What is Livegram Bot

What is Livegram Bot

The Livegram Bot Team

Livegram Bot is a builder of feedback bots for Telegram.

How Livegram Bots Work?

All messages that other users send to your bot will be forwarded right away to your chat where you can reply them. You can also connect groups, so its members will be also able to reply on incoming messages.

Features of Livegram Bot

  • Perfectly for feedback. After a quick setup, other users will be able to contact you through your bot, and you can reply them in your one-on-one chat with that bot or connected group with other people.
  • Support for all message types. You can get any messages through your bot no matter whether it is a text, photo, video or sticker.
  • Multilanguage. You can add multiple languages, edit their strings and sort receiving messages from users of certain languages by groups.
  • One place for all data. All data about users and messages stored on our servers for further using by you.
  • Broadcast. Send broadcast posts to all bot users at once or by their language.
  • Stats. Connect Yandex.Appmetrika to get data about new and active users, messages from particular users and replies to these messages.

Examples of Made Bots

Here are examples of bots that were made using Livegram Bot:

  1. @ControllerSupportBot — support bot for users of @ControllerBot.
  2. @ExampleSupportBot — example of a bot made using Livegram Bot.
  3. @EstimateSupportBot — support bot for users of @estimatebot.

How to Contact Us

Message us at @LivegramSupportBot if you have any suggestions or questions about Livegram Bot.