What To Do If You Don’t Get Phone Prompt During Gmail Verification?

What To Do If You Don’t Get Phone Prompt During Gmail Verification?

Gmail is a very secure platform whose utmost priority is to provide you with highly efficient email platform that is secure. Gmail takes your security seriously and therefore asks you to “Verify if it’s you” whenever they suspect unauthenticated access. If you have recently seen the “Verify, if it’s you” message on your Gmail account but are unable to receive the phone prompt during the process, then this is the right article for you.

Here in this article by Gmail Help Australia, we provide you with comprehensive steps that you can take while verifying your identity during a phone prompt, so read on and follow the steps below now.

Steps to do if you don’t get a phone prompt during Gmail verification

You are not getting a phone prompt:

1 Make sure that your mobile is connected to the internet.

2 Check to make sure you are receiving a good enough internet connection by running a speed test.

3 Also, make sure that you are signed in via the Gmail account on your mobile phone, else use a device where you are logged in via that Gmail account.

4 Now, go to the sign-in screen again and click on RESEND.

5 If you are still unable to receive a prompt, click on the TRY ANOTHER WAY option.

If you are not getting a message on phone:

. Make sure that you have entered the correct mobile number.

. Make sure that your mobile is not on airplane mode and is receiving enough signals.

. Also, make sure that you are connected to the a good wireless connection.

. Now, go to the SIGN-IN screen and click on the RESEND button.

. If you still did not receive a code, click on TRY OTHER WAYS and receive a security code on mobile or tab even when it’s offline.

Call us on our Gmail Technical Support Australia if you received a different message or are encountering a different issue with your Gmail account. We will provide you with immediate assistance in the matter and resolve all your queries in a matter of time, so call, email, or chat with us for a quick and easy fix to any Gmail related problem.

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