What does it matter?

What does it matter?


Truth is stranger than fiction!These are my experiences, I lived them.Yes, they really happened, names and some details have been changed for obvious reasons. I dont condone any of the behavior depicted in my stories.These experiences greatly affected the quality of my life, mostly for the worse. I was arrested,jailed, humiliated, bankrupted. My sexual obsessions cost me plenty, yet I cant exist without it, its my very essence. I could say Im writing to make people wary of the costs of such abnormal behavior, that would be very commendable, but its meant to stimulate, control, seduce, warp, and bring you into my world. If you are under 18, if you are offended by anything associated with sex, (gay/lesbian sex, deviant sex, child sex, pornographic sex) please stop reading and turn your attention elsewhere.

Who am I?Im in my 60s now, yet people say I look young, many think Im in my 40s. My face always had childlike features. Lived in the Chicago area all my life.Tall(over 6),thin(under 175), long legs, tiny cock (1 thick, 1-5long,depending on stimulative state), blue eyes,hair that started blond, turned darker around 20 then all silver at 28. Sexual preference: heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual?Id respond obsexual.Even though Im married (that sexual fire died out years ago yet we are best friends), straight, gay, bi relationships dont really interest me.Relationships are with people, obsessions are with objects, pussies, cocks, asses.Im a voyeur, a seductionist,a pedophile (girl or boy, doesnt matter), a deviant, a exhibitionist, a pornographer, oh yes, this is what Ive become, this is what really turns me on and makes my life hell!!!Again, if any of this is offensive please read something else.

If you want to constructively critique, comment, converse, or ...., you can send email to wildstevie69@yahoo.com.

All stories are copyrighted, and belong soley to me, and cannot be used fully or in part without my permission.

What Does It Matter?

My first attempt at writing....

Lil was fantastic.We were both in summer school together at the all boys high school I regularly attended. Since not all Chicago High schools offered summer classes girls could attend in summer.Lil was 16 and smart and so was I. Unlike many of the students who were there to make up for failing grades, Lil and I just liked learning.Lil wasnt cute or beautiful but she always looked nice.She was cool,sophisticated and self assured. Her long blond streaked hair moved gracefully as the breezes blew through the open windows and which shed brush away from her greenish blue eyes with just the tips of her fingers. She always wore summer dresses that showed off her 5-6 slim frame and shapely legs. I would get to my desk first so I could watch her arrive at her desk one row further back and one row closer to the windows. The windows faced east and the early morning class meant the sun was behind her as she passed my desk and approached hers. At the right angle and with the right dress, Wow! entire legs, panties, hips, ass and crotch were momentarily almost visible thru the thin material. She would sit down very lady like, smoothing the back of her dress over her slim hips and sliding daintily to a stop. A small pull up on the skirt and she crossed those beautiful legs. A turn of my head slightly to the left at the right time gave me a view up those smooth thighs.Her basket weave flats would dangle from her toes whose nails were always polished,and the crossed leg swung back and forth as if keeping beat to some unheard music. God, I was in love, naive, and as usual always getting a hard on. I was tall and thin, blond, and was a late developer. I swam a lot but while I was strong I wasnt very muscular.Almost no facial hair, only one or two chest and pubic hairs that I thought looked silly so I pulled them out.My lips were almost too full,my eyebrows too dark, and lashes to long and dark, giving my face some girlish features.

Dont misunderstand, I was naive about relationships with girls, but not naive about sex.By 16, Id already done a lot of things that would shock anyone who knew this innocent looking church acolyte.Those are topics for other stories though so lets just leave it that I knew right from wrong, good from bad, from the time I was 8 or 9 and that was 50 years ago. Some boys concentrated on, and worked at developing their athletic prowness , I chose exploring my sexual side.I was open to anything and still am. Age, gender, ethnicity, social mores, didnt matter to me. Did it sexually excite me then I wanted it, was driven, to do it.This baloney about priests or coachs seducing 15 year old boys, is ridiculous. Most of these boys know what is right or wrong, they allow themselves to be convinced of what they want and now 5-10 years later they want someone else to blame for their choices, or sue for substantial sums of money.

