What basic equipment for freediving?

What basic equipment for freediving?


Freediving cannot be improvised: you need a minimum of physical preparation but also equipment to dive safely.

Before taking out the checkbook, it is interesting to take stock of the diver's needs according to the level (beginner, confirmed, or expert) and the practice (swimming pool, sea, or deep water). A quick overview of the equipment to break records all season long!

The neoprene suit is essential to keep the body at a reasonable temperature, whatever the types of apnea practiced. It is the thickness of the neoprene that will change: for example, for dynamic freediving in a swimming pool, a wetsuit of 1.5 mm is sufficient. At sea, you have to go to 3 mm. For dives in very cold water, wetsuits from 5 mm to 9 mm are to be preferred gloves too!

Long-wing Freediving Fins are recommended, to save the diver's efforts over time. The material used varies, for more or less precision in the exercise. 

Plastic fins are beginners, very reactive carbons for experts and finally, fibers are a good compromise and allow you to progress smoothly.

Freediving Mask is to be chosen according to the type of face, but above all according to the depth at which the freediver evolves.

The volume of air included in the mask depends on the size of the window, and also exerts pressure on the diver's face, during the descent. 

This is why it is necessary to favor a small interior volume so that the diver can empty it easily.

Freediving Watch is a technical computer that automatically calculates crucial aspects of a dive, such as bottom time, depth, and surface interval times.

The famous nose clip which is not adopted by all divers can interfere during the descent. However, by choosing a model with a contact area large enough to properly obstruct the nasal passages, it guarantees maximum comfort.

The computer watch is the essential accessory with an altimeter, thermometer, and barometer.

It can calculate the recovery time after the dive, in addition to the time remaining on the surface, the number of descents made.

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