What are the invitations in Autopilot

What are the invitations in Autopilot


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Autopilot is a one-click sending tool without setting up options and inventing invitation texts. ChatOS will provide you with high-quality chat invitations. Turn Autopilot on and take chats.

Autopilot is available in the extensions for chats on Svadba, Dream-Singles, Find-Bride, CharmDate sites.

What kind of invitation does Autopilot send?

ChatOS Invitation archive for Autopilot is universal content. 

▶️ There are rules for Autopilot:

1. There are invitations to which men replied. You get only effective ones

2. Invitations of Autopilot are not current invitations of Translators who work according to the classical model and create invites personally. Your own invitations which are working now are only yours.

3. Autopilot invitations  have no any personalized attributes describing appearance, geographic location, age, occupation, time, etc ...

4. Autopilot invitations  exclude sexual appeals or topics and vulgarities.

5. There are no invitations / suggestions / scheduling for appointments.

6. There are no invitations which talk about profile of a man or his photo.

7. There are no invitations with the offer to send or exchange photo or video files 

8. There are no direct requests for gifts, calls, interactions outside the site.

9. There are no invitations that make it clear that the lady and the man already had long communication before.

10. The base of invitations is huge. 

▶️ There are points you should to understand when choosing Autopilot tool for sending.

Any word can carry different meanings for different people. 

For example, if you ask the question “Do you like to relax on the beach?” to different people, one man would imagine a pleasant vacation, sea, tan, fruits ... but another man would take it as something intimate and even vulgar on the site. Everyone has their own inclinations.

So, ChatOS is not responsible for the ambiguity, interpretation of invitations by a man, his reaction and the site's reaction to a man's appeal.

Autopilot has no obvious vulgar, offensive and erotic invitations.

And we are not responsible for the different people imagination, double meaning, emoji sets, punctuation, other characters:)

Have a nice communication with right fans!💚