It took half the summer to get up the nerve to talk to Lil.I got her last name, and spent considerable time dialing and crossing out names in the phone book.Why didnt I just ask for her phone number, well that would make it too obvious wouldnt it, and what if she wouldnt give it to me.I didnt want her to seem my disappointment. Finally,

yes, Lil lives here, do you want to talk to her?

uh-huh, yes please and then her voice. Vivacous, sexy, young, vibrant, all of my 61, 155 lbs. was shaking from the nervousness.

She accepted my invite to get together sometime, then invited me to take her to a dance at her friends church.We made plans and somehow it all worked out fine. She lived a long distance from my house and since I had no car we had to take a bus but she didnt seem to mind.Date after date, we became closer. Holding hands led to hands around each other finger tips just touching a hip or ass cheek.Small kisses when saying goodbye to long drawn out, open mouth explorations of tongues, lips and teeth. Erections were almost painful, they lasted so long.Im sure she felt them, too, as our bodies pressed tightly against each other. I kept getting home later and later, which my parents were none to happy about.

After one late movie date, Lil wanted to walk home, that was OK with me it saved me some bus fare.When we were several blocks from her home she asked to walk through the park that was on the way. She suggested we sit on a bench that was somewhat off the main walk. She waited for me to sit and then curled up into my lap, arms around my neck and mouth devouring mine.Oh, geez, instant hard on. She had to feel it, she was sitting on it. Since I never wear underwear it was squeezed between my thigh and her sweet little ass, which she kept twitching and squirming as we kissed. Under the guise of stablizing our embrace my left hand held her hip and side of one cheek and the right was under her dress, holding her naked thigh.The heat of her ass against my cock was driving me crazy. When the kiss ended we were breathing heavily and erratically.My hand was now stroking her thigh from panties to knee and I knew I wanted more, a lot more.Lil suddenly looked at her watch and almost jumped off my lap.

What time is it?

I dont know around midnight I guess, I answered.

Midnight, my watch must have stopped, I thought we had a lot of time, I told my folks Id be home before 11:30! Shit, weve got to go now.That was the only time I ever heard Lil swear so this must be serious. So much for getting more, we both started walking as fast as we could to her house, a quick kiss, and she was gone. Damn!

I walked to the Western Ave. bus, waited a few minutes, paid my fare, got a tranfer, and took a seat on an almost empty bus.It was about a 10 minute ride to Addison, where I needed to transfer. I couldnt get the thought of Lils ass rubbing against my cock or the feel of her smooth warm thigh out of my head.My cock was tenting my khakis, I just hoped it would go down before I had to exit.I heard a low, soft whistle, so I looked around trying to find its source.A heavy set women was on the cross seat toward the front and a guy was across the aisle from me facing straight ahead. I looked toward the back and no one else was on the bus. There it was again. It had to be the guy across from me.I looked in his direction and he had turned to face me.His leg was up on the seat and one hand was rubbing his crotch.I quickly looked away, I felt a kind of nervousness sweep over me.The guy was problably in his late twenties, dark hair, asian I think.Now two soft whistles one high the other low. I turned my head just slightly so I could just see him out of the corner of my eye.Yikes, his pants were unzipped and he was slowly stroking his cock. Since his aisle was behind the driver and on the same side as the woman no one but me could see what he was doing.He pursed his lips and made two small kissing sounds and was patting the seat next to him beckoning me over.I started to shake, I was scared but excited too.I couldnt take my eyes off his cock, his hand slowly pumping it, masterbating it, pointing it at me.

Come here he whispered, I know you want this. My mouth had filled with saliva and I gulped hard.Oh yeah, baby, you want it, come on, he whispered.

His ass was now coming off the seat with each stroke. I still couldnt believe it, and I knew I should get out of there, I couldnt, to stop looking at it, I couldnt, to stop thinking about what it would be like, to hold it, squeeze it, suck it, I couldnt. What the fuck was happening, am I nuts.The same thing that always happens, I start obessing about something sexual and can get it out of my mind.It just takes over.My legs were pushing me up and forward, moving me toward his seat, I was drawn to his cock, I couldnt take my eyes off of it. My own slacks had at least a 3 tent in front, but I didnt care, even if someone saw it I couldnt stop now.I reached his seat, I lift my left knee up onto the seat, my upper body bending over toward him. Hes smiling, knodding, knowing hes got me .My right hand reachs for that beautiful cock, my mouth is watering.Am I crazy, Im going to do this on a bus?I need it so bad!

