What I Desire From You, My Sub Wife

What I Desire From You, My Sub Wife

What I desire from you is simple; yet it is so hard. I want all of you and I expect that. In exchange you can have all of me.

Sexually, I am not selfish. I'm not the guy who will use you and leave you unsatisfied. I'm the opposite. I'm the man who will honor your submission, and want to bring us both to heights of passion we do not yet know. I want you to willingly and lovingly submit to my desires. You see, in order for me to be dominant with you I have to trust you. That means that our bodies belong to each other. I want to lay you on your back and taste you knowing that you are receiving from me, knowing that your delicious pussy is very pleasing to me. You know that as I lick between your pussy and ass I am doing so because I desire it. I want it. I want you. I want to taste all of you without any reservation.

I want you to know how much your submission means to me. When you're in the mood and feel slutty, and I slide my cock inside of your ass only to make you feel sluttier; I want you to know how much pleasure your ass is giving me. I want to explore your slutty side so that you can be free to enjoy it as I am enjoying you. Know that as I unravel your mind, I gain so much pleasure from it. I want to do these things you.

I want to know that when I pull your hair and you call me "daddy" or "sir" it is from a place of love and respect. When inside of you, at the moment that our bodily juices mix the sensations are as close as we can have to "two becoming one flesh". Your screams of pleasure will only fuel me on and entice my passion to want you even more; the more you give yourself to me the more I want you. Let go and entrust me with your elegant, soft, subtle and sexy body. I want to explore bondage with you. I want to be the man to bring you to the point of having an orgasm, only to pull back momentarily. Please know my love that I do not do that to deprive you, but that the pleasure builds to the point where you cannot walk for a while because your legs are shaking from your orgasm. I desire to leave you satisfied so you can sleep soundly and hold you knowing that there is nothing else that you want. I want you satisfied. I want to do that with you and to you, can you submit to me?

Mentally, I need to know that there is nothing that stands between us. Pure trust. I have to know that when we are apart, our desire only grows. That no matter what is going on in life, we are in it together and we will overcome whatever life gives us. This will allow me to be free to trust and dominate you. I know that your submission is freeing for you. Honesty can be hard but I need your all. I need to know everything about you. I want to be able to take you out for a nice dinner, share wine and hang out with our friends, all the while knowing that when we get home there will be a ball gag waiting for you. Bite it while I take you from behind. In the meantime during dinner, I want you tell our friends how your work week went; knowing, I have the remote to the vibrating panties that I made sure you wore to dinner. I want to know all of your fantasies and fulfill them for you, especially the fantasies which make you blush, you know the ones. I want to know the fantasies that you have never shared before. I want to know your depths. Do you want to be a part of something where we explore each other and we both gain more freedom by our relationship?

Spiritually, I want to feel new things with you. I want our relationship to transcend us; our sex, our daily tasks, I want that mystical connection between you and I where we are able to see the divine in each other's eyes. That way, while you're on top of me, riding me, I can focus on our pleasure, feeling you and knowing intuitively how much harder I can make you cum. I want your juices to gush out of you at the moment when your pussy clamps down on my cock. I want us to look at each other's eyes and see heaven. I want you to know what I am thinking; without even touching you or saying anything to you I want your juices to run down your leg. The thought of giving yourself to me, a man, your protector, daddy, dom or whatever works for us is fulfills your desire.

Oh, there will be romance. I will cook for you, I'm a great cook, make love to you, treat you well. Show you respect by holding doors for you, make you feel like a woman and more. There will be gifts, yes, but the greatest gift I can give you is me. Are you willing to accept?

I want you: physically, mentally and spiritually. I want you to pleasure me because it turns you on and makes you cum harder knowing that while I'm inside of your body, thrusting inside of your pussy I'm turned on knowing that I'm inside your mind and soul. I want all of you and in return you will get all of me. Are you ready to submit?