What To Expect After LASIK Surgery? 

What To Expect After LASIK Surgery? 

Lasik Eye Surgery Age

So, you have already decided that LASIK surgery is the best suited for you, in order to have a great vision. Well, you are right then! Extremely safe, LASIK is a small procedure that will remarkably improve your eyesight. So let's get you through one of the frequently asked questions: what you should expect after your LASIK surgery? 

First and the most important thing is, make sure that you have someone with you who can drive you back home. This is extremely necessary. Also, it is strongly suggested to wear sunglasses a few hours before the surgery if you're out in the sun. 

In most of the cases, LASIK patients had an improved vision immediately after the procedure was done. But any surgery no matter how big or small has its own recovery time. Same goes for LASIK, your eyes will take time to heal so it's better to be patient. After the LASIK procedure is done your eyes will start to heal right after that. Although it's absolutely normal to have a hazy vision sometimes for a few weeks or months after the surgery. 

As you might already know that topical anaesthesia is given during the procedure to keep you calm so when it wears off, patients might experience some kind of discomfort. Most of the LASIK patients have described it as a burning sensation in their eyes. But don't worry, this is extremely normal and your surgeon will give you the necessary instructions to have pain killers or eye drops for improving this. Also, keep in mind to choose the top eye hospital in Delhi. Your surgeon will strictly say no to rubbing your eyes whenever you feel a slight blurry vision. Below mentioned are some things you shouldn't do just after having your LASIK procedure done:-

  • Strictly avoid any activity that makes you feel exhausted. 
  • Do not even think to drive for 24 hours after the procedure as your eyes need proper rest. 
  • Avoid rubbing or making any physical contact. 
  • Use the eye drops as recommended whenever you feel discomfort. 
  • Truly follow your surgeon's instructions. 

After a few days of the LASIK surgery, it is suggested or asked by your surgeon to come for a check-up to examine how your recovery process is going on. This is a great opportunity to ask for any doubts that you might have or anything you're experiencing. Well, a few days after the surgery you can go back to some of your daily activities like driving a car, going to work. But it is still not recommended to do any exhausting activity. Following all the instructions given by your surgeon will smoothly get you through the path of better vision. Although the average age of getting your LASIK eye surgery age is between 20 to 40 years. If you're healthy for this procedure you should surely opt this. LASIK is the most comforting and best procedure if you're fed up wearing glasses or lenses regularly.