What is Domain Authority (DA)?

What is Domain Authority (DA)?


Domain Authority is a ranking factor given by Moz Link Explorer tool which grades from 0 to 100 points. It’s similar to the Page Rank which used be considered and provided by Google earlier. Domain Authority is an essential factor in SEO Rankings.

Domain Authority score is not a new phrase in the world of SEO, but there are many bloggers who are unaware of domain authority and it’s significance.

Following is a detailed guide in which you will learn what you need to know about “domain authority” (including how to check your domain’s authority score!),  as well as some additional related terms which are important to understand.

Domain authority is one of the main factors that define how well your website will rank in search engines.

In the “old days”, a website was weighed based on its page-rank. Now, domain and page authority play a major role in the ranking of any domain.

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