetual Protocol, Injective Protocol, SafePal, Cere Network, and Dune Analytics. Through the experience of incubating a wide range of projects at a very early stage, Binance Labs has acquired the best methodology for developing and elevating projects.

Mint Club got accepted into the Official Binance Incubation Program Season 3 along with a few others,on Nov 15th 2021,which is a huge achievement and a standing testament to mint's potential.It is run over a course of 8 weeks, during which the selected projects can interact with the Binance Founder, Influencers and Potential Investors.During this time,the projects will have access to Binance's resources,HR, marketing,and media and Binance will support them with what they need.

At the end of the Program,by mid-January, Binance will conduct a Binance Labs Demo Day, during which Mint team can pitch their progress and future ideas to a large audience, consisting of Investors and Mentors.This is big opportunity for mint as they can get a considerable investment,but also get more opportunities to work with other partners.

Social Media Handles

Mint Club has a considerably large following on its social media handles.You can follow and support and track their journey through them.Their social media handles are given below


Mint Club Twitter Page

Mint Club has nearly 100k followers on Twitter,where they majorly post their updates and releases new content.

Follow their Twitter here.


Telegram Group of Mint

Mint Club has 50k+ members in their official telegram group,on which the community come together to have discussions about the future of mint and it's updates.

You can join the official telegram group here


You can visit the Mint Club official GitHub page here


You can send any mint related proposals and mails to admin@hunt.town


Mint Club is a critically underrated project in the section of Web3.0.It has a unique utility that has a very huge potential and a very important place in the future.We hope this article made you aware of all the benefits Mint holds for the future .