Addison, addison, the bus driver shouted, as the bus jerked to a stop.I jumped like someone had just thrown ice water on me,my face flushed with heat, and I ran to the exit. I almost ran the woman over who was waiting to board. I looked up as the bus pulled away and the guy is giving me the finger. Whew, well that was too much.Would I have done it, would I really have touched it, or worse yet, sucked it?What if he came, would I swallow it? I crossed the street to get to the stop for buses headed west on Addison. What the fuck is wrong with me.

Lil, panties, cock, ass,thighs, gosh I was in heat.I couldnt think of anything else.I pushed by cock up so it wasnt holding my pants out like a tent pole. Oooh, that was better a least it was less obvious.Even though I was still technically a virgin, I had lots of sexual experiences as I grew up, with girls and boys, mostly they could be labled experimenting. I was always open minded about everything. In kindergarten, I remember standing in line with another boy who was teasing me and daring me to kiss him.Much to the teachers surprise, I did, full on the lips in front of the whole class.Everyone gasped and no one teased or dared me again, they thought I was crazy. Smooth thighs squirming, cock beckoning, lips sucking, whew, why cant those images get out of my mind.Think of something else,got to cut the grass tomorrow, What else, should call Lil, see if everything was OK. Oooh those thighs were so smooth, could I have put my hand between them?Would she let me, could I feel her hot little snatch.Should I have tried to rub her cock, I mean clit. Where was the bus, at least 15 minutes had gone by and I hadnt seen one in either direction.

A large white delivery van pulled up.The driver, a hispanic guy, wearing a white sleeveless undershirt, and probably twenty at most, looked over at me, nodded and smiled.Loud Spanish music with a heavy beat poured from the open windows. I sort of nodded back and looked down the street for the bus. I could hear him shouting in Spanish to someone in the back of the van.It pulled away, crossed the street, and again except for a few cars the streets were quiet. It was at least 8 miles to home and I started to wonder if I should start walking.Should I walk to Belmont Av, about 1/2 mile south and see if buses are there, what if one comes as Im going there. At least it got my mind off of you know what and the pecker started to relax.About 5 more minutes went by and I was ready to start walking.The white van pulls up to the curb.

Hey, you waiting for de bus amigo? I tink they stop running at dees hour.

Yeah, I think you are right, I said, I havent seen one for at least 25 minutes,

Do you want, a lift?

I didnt know what to do, I was worried about taking lifts from a stranger, but I needed to get home. I looked again to the east for a bus, none!

Come on, no sense walking said another voice as the door opened. A guy about my age was standing holding the door open with one hand the other resting on his hip.He was wearing a t shirt that seemed to be several sizes too small.His abdomen was totally exposed.His pants were low and extremely tight, some kind of stretch fabric, almost like a dancers leotard.My names Ricky, he smiled broadly exposing very white teeth through lips that were redder than most Id seen, hop aboard. He seemed very friendly and immediately I relaxed.I moved toward the van, his hand pushed gently at the small of my back.

Thanks, I said as I climbed in.

This is Juan, said Ricky as he slammed the door and motioned toward the driver, and over in that corner is Xavier, we call him Xavi for short.

Hi, my names Stevie, I said as I looked in Xavis direction and smiled. He just nodded. The entire back of the van was carpeted and tall enough to stand up, there was a small dome light on the ceiling and a dark curtain behind the driver.A cooler was in the corner, its top up and several cans sitting on ice.There didnt seem to be any back windows in the van so while warm it wasnt too hot. Loud music still played from speakers behind Juan, the beat vibrating the van and me.

This is cool, I said, as Ricky came in the back and stood very close in front of me.He was smiling and looking up at me.

You thirsty, you want a Coke? Ricky asked.

Sure, thanks.

Just then Juan put the van in gear and jerked suddenly away from the light and the van died.I lurched forward crashing into Ricky.

