What are Tyre Punctures and How to Fix Them?

What are Tyre Punctures and How to Fix Them?

Lewis Bell

Correct air pressure in your tyres is essential to help them function optimally on roads. The air-filled tyre tube holds the air pressure effectively. However, a sharp object like a throne or iron nail may damage the body of your tyres at any moment. In this condition, the object leaves a tiny hole in the affected area and allows the air to escape.

This condition is not favourable for car drivers if they are in the middle of a long journey. When a sharp object pierces the tread part of your tyre, it is said to have a puncture. A punctured tyre will lose the air pressure quickly, and you would not be able to complete your journey if you do not have a Puncture Repair Whitchurch with the help of a professional.

Can You Drive Your Car on a Punctured Tyre?

Modern tyres require air pressure to perform on roads. Even the drivers have to keep the air pressure at a specific level to ensure proper performance and road safety. Low inflation in tyres is responsible for several issues related to tyres and the vehicle.

The presence of a puncture in a tyre will make it unable to carry the weight of the vehicle. Moreover, the tyre will not be able to maintain its rigid shape due to low air pressure.

Therefore, you should not drive your car if one of your tyres is punctured. What you need to do is stop the vehicle and look for a garage to repair the punctured area.

If you drive on a flat tyre, the suspension components of your tyres will be damaged seriously to increase your problems.

Signs of a Tyre Puncture

Steering will become difficult if one of your tyres has a puncture. Moreover, your vehicle may feel shuddery when you drive it because of the presence of a punctured tyre. Pulling of the vehicle to either left or right side is also possible due to a puncture.

Sometimes, your tyres experience slow punctures. It is not easy to detect the problem of a slow puncture. Thus, you need to see your mechanic if your tyre shows low air pressure repeatedly.

Is it a Safe Decision to Repair a Punctured Tyre?

You can repair a punctured tyre, but you have to comply with the rules set by the British Standard BS AU 159.

These rules restrict the car drivers to repair a tyre according to size, location and number of punctures in the same area. Punctures in the tread part are usually safely repaired. On the other hand, it is not possible to repair a puncture on the sidewall. Moreover, extra deep and wide punctures are not suitable for the repair work.

Repair work for the tyre is possible if your tyres do not have other damage signs like bulges or cracks on sidewalls, decreased tread depth and uneven treadwear.

If your tyre has severe punctured and repaired areas near each other, it is the correct time to buy a new set of tyres.

Puncture Repair Kits for Tyres

You can repair your puncture with the help of a puncture repair kit. Different kits are available in the market with puncture sealants. With the use of a puncture repair kit, you may fill the hole to do effective puncture repair work.

Using a punctures repair kit is only a temporary solution, and you have to visit your mechanic for a permanent solution.

Changing the Punctured Tyre

If you have a spare tyre and toolbox in your vehicle, things will become easier for you. You just have to unscrew the nuts of your puncture wheel-tyre unit and replace them with your spare tyre.

Find a safe place to park your vehicle, and you can easily do Puncture Repair Whitchurch if you have done the same job at least once in the past.

Driving with Run-flat Tyres

Run-flat tyres let you drive your car for a certain distance while one of your tyres is flat. Run-flat tyres carry the weight of your vehicle with the help of their improved sidewalls that are designed to run on the road with under-inflation as well.

This technology is advantageous when you are stuck in an unsafe situation on the road. With run-flat tyres, you do not need to stop your vehicle if you do not desire to do so. Drive your vehicle and stop it when you feel safe.

Can You Repair Run-flat Tyres?

Run-flat tyres save you from unusual conditions while your tyre is flat. However, you must change your run-flat tyre after the incident of a puncture. You cannot judge the internal condition of your tyre to repair it sufficiently. Thus, you should buy new run-flat tyres for your vehicle.