What are the fees and limits?

What are the fees and limits?

Last updated: April 22, 2022

Payment processing fees

There are payment processing fees that cover the cost of all the things we do behind the scenes to collect donations and subscriptions from your followers.

  • 2.5% but not less than €0.08 per successful transaction.

Service fee

We only receive a small percentage once you start collecting donations and subscriptions through our service. We are offering a 0% as a special launch offer. 

Payout processing fees

These are the fees that are associated with transferring your collected donations and subscriptions to your specified payout method.

  • 2% + € 0.5 to a bank card.

Supported currencies

Currently, we only support EURO and RUBLE as the primary currencies for our fees and as our billing currency. We are working on adding support for other currencies soon.


There are certain limits that have to be in place. We need to ensure everyone is safe and smart about the costs.

  • € 1 as a minimum single-time transaction.
  • € 100 as a maximum single-time transaction.
  • € 100 minimum payout balance to a bank card.
  • € 100 minimum payout balance to a bank account.

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