What? I ask, and a mischievious grin appears on his face. I knew very well what it WAS he wanted, I was just trying to fill the awkward silence with our old childhood inside joke. 

Ever since I had arrived at his house I had been horny, a fiery itch that begged to be scratched. It didnt help that I felt his errection just a while earlier when I sat on his lap while playing halo. It just made the itch ever more so aware and frequent in my thoughts.

I grab his hands in mine and look into his eyes. They are dark, dark as a deep grey cloudy night sky here in arizona. Im still so confused with my feelings with him. Oh well, his are clear I think to myself as I hug him. 

Suddenly he pulls back from me and we embrace again, this time with a kiss. Id kissed him before, but it was short and wasnt meaningful. This one was long, and lingering, and the releasing of years of passion. 

When it ended I said well it was about damn time. and he smiled again. It made my geeky teen self all bubbly inside. I kissed him again, and led him back to his bed where he sits.. I automatically sit on his lap, as I know its his biggest fetish.

 Mmm he says. 

I lick his lips with my tongue and he responds eagerly, so we twirl our tongues around for a while. I already felt him hardening under my ass. In his room the lights were dim and his parents werent home, so I knew we were safe. 

His hands slowly moved from my back to my rear, and he feels me and his kissing feels more urgent, more pleading. He leaned back and I straddled him, my breasts pushing up against his chest, me grinding myself near his nether regions. I wanted him so bad it was indescribable. 

He squeezed my ass again then moved up to fondle my breasts. I paused for a moment, putting my fingers on his lips to shush his protests, and removed his shirt, throwing it onto his floor. Being that he was a lifeguard his chest was waxed and smooth. I kissed him passionately again, exploring the contours of his naked back and chest. 

he broke the kiss and said to me Cmon, its my turn teasingly and reluctantly I remove my turquoise tank, revealing my lacy black bra. That too he said with a sexy grin and I unclip the back, slowly dropping the undergarment to below my chest then chucking it over to his shirt in a growing pile.

Remember when you first rejected me? he said suddenly, staring at my breasts then at my face. Yeah.. I said, recollecting about that embarrassing encounter when he asked to see my  tits back in 8th grade. I had told him no and almost forgot that text. Well, it was worth waiting. he said. You pervert! I say jokingly as one of our old inside-jokes from highschool. 

He sits up and tells me to lay down on the bed. I obey, and being uncomfortable in my jeans ask him to take them off. He does so eagerly, leaving me almost completely exposed and vulnerable to him. My lower self is throbbing now, with every heartbeat it becomes more aware in my consciousness. 

He instead focuses on my breasts, sucking and fondling them as well as exploring my body. His hands slowly gravitate closer and closer to my pussy, caressing my inner thighs and showering them with kisses. When I can take it no longer I tell him Can you just eat me out already? I pull down my panties part ways and he removes them and throws them into the pile. With pleasure he responds-- I soon proceed to have my first orgasm. 

As I tremble with pleasure of post-orgasm he licks me out. I recover and move closer to his cock, which was clearly happy to see me. I pull down his pants and boxers to see the new toy of mine. His manlihood was even larger than I had imagined, and one of the sexiest things I had ever seen. I wondered if a virgin like me could take it down there, let alone deep-throat it. I would try my best though, for him. 

I start by licking it like lollipop he used to refer to it as, teasing it but not putting it in my mouth. This quickly annoys him and I stop, smiling and gazing at it straight in front of me. It enters my mouth and I can only stick a few inches in before starting to gag, which for some reason turned Kileona on more. Oh Phoebe, this is really good. I almost forget his balls, but start fondling them in hopes of making him cum. As I pick up a faster pace he starts to thrust and moan and I can tell Im pleasing him. Phoebe, phoebe, oh god. he says and cums into my mouth. I swallow, curious of this new flavor of my lover. After he recovers, I stand up and lay on the bed with my legs dangling off, back in that vulnerable position with my legs apart.

Kileona, please, put it in here. and open my cunt with two fingers. 

God, writing this made me really horny since the characters are myself and a close friend of mine (hopefully going to be more than a friend soon!!) haha im going to go do indecent things now ;) maybe ill send him this story.. Still debating it. Anyways, please rate and review! Its my first draft of my first story so im looking for critique.