Wendy's World_(1)

Wendy's World_(1)


Wendy Counsels Some Big Black Cock

Fact or Fiction ? Kisses

I have been a guidance counselor at the local University for years but decided a few years ago to retire and provide counseling at home to a select few of entering freshmen. Several weeks ago I received a young man at home for a session. His name was Nathan. He was a walk on Basketball player wanting to eventually go on to the NBA but wanted a career in radio or TV if that didnt pan out. I had scheduled him for early this morning and he arrived promptly at ten. He is a tall young black man. I was struck by his height when I asked him into my home. He was dressed in warm ups and wearing expensive sneakers.

I was wearing my usual business attire but also as usual I wore a silk blouse with the top buttons undone to show off my cleavage. The half bra I wore easily showed off my erect nipples. The skirt I wore was black and was mid thigh. I normally do not wear panties but do wear thigh high lacy stockings and heels as I did this day. I have every intention of providing Nathan with more than some educational counseling. When he enterted my living room I asked him to have a seat on my couch. I took a seat across from him in a matching Chaucer winged chair, Queen Anne style.

I asked Nathan, Nat if he would like something to drink but he declined. We started off with him giving me a brief history of his educational history and what is GPA is. During our discussion I would cross and recross my legs. Each time giving him more than a chance to look up my skirt and see my cleanly shaven cunt. He could no doubt tell my arousal by my perky nipples trying to poke through my thin silk blouse. He sat there on my couch somewhat awkward, mainly due to his height. His legs were too long to comfortably sit. He had to spread his legs out as the couch was too low for him to sit comfortably. During our discussion I noticed a rather large bulge beginning to show in the warm ups. I licked my lips and looked into his eyes. He caught me staring.

I smiled, somewhat embarrassed at being caught with my eyes in the cookie jar so to speak. He reached down with his big hand and squeezed his thick bulge. My clit pulsed at this open display of machismo. I uncrossed my legs and left my thighs open. I wanted him to know that two could play this game. I growled at my display.

Do you see something you want Nathan?

Actually, I do. Or maybe I have something you want?

Thats a distinct possibility. I flushed at his forwardness. Why dont you show me what you think I might want.

He stood and took off his warm up top. He had a very defined chest and stomach with six pack abs that any man would die for, and any woman for that matter. Then he slipped his thumbs in the waistband of the bottoms and pulled them down along with his briefs. His cock was already hard and standing out from his body. It had to be 11 long and thick as a water bottle. I had to admit that I definitely wanted that. I licked my lips again as my mouth watered at the sight of his magnificent cock.

You certainly have a nice cock there Nat.

Well thank you Maam. Do you think you could handle something this large?

Theres only one way to find out. I said this knowing I have had many cock this size, but Nat didnt need to know this.

I started to unbutton the rest of my blouse. When I had them all done, I slipped it from my shoulders. Still sitting there in my bra and skirt, I cupped my breasts and teased my erect nipples as I looked at his still growing cock. I finally stood and unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the ground. I was now standing in front of Nat in my half bra, thigh high stocking and heels. I reached down and fingered my wet folds, bringing some of the moisture that was readily leaking from there and brought it up to my clit. I daintily fingered my clitty as Nat began to stroke his cock. I certainly didnt think this was some sort of stand off but evidently Nat did.

Why dont you crawl over here and show me how much you want this foot long piece of fuck meat.

Until he said that I had thought I was in control of the situation, but I found myself kneeling and started to crawl over to where he stood. I could feel the wetness of my cunt squishing with every movement of my ass. When I reached him I kneeled up and took his thick shaft into my hands. I could already feel his pulse in the veiny cock. The pulse matched the one I felt in my core. I wet my lips and took the bulbous head into my mouth. The velvety shaft felt warm and tasted of his salty pre-cum. A quick shudder went through my body.

I started to reach between my thighs. No Ms. Your pleasure is all mine. You touch yourself when I say, now put your hand behind your back.

I obediently complied. He hands came down and held my head. His hips began to move and his cock started to go in and out of my waiting mouth. I hummed around his shaft, as the spongy head began to hit the back of my throat. I was enjoying his cock but more so that he was imparting his will over me. His large hand grabbed his thick shaft and he pulled his cock from my mouth and stroked it in my face. He held it up and pushed my face into his large ball sack. I took one in my mouth without him telling me to.

Thats my good girl. You take what Nat gives you.

I licked and sucked his ball sack as he continued to stroke his massive cock. Then he slapped my face with his shaft, then rubbed the head across my swollen lips.

Why dont you get up on this couch and show me where you want this big black cock.

I scrambled up on the couch as if he would change his mind and leave me wanton. I got onto my knees with one arm on the back steading me. I reached back and fingered my cunt, showing him I wanted him to fuck me. He stood behind me still stroking his shaft. I slide two fingers inside me, fucking myself for him, begging him with my actions to put it inside me. He finally slapped my hand away with his cock and rubs my wet folds with the head of his cock. I whimpered with need. When he put his cock at my entrance I tried to push back, but he quickly grabbed my ass with both of his large hands and held me still. The large head of his cock was only inches inside me, teasing me.

Please Nat, I want it inside me. Please.

With that he seated his cock in the depths of my cunt. The feeling of my lips being stretched wa more than enough to send me to my first orgasm. My channel squeezed his cock with its spasms. His large hand came down hard on my upturned ass. You got that one for free, but your going to have to beg for the rest.

With that he pushed me off his cock. I fell down on my knees and took his slick cock back into my mouth. The tangy taste of my own cum only increased my inner desires. I bobbed my head up and down on his throbbing cock. Again he took it out and slapped my face with his cock. He pulled me back up and on my knees again. He thrust inside me and again I filled with his big cock. This time he was more aggressive, pounding me with more f***e. The slapping of our skin and the swaying of my breasts as he fucked me, had me near another orgasm.

