What is Lisiki? Why do I need it?

What is Lisiki? Why do I need it?


Lisiki, or Lisiks (plural form of my bald cat's name) are the internal currency, which you may earn. How can you get them?

  1. Just watch the stream (+2 lisiks per 10 minutes)
  2. Win the lottery (see !spinthecat command description below)
  3. Sub or resub (+100 lisiks)
  4. 20% of your donation comes back by Lisiks.

Ways to spend them:

!howtorequest / !какзаказать — how to request a song

!whoami / !ктоя — BaksikBot will tell you who you are (costs 2 lisiks)

!spinthecat / !покрутитькота — test your luck, win or lose up to 100 lisiks with a minor chance to win 1000 lisiks (costs 10 lisiks)

!ban [nickname] / !забанить [nickname] — timeout someone for 10 minutes [20% chance] (costs 50 lisiks)

!sisterdance — summon dancing sister [for one song]. Cooldown is set to 10 minutes for all viewers (costs 500 lisiks) COMING SOON!

!заказатьвип [band - song] / !viprequest [band - song] — make a super-request, your song will be added to the beginning of the queue (costs 1,000 lisiks)

!призватьсестру [sister] / !summonsister [sister] — summon Black, White or Redhead sister for the next stream. Works only once per stream (costs 2,000 lisiks)

!получитькружку — get the Honored Catonaut's Mug (costs 10,000 lisiks)

!получитьфутболку — get the Honored Catonaut's T-Shirt (costs 10,000 lisiks)

Please DM me your mailing address and phone number after requesting Mug or a T-Shirt!

Other commands:

!sr [youtube link] — enqueue a background song (for subs only; max 2 songs per viewer)

!skip — skip the current background song (5 votes to go)

!backlist / !фон — get a link to a background songlist

!song / !фоноваяпесня — get info about the current background song

!лист / !list — get a link to the songlist

!rank / !ранг — get your stats (how much time you have spent and how many lisiks do you have)

!rules / !правила — chat rules

!вопрос [question] — ask BaksikBot

!h / !команды — commands list

!subday — monthly subday's info

!topkotonauts — Catonauts of the Month

!contest — creative contest info COMING SOON!