Easy, baby,...Juan you idiot, Ricky yelled, laughing he dont know how to drive stick shift.Now he wasnt just close but right against me. One hand was squeezing my ass cheek and the other was rubbing my thigh and I was starting to find his attention disturbing but stimulating.I blushed and just as quickly he turned to get me a Coke.As he bent over his tight pants displayed what I thought was the most beautiful ass Id ever seen.Narrow hips, but small and almost perfectly rounded cheeks.Ricky looked back over his shoulder and smiled at me. Juan got up and left the truck to adjust something under the hood. Ricky handed me a cup and pored some Coke in it then held up a bottle and poured something else in.

Whats that?, I asked suspicously.

Rum, it makes it taste good, try it, youll like it, Ricky said lightly.

I slowly tasted the drink,I never drank and this was something new.I could feel the warmth as it went down and the taste was good.I tipped the cup up and swallowed.See, I told you, Ricky poured in more Coke and more rum. After a another, I was feeling quite light and wanted to sit down.Ricky took my cup,

here let me help you as he wrapped his arm around me and I put one arm around him.We sank slowly to the floor.Rickys face was next to mine, probably the prettiest guys face Id ever seen.His face looked more like a girl than a boy and at this distance it was obvious he was wearing some type of makeup.His long lashes fluttered,

Gringo, you are very cute, he said, his lips brushed my ear.

Thanks, I said blushing, I just love your lips and eyes.

That was stupid, why did I say that, it sounded so dumb. Juan slammed the door, started the van, and we were on our way.

Really?!, he turned my head and slowly, very slowly, moved his lips against mine.His lips felt so good, so hot, he was turning me on and I felt so relaxed I didnt want him to stop.

You are so nice,Ricky breathed onto my lips,I could make you even cuter, OK?

I just nodded, I felt so dreamy.Ricky pulled a bag from behind the cooler and soon was drawing a line on each eye lid, brushing each eyelash with something wet and applying a thin coating from several tubes to my lips.He brushed my cheeks and it tickled making my face twitch.

There, almost done, someday Im going to be a makeup arteest as he applied a little something on top of the stuff he brushed. He combed at my hair and pulled a small mirror from the bag, and I couldnt believe my eyes.Staring back at me was the cutest boy Id ever seen, at least I thought so.Large innocent eyes, full reddish lips, smooth blushing cheeks, blond bangs, and wisps in front of my ears. You are hot, Ricky teased.

You think so, I blushed.

Si, I show you, come here, Ricky pulled my head toward his, my mouth opened slightly as I felt his lips brush against mine, his tongue flicking across and between my wet lips.You like Ricky, Stevie? he breathed against my lips.All I could do was nod as his lips locked tightly to mine and his tongue again entered deep into my mouth.I sucked his tongue and gently caressed it with mine. My hand cupped his sweet little ass and he moaned and wiggled. His hand found my crotch as was stroking my small but hard dick very slowly.I suddenly realized we werent moving, I looked around and both Juan and Xavi were sitting across from us, watching us, their hands rubbing their crotchs.I didnt care, let them watch, this was just too hot. I squeezed Lils, I mean Rickys ass. He had put one leg over mine and was rubbing his crotch on my thigh, I could feel his hot hard cock through my slacks.Ricky lowered my zipper and gently pulled my erect penis from its confines.His hands slid smoothly up and down its length, stroking, pumping, making me want to cum badly, I moaned out load.Xavi and Juan whispered something in Spanish and laughed. Ricky unbuttoned my shirt and lowered his lips to my nipples, sucking and tongueing them until I was twitching with spasms each time he flicked across the tip.

Oooh, yes, I moaned out loud, oh ricky,oooh.

