What is Auto Racing?

What is Auto Racing?


Racing has been one of the most exciting forms of sports competition the human race has ever created. Auto Racing is one of the most popular sports all over the world. It is also called motor racing, professional and amateur automobile sport practiced throughout the world in a variety of forms on roads, tracks, or closed circuits.

Auto racing began in France in the late nineteenth century and is now one of the world's most popular, and perhaps the most thoroughly commercialized, spectator sports. Local, national, and international governing bodies, FIA, divide racing cars into various classes and subclasses and supervise competitions.

There are many other forms of racing, including touring car, production car, rally car, karting, and more. In America, stock car racing has become one of the most popular sports in the country. Formula 1 racing takes center stage throughout Europe and is expanding internationally. Auto Racing is a prestigious racing sport; it’s one where safety comes first, both for the drivers and the spectators. It’s a sport of reflexes, eye coordination, stamina, skill and also intelligence.

As the sport evolved it differentiated, as some cars were made lighter, packed with superchargers, and made more aerodynamic. Now rally cars, stock cars, production cars, funny cars, and more all race under their own unique rules and specifications. To take up auto racing, you need to decide what sector you’re going to race in and this usually means a particular type of car to race in. Most races require the driver to be sponsored, which usually just means paying a sponsor to sponsor.

But be careful because not all auto racing is legal. Most of the people assume to be doing it in a street or which we called street 경마사이트 racing. It is not only illegal but it is also dangerous in many way. Drivers in an Auto Racing should be professional, other people may against at racing but some may into it and they will surely love to race or love to watch racing.