What expectations could be made from Magento 2.1?

What expectations could be made from Magento 2.1?

Lucy Mark

Magento 2.1

Learning new product features

In April, Las Vegas witnessed the annual customer event Imagine held by Magento. The company’s representatives announced several developments. Out of all, Magento 2.1 is one of the most newsworthy releases. Read further to learn more about this new product and what does it mean for you.  

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Staging and Preview of Content

You may need to rely on the IT department for posting or previewing the content updates with other e-commerce platforms but now that is made a thing of past with the Enterprise Edition of Magento 2.1. 

What all Magento 2.1’s Enterprise Edition could do is allowing vendors to stage, preview and update content that could be promotions, products, and categories. Moreover, all the scheduled updates could be seen in a timeline dashboard. An entire team of marketing executives can see it that helps in coordinating campaigns by members. Adding to all these, users can share links across teams for scheduled content updates. And to ensure that promotions work properly, you can preview the changes in checkout.

Much more purposeful feature of an enterprise version of Magento is that it automatically publishes updates and it removes them when they are relevant no more.

Enhancing PayPal    

For customers, Magento’s Enterprise Edition 2.1 has made better the PayPal experience. 

Without ever leaving the Magento storefront of merchants, shoppers can now pay through PayPal. A study conducted by PayPal states that checkout conversion rates have increased to 69 basis points when shoppers didn’t have to leave a site for making the payment. More to this, vendors can now store credit card information of customers through PayPal. It turns to the faster checkout of shoppers and as of its result, they will come back frequently.        

Simple PCI Compliance

Consumers and merchants are safe under PCI compliance. PCI compliance is made even more easier by Magento’s Enterprise Edition.  

The payment processor Braintree hosts the fields and that’s why the company can collect payment information directly from the vendors. Next to this, the merchants will qualify for the simple PCI compliance. Braintree replaces only certain fields and so, vendors still have the control of the checkout experience.  

 Elasticsearch addition

Elasticsearch is featured in the enterprise edition of Magento 2.1. This is a search technology that will increase the conversion rates as claimed by Magento.

33 languages out of the box are supported by Elasticsearch. Vendors can set stop words, search synonyms and attribute weighting, therefore, shoppers receive the most relevant search results. The search technology of Magento can handle large catalogs and scales up to handle the growth of a business. To begin seeing the results, vendors can configure it from their part only. 

Enhancing administrators

The enhanced administrative control features are brought with the latest release of Magento that makes it easy for merchants for running their online stores. A search feature helps the users to find information about the customers and orders quickly. It has got simpler now as well to set up search synonyms across many sites at one time. The developers of Magento have redesigned the forms for making it faster to create new products, content, and categories. 

Since the foundation of the company, products of Magento have been helping vendors in maximizing their e-commerce sites. 2.1 version of its flagship product makes the process easy for members in the marketing team to collaborate that leads to more successful campaigns, higher conversion rates and increment in revenue. Again with such offering, Magento has demonstrated its commitment by providing a fantastic experience of e-commerce to everyone.  

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