Ricky then stood up, his back to me. He put one foot on either side of my outstretched legs and slowly backed up. I reached up to feel both globes. He moved back until he was rubbing his sweet little ass across my face. I kissed each cheek as I squeezed them gently.Ricky turned around, and pulled my mouth tightly to his cock.I could see the strangers cock in my mind, pointing at me, beckoning me. My lips parted and sucked at Ricky shaft through the thin material. I grabbed his ass and pulled him hard against me. He wants it, Ricky, give it heim Juan piped up.Ricky wiggled his hips from side to side and my mouth followed.He was playing with me, making me want it. He hooked his thumbs in the waist band and slowly lowered the skin tight material, his knob became visible and he pulled me to it. I kissed it as it pushed against his abdomen and then licked the crease from its base to his pee slit.He tasted like vanilla, much diffent than what I expected.Ricky now coaxed me around so I was knealing in the center of the van and he was facing Juan and Xavi.I figured he wanted them to see him gettig sucked off.Like it was a reward he lowered the waistband below his balls allowing his prick to stick straight at me. He walked forward, held his cock at the base with one hand and pulled my head toward it with the other.It was beckoning me, calling me, wanting me, I opened my lips and the tip entered my mouth. I reached up and grabbed his ass, pulling him into me. I wanted to feel his entirecock in my mouth. I opened my mouth, pushed forward, closed my lips. Slurp, I swallowed and his cock went further, I gagged slightly, and then again. Slurp, slurp.

Ricky, hees a natural cocksucker, he got your dick totally down his throat, Juan exclaimed. He was right, my lips were pressed tightly against Rickys shaved pubes.I started sucking him moving his cock in and out of my throat each time swallowing hard to pull him back in.I felt a hand pulling on my cock.Xavi was stroking me, getting me hotter than I already was.He opened my belt and undid the button.My slacks slid down my legs around my knees.Juan, whistled, like you would at a pretty girl on the street, What a cute little gringo ass!

Ricky starting pulling my head down with him as he laid on the floor, his knees on either side of me. I bent over to keep his cock in my mouth resting on my knees and elbows.Someones hand was stroking my cock, now pointing at the floor.The stroking was very slow, not meant to make me cum, just enough to keep me hard.God, I want to cum, bad.I couldnt get enough of Rickys cock. Up and down, in and out, sucking, twirling my tongue tasting his precum.I couldnt stop. Then I felt a strange sensation.A cock was pushed against my ass crack,

uh...unh, I shook my head no.I tried to pull off Ricky but he pulled me down onto his shaft with both hands. I could feel something cold being rubbed around my hole, and a finger tentatively but softly probed my asshole.I gasped as it kneaded around and around the entrance, it felt good.It didnt enter me and I relaxed somewhat enjoying the feeling and really enjoying Rickys cock sliding between my lips. I kept seeing the bus strangers cock in my mind.

When I relaxed, Ricky stopped forcing my head onto him and I could take his cock from my mouth, feel it, look at it, lick it. I loved it. The finger was now moving inside me, just making circles and stimulating me beyond belief.I pushed back pushing it deeper. A deep moan escaped my mouth,the finger pushed in and pulled out.Was I fucking his finger or was it fucking me.A second finger slipped in with the first. Opening me further, relaxing the tightness, it felt so full. A hand was still rubbing my cock and balls from time to time.I was super hard. I rocked back from Rickys cock and impaled myself on the two fingers. I rocked back and forth, cock in, fingers out, cock out, fingers in. Faster, Ooooh, Juan, fuck me, fuck me, I thought or did I say it, I dont know, I was so in heat. Cock in, fingers out, cock out, fingers in, cock in, fingers out, cock out, cock in,wait a minute!I could feel the head move past my sphincter ring.

Ahhhh, Ohhhhh, I pushed back trying to push it out from inside, but that just allowed it to move in further.The cock slid up and in, Ooo, ooo, fuck, fuck me , yesssss, fuck me, fuck me!Juans cock was now fully in me and the rocking temp began anew.

His boy pussy, is better than any pussy Ive had, its nice and tight and hot, said Juan. You like that, dont you, you little sucking boy pussy?

Un-huh, fuck me, I want to feel you cum in my ass, I mouthed around the cock in my mouth.

Oh baby, you not getting my spunk, I wearing a rubber, thats why it went in so easy, its lubricated, Juan laughed. I squeezed my ass muscles together making the contact much more intense.I gasped.

Ooooh, thats it baby, milk my cock with that sweet boy pussy, his ass is milking me, oooo, what a slut, Juan laughed.

Rickys cock start starts to throb and I swirled my tongue around and around the head, sucking as hard as I can.Hes pumping his cum into my mouth, salty, sweet, yummy. I want more, lots more! I swallow the cum and his cock, feeling it spurting and throbbing down my throat as I gulp and swallow.

