What This Book Is About

What This Book Is About

Alex Markman (Author)

Anna Razumovskaya

The Artist of Bliss


This non-fiction book is about the life and art of Anna Razumovskaya, a renowned Canadian impressionist. Her paintings are in private collections of the wealthy and famous, and on display in the most prestigious art galleries. Her portfolio of pre-orders stretches over the next few years.

There is a notion that success in any endeavor is due to three proverbial essential components: the right person, at the right place, at the right time. Some would add to that good luck, which seems to be a reasonable argument. Times were when Anna Rasumovskaya had none of them. Other times she had them all.

But through all of these ebbs and flows of fate, she carried on a few personality traits, without which no effort or luck can bear the fruit: great talent, strong will, and optimism. Anna had them all.

She started her climb to the top of Olympus in Canada as a homeless person. Through all vagaries of life, she remained optimistic, resourceful, and strong-willed. Now her works are on display in the most reputable art galleries of the world, and in collections of billionaires, such as Canadian tycoon Frank Stronach.

This book is not meant to be a detailed biography of Anna Razumovskaya. Rather, it contains essential facts and events that influenced her creativity and explained her character's peculiarity. It also offers the reader a short history of Razumovskaya’s paintings, which tells about thoughts and emotions the artist tried to convey to the canvas at the time of its creation.

There is some mention of books she reads, the studies related to her profession, her world travels, and the personalities who influenced her attitude towards life and art. All of these will help the reader better understand her art and the mystery of its power.



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