What does KNL do

What does KNL do

What does the company / project do?

Kernel -Trade is a blockchain platform that symbolizes agricultural assets. Find out how it works today in our review. Link to the website:https://www.knl.asia/

What is Kernel Trade?

Blockchain technology has enabled us to digitize almost everything - so why not tokenize agricultural assets? This is exactly what Kernel-Trade plans to do. The platform aims to stimulate development for all types and sizes of farms around the world by placing agricultural assets on the blockchain.

KNL is a token used to access investment projects on the Kernel-Trade platform. And the tasks that the Kernel-Trade platform intends to solve is to help agricultural companies and SMEs (small and medium enterprises) tokenize commodity and other assets and launch their tokens through the internal exchange and fund of commodity assets on the Kernel-Trade platform.

An agricultural company can participate in the digital currency market by selling tokens, which are a share of its assets.

How does Kernel-Trade work?

Kernel-Trade presents itself as one of the first platforms for the marketing of agricultural assets. https://www.knl.asia/

The platform will analyze agricultural companies and SMEs (small and medium enterprises) before adding them to the platform. Here is a basic overview of the process:

Step 1) Analysis of agricultural companies:

Kernel-Trade will check agricultural land and other assets owned by the agricultural company or SME. Conducting legal audit, business audit and agricultural audit.

Step 2) Choosing the most optimal jurisdiction:

Kernel-Trade will find the agricultural market of this company and “choose the most optimal jurisdiction” based on its portfolio of assets.

Step 3) Kernel-Trade will create an intellectual contract:

🔹 A pledge agreement is signed between the agricultural company and the escrow companies. The agreement is governed by an intellectual contract.

Step 4) Tender Campaign:

🔹Kernel-Trade: sale of tokens of agricultural companies or SMEs. They are called asset-backed tokens or ASTs (asset-backed tokens are tokens that are backed by grain, land, and property). Users can purchase tokens of agricultural companies and SMEs with the accrual of dividends, as well as the ability to sell tokens in the secondary market. To do so, an internal exchange and a fund of commodity assets will be launched to effectively invest in agricultural companies.

In general, Kernel-Trade creates a playground for the use of commodity assets as a financial instrument among agricultural companies and SMEs, investors and traders. We want to allow any agricultural company and SME - small or large - to compete successfully. We aim to increase efficiency in all sectors.

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