Juans cock is throbbing and starts spasming.He plunges deep into me.I can feel every spurt as it fills the rubber, its warm and I feel a sense of pride that Ive pleased both of them.Im licking Ricky clean wanting to taste every drop when Juan pulls out. I start to get up when I feel another hand pushing me down. Xavi is behind me, pulling my ass cheeks apart.His cock is pushing against me and even though Im stretched from Juans fucking I can still feel his cock opening me up.I try to relax, pushing outward from inside just like before and he slips a little deeper. I reach down and under me to better position him and I realize this time there is no rubber.My hand circles his cock and its quite large in diameter compared to Juan or Ricky, and I pull him down a little.He moves into me slowly.

Oh, yeah, you are one nice tight hot little pussy.You want cum, you little cocksucker, do you want me to fill your sweet ass? When I heard that I almost fainted.

Yes, yes please let me feel your cock spurting in me.I was out of my mind, I didnt know what I was saying or did I just think I said it.

His cock was now sliding in and out slowly, I felt just slight twinges of pain, but that was nothing compared to the pleasure I got when his hot, hard shaft slid across my prostate.I kept having mini orgasms inside, similar to when Ricky sucked my nipples.

Uh, Uh, Uh,fuck me, fuck me, I moaned, with each thrust. I felt someone under me and Ricky had slid his head under my raised hips, I lifted up and contracted my stomach and his mouth found my now falcid cock.

Mmmm, Mmmm, you taste wonderful, such a nice little clitty for Ricky to suck on, Mmmmm. My cock quickly hardened in Rickys mouth. Xavi was now plowing my ass, squeezing it together with each stroke and I was contracting my anal muscles each time he pulled back, milking him as I did.

Jeez, Juan, youre right, shes one hot little fucker, that ass is like a little sucking mouth. He plunged deep into me, I could feel his body and balls against me.

Aaaahh, aaaah, ooooh,aaaah, my cock was starting to throb in Ricky mouth, aaaahh, fuck me, fuck me, Im cumming.My ass tightened up an squeezed hard on Xavis cock. He quickened his pace, pushed deep into me, and started cumming. The first spurt of his hot cum sent me over the edge.My cock exploded, Ricky almost drowned in the cum pouring from me, but he made sure he got every drop.Xavis cock kept spurting load after load into my spasming boy pussy.I put my head on the floor, totally wacked out and exhausted.

Uh, I need to get home, can we leave pretty soon? I asked.

Ricky started freshening me up, with his makeup kit.He kissed me several times,but now I found it troubling, embarrasing.The lust had died after I came. However, his cock was still exposed, and several times he wiped it along my lips and I felt little stirrings in my crotch.

Stand up, we need to have you look nice,Ricky said.He grabbed the corners of my open shirt and tied them in a knot. He leaned in and took my soft cock in his mouth and gave it a long suck. More stirrings. Lift your feet up, I did and he removed my slacks, taking my wallet out of the pocket I thought he was going to rob me. I didnt have much. He handed it to me.He grabbed some white material out of his bag and said here put this on.It was the tightest smallest pair of shorts Id ever seen.The waist barely stretched far enought to make it over my thighs and my legs are long and thin. It buttoned just above the base of my cock. The zipper was only about 2 inches long. The back let the bottom and tops of my assscheeks stick out and the middle was so high and tight it separated my balls and pushed them out against the material.Even soft, you could make out every detail of my cock through the material.

I cant go out like this, I objected.

Oh sweety, you look wonderful,and sexy. Dont you feel sexy? Walk around a little and see how it feels.

I did as he said and I did feel sexy, naughty and sexy. 6-1, 155 lbs of naughty, sex, hot boy pussy. Oh god, what was happening to me. I was really enjoying this too much. Before, I knew what was happening, the van stopped and I was pushed out the door and dropped off in a neighborhood, I didnt know.

We gotta go, love you, maybe we find each other again some time. Ricky shouted as they drove off.

