What You Need To Know Regarding How To Receive Your Employer Retention Credit For The Business

What You Need To Know Regarding How To Receive Your Employer Retention Credit For The Business

Whether or not you've been looking for direction to the irs employee retention credit for quite a while or maybe began looking for you may well be sensing dissappointment or are baffled. Loosen up, this information has everything you should be productive on your journey. After reading these guidelines and getting them into proper direction, your self-confidence about receiving your portion of the 2021 employee retention credit will soar and you will obtain that which you have been told about, namely, the erc credit.

When your company will begin the process of ensuring eligibility (about 90% who go through this do, with proper educating on the matter), be sure that you give your government and representatives (and us if you like), a good handshake, because they are assisting your business in what has been an extremely difficult time in not just our beloved country, but in fact universally, and while we are not able to lend a hand to our friends around the globe, we can at least help those of us here in the U.S..

Now, this is significant for many businesses here simply because so many have been affected in such a harmful way, with so many even calling it quits (it's not hard to be sympathetic when it hits so close to home as business owners yourselves know), but the damage are not over for many businesses who have survived because most are not 100% back to normal. As they say, the damage has been done.

The question then of course becomes is there any added programs available that can help eliviate the burden to businesses from the COVID-19 Pandemic other than the obvious PPP aka the Paycheck Protection Program? Well, you might be happily surprised to discover that there is - and this doesn't have anything to do with the PPP, or even the EIDL (Economic Injury Disaster Loan).

Does this come as news to you? If it does, be aware that you are in good company. ;)

So, infact there absolutely is another program from the government that has no relationship with those two previously mentioned programs. Good news right? Of course it is, now the question becomes how does one go about getting it, and that is the reason which we are discussing today.

To carry on with this we have set up a comprehensive website which will completely walk you through in all things employee retention credit - and one of our representatives will discuss with you exactly how to take advantage of this 3rd, but little known, government program designed to help most businesses during this pandemic!

For now let's just do a general overview.

So, a business would need to have at least two employees (not including the owner), they would have needed to be active prior to last year (2022), and it does not matter or is not important for you to have closed down during that time frame of the crisis, those are important points to be aware of because again, you don't need to have failed, per se'.

So, can your business qualify for this not so well known other program from the government to keep small businesses afloat - and for some will actually be a life saver - in this truly troubling and turmoil environment we've experienced in recent times?

There's one way to discover if, check out more details at our erc tax credit website and let's get you going and on your way so you can truly find out for sure, but sadly there's not a whole lot of time left here to take advantage of this limited time program, that for now is still open.

Again, about 90% of businesses who applied for this after learning even the basics which we have discovered here including on this very page have been approved, and up to $26,000 PER EMPLOYEE has been given back to any and all businesses which fall under some simple requirements.

Good luck to all businesses either way and we truly do wish you the very best in 2023 and beyond!

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