I saw my reflection in a shop window, I couldnt believe it.I looked like this cute young boy, with long girlish legs, tight little ass, exposed chest, I turned myself on for petes sake.My cock was now pushing its way out the top of the shorts. I started walking, were the numbers going up or down? Up meant either north or west, down east or south.Since we hadnt driven very far, I must be close to a street Ill recognize. Grand, grand runs east and west. I headed west, numbers going up. I tried to keep in the shadows but then I started thinking.Ass, panties, cock,cum, I didnt want to hide, I wanted everyone to see.See the pretty boy, his long legs, his wiggling butt.I wanted everyone to want me. This was fun! Some cars beeped but passed and I kept walking.One car slowed and followed me for a block. I tried the sexiest walk I could, flexing my ass cheeks with each step.I could feel the material ride up and down on my nakedness.As he finally passed I could see he had his cock out and it was spurting cum. I was immediately attracted to his cock, I walked faster just so I could see more as he drove by. Wow, I thought Im responsible for that but I didnt get any of it.What a shame.I let my hips roll a little more and tried to wiggle as I walked.Again, the pecker was alive and peeked out the waistband of the shorts. I touched it, aaah, that feels good.Beep,beep, another admirer,I turned and a big sedan pulled next to the curb.The guy in it was probably around 50, thin with grey hair.He waved me over.I approached the car and bent over to talk through the open window.

Want a lift, cutie?, he asked.He was staring at my waistband and Im sure he saw my cock peeking out. His right hand was stroking the cock sticking from his unzipped slacks.The dome was smooth, slick purplish and fully engorged.I moved closer, sticking my head in thru the open window,wanting to see it up close.

How far you going, I asked, as my eyes focused on his penis.

As far as your willing to go was his response.

Well, I need to get to Harlem Av.not really understanding the double meaning implied in his answer.

Well slide that pretty little ass in here, and we will see if Harlem Av.is in the cards. I opened the door and planted my half naked butt on the smooth leather seat.

What kind of car is this?, I asked.

Lincoln, you like it?

Yeah, the seats are nice and soft and smooth.

You dont mind if I feel your merchandise do you, his hand was on my leg just above my knee, sliding up, squeezing, massaging, holding my thigh just below the leg opening, nice and soft and smoothed, too, he laughed.

Noooo, I responded, trying to sound sexy. That feels nice.

I slid over toward him so I could get a better look at his cock.

What we talking about? he asked, how much?

Holy smokes, he wants to pay me, I thought to myself.His cock has me so horny Im getting into cars with strangers and he wants to pay me.I wondered how much I could ask for.Lets see a date with Lil was about $10.Ill ask for $15.

Fif, fift, fiftee...n, I stammered, almost not getting the words out, I was kind of nervous.

I dont think I have that much, will you take thirty five? was his response.He must have thought I said fifty.He didnt wait for an answer, putting both hands on the wheel, he started to drive off.I reached over and put my fingers around his hot, hard penis, my thumb rubbing the swollen end.It was about 1 1/2 in diameter and about 6 1/2 long.The top stuck out nicely above my clasped hand. I was mesmerized by it.

Yeah, $35, OK, but my ass is off limits to this, I said as I waved his penis gently. I was just too sore to take any more back there.He pulled into a side street and parked.

Do I get some of this? he asked as he squeezed me between the legs.

As much as you want, I responded. He undid the buttun and unzipped the small zipper.I lifted my ass as he tugged at the shorts trying to get them down to my knees.

Oooh, nice, he said quietly, no hair,cut, and such a pretty little cock and ass, why dont you come over here, and give me some head.

He pulled me by the shoulders but I didnt need much coaxing, I really wanted to get that hot dick in between my lips.My knees were on the seat, my shirt had become undone and my ass exposed to the open window.I thought if anyone came by theyd get one heck of a view.My head sunk into his lap and I felt the tip against my lips.I kissed it, rubbing it back and forth across my lips, my tongue darted out to lick the crease and slit.Wow, it felt good and tasted great.It was so warm and smooth. My tongue circled and circled the swollen head.

Oooh, you sweet little cocksucker, you really like that dont you, oh yeah, lick it, lick it baby.Hearing him talk this way turned me on, I could feel my penis again getting firm.Suck it kid, suck it good, he pushed my head lower and I eagerly opened my mouth to take him in fully. Oh yeah,.... oh yeah, he exclaimed as I closed my mouth tightly around his shaft.

My lips sealed around his cock shaft and my mouth sucked as hard as I could while moving up and down his erection.First only and inch or two moved in and out, but each time I tried to go deeper down and pull further back.My mouth was filling with saliva and the cock moved easily from the thick ridge at the base of his knob almost all the way till I could feel his slacks and some hairs against my nose and lips.Gulping down the saliva allowed me to swallow his cock right to the base.I initially had to suppress gagging as I went down on him, but soon I was breathing easily and could actually hold his large head in the beginnings of my throat for several seconds and suck at the same time, then gulping down the saliva as it accumulated, which closed my throat tightly around his sweet cock.

Oh man, you really know how to suck cock, kid.

I felt a sense of pride flood over me.

You just love that cock, dont you?

Mmmmmm, Mmmmm, I gulped, nodding in agreement.

Im going to fill that little pussy mouth of your with some nice hot cum, kid, you want that too dont you

Mmmmm, was all I could respond, my mouth was too busy eating cock and I didnt want to stop to answer.

I felt him stiffen and I knew what was coming.

Im cumming, kid, suck it, suck it, swallow it.He was holding the back of my head down but he didnt need to.I felt the first spasm pushing past my lips, and spurt into my mouth. I swallowed taking cum and cock as deep as I could, then drawing back, to catch the second spurt, again and again.He must have spasmed six times before it stopped. I sucked off every drop and loved it.

Wow, kid, that was greatI was blushing with pride.Now I want some of this he pushed me back in the seat and pulled my hips toward him.

I didnt know what to do with my long legs so I spread them around him, one up along the seat back and the other up along the dash.His mouth was quickly around my swollen lttle penis, sucking, pulling at it. His hands went under me squeezing and kneading my ass.I could feel the sensations building in my loins, I was hot again, I needed it, wanted it. Images flashed in my head, Lil squirming on my lap, bus cock beckoning me, Xavi fucking my ass, sucking Rickys cock.Oh god,I couldnt stand it.A finger was massaging my asshole, it was gentle and felt good, I didnt mind.His mouth sunk lower below my balls, gosh, he was licking my ass, fucking me with his tongue.When I was walking I knew some of Xavis cum was still leaking from me because occasionally I felt a drop run down my leg.Now this guy was probably thinking my ass tasted like cum.But from his moans and slurping sounds he certainly seem to be enjoying it and all it did was make me even hotter.A finger entered my rectum as his mouth once again found my cock.Oh, oooh,yessss, yeeessss,I was coming. One spurt went in his mouth, but he backed away and started jacking me so that I ejaculated all over my chest and belly.He grabbed the warm thick cum with his finger tips and moved it a fraction of an inch away from my lips making me want it, having to lift my head to suck it from his fingers and into my mouth. This went on until the thick cum that was left turned thin and too watery to lift pick up.

Kid, you certainly are one hot sissy cocksucker. Id sure like to get in that hot little ass, how about next weekend.Ill pay you twice as much, he said, as he moved back in his seat and pulled some bills out of his wallet.

I untangled my legs, and pulled the shorts back up.

I dont know if Ill be around here next weekend, I said as I took the 20,10 and 5.

Well, give it some thought. Ill really make it worth your while, he squeezed me between the legs.

Can you get me to Harlem Ave.?, I asked.

Sure, for what you just did Id take you to the moon, god are you hot.

I blushed vividly feeling very proud. The heat quickly died after I ejaculated and I was glad it only took couple of minutes to get there.I started to feel embarrassed, his hands kept stroking me but I had no interest.He tried to kiss me before I got out but I pulled away, it made me sick, I realized I wasnt attracted to him only his cock. I quickly got off Harlem onto some side streets and made it home. As long as my parents were not in that end of the house, I knew I could sneak in the back of the house where my bedroom was. Imade it to my bedroom, stripping off and hiding the shorts.Hmmm, I may need those next weekend, I thought.Finding some pjs, I put them on, went to the bathroom across from my room, washed up and went to bed.I was aching, exhausted and now a sex crazy, boy prostitute.











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