Oh God, that cock is so good. I need to cum again.

Not yet.

Please your cock feels so good. I need to cum.

He pulled out again. I started to fall to my knees, thinking he wanted my throat again. But he turned me over and layed me on my back. I grabbed my ankles and spread my thighs for him. I looked down and my cunt was splayed and swollen from his pounding me. I looked at his cock as he fisted it. It glistened with my juices. I licked my lips, begging himwith my eyes to put it back inside me. He placed it at my entrance and pushed inside me. He made a few strokes then pulled out again. My cunt hole was gapping from the loss of his cock. I was whimpering until he thrust inside me again. He was hitting my cervix with each stroke. Each time he was pull out, my gapping hole would pulse, then he would seat himself again deep inside me. This young man knew how to fuck.

I guess he grew tired of teasing me because he grabbed my ankles and pushed them back around my head and began pounding my helpless cunt. His hige balls were hitting my puckered asshole with each thrust. His pubis bone would rub against me throbbing clit. I was going to cum very soon. I could feel his cock start to pulse as well. When I felt his cock swell, he pulled out of me and started shooting thick ropes of cum across my tits and face. I was amazed at how much his balls held. I was covered and heaving, near my own climax.

As his climax was ebbing, he started to rub the head of his cock against my engorged clit. He slapped my nub with his cock before slipping it back inside me and started to fuck me again. Jesus this guy was going to be the death of me. His cock never eased as he started to pound me again. Before I could even start begging, he told me to cum on his big black cock. Without hesitation my cunt started to spasm around his shaft. Wave after wave of them milked his thick cock. I could still feel it pulsing in my pussy as my orgasm started to fade. My body tingled from the adrenalin as he slowly moved his cock in and out until it slipped out. I instantly felt empty inside. I layed there splayed on my couch as I watched him get dressed again.

I didnt even bother dressing as I walked with him to the door. I told him to send over his friends with any of them needed a counseling session or just wanted to hang out by the pool. He told me that he would pass the word. Nat was good to his word as I had several more of his teammates stop by for a session in the past few weeks.

Yard Boys Birthday Gift


I have been busy these past few weeks. I spend a great deal of time in counseling sessions getting to know more of the boys. I say boys, they are all 18-20 years old. The word has spread about my proclivity for younger men and Ive become rather popular. Ive also been going over to the skate park. I usually go down during the day and do a few hand jobs or maybe a quick fuck or two, or three. I never get enough and there are lots of eager young things for me to play with.

Mack, my husband is still busy with his work. He told the other night that he was sorry that he hasnt been to attentive to me. He also told me that he was sorry but he was going to have to go out of town to another plant for a few weeks and train some of the new engineers. I told him that I understood but in the back of my dirty whore mind I was thinking about all the things I could do while he was gone. He said he would make it up to me when he got back. How many empty promises has he given me.

When I told Jas and Rocket about my husband leaving me alone for a few weeks they were excited too. I told them to get a bunch of the guys signed up for a pool party at my house soon. I also asked Jas if he knew any black friends that might like to have their way with a MILF like me. He told me he knew a few and could set something up for me. I was excited and couldnt wait. The prospect of a few weeks with my pussy and mouth filled with young cock had dripping.

My backyard is very private and I often have neighborhood guys coming over to swim too. Most of the time I just lay around in one of my skimpy bikinis and tease them. But now with Mack gone I was free to let them see a little more skin and maybe some more fun. It started off with the lawn guy. His name is Jesse. He came over to mow the yard the day that Mack had left. I was lounging out back naked working on getting rid of my tan lines. He had mowed the front yard and came into the backyard but didnt see me at first.

Oh excuse me Mrs. C. I didnt see you out here. I can come back later if you want.

Hey Jesse. No thats OK Im just out here getting some sun. Go ahead and finish what youre doing.

I appreciate that Mrs. C. I could use the money. Im saving up to get a new game for my new gaming system I got for my birthday.

When was your birthday?

It was yesterday. Im finally 18 years old.

Thats great Jesse. Youve turned into a fine young man. Maybe I can give you something to mark this great occasion.

You dont have to Mrs. C. Youve always been good to me.

Oh. I think you might like this.

He finished mowing the backyard. I watched his muscles strain, glistening with sweat. He has a nice muscular young body that I have always been attracted to. I also noticed him checking my naked body out too. I would catch him sneaking glances at me laying out by the pool. He must have liked what he saw because I could see a nice bulge in his shorts. When he had finished he came over to get paid. I told him my money was inside if hed like to come in and maybe get a cold drink as well. He agreed but was looking around for Mack Im sure.

Come on in. Mack is out of town. Would you like something to drink while I get your money?

Sure that would be great.

I got him a cold bottle of water and went to get my purse. When I cam back he was still trying to hide his erection. He was clearly checking out my swaying breasts when I walk up and handed him his money.

Now, would you like your Birthday present?

Really Mrs. C you dont have to give me anything.

I was thinking of giving you a blow job. Does that sound nice to you?

Wow. That sounds awesome. Really?

Absolutely. Has your girlfriend ever done that for you?

No Maam. We havent done much at all. She lets me play with her tits and finger her. Shes given me a hand job before.

Then youre in for a treat. Now lets get those shorts off and see what we got there.

I knelt down in front of him in the kitchen. I ran my hand up his shorts and felt his hard cock for the first time. Ive always wondered what kind of package he had. Boy was I surprised. He had a nice fat circumcised cock.

Jesse. Youve been holding out on me all these years. Your girlfriend doesnt know what shes missing.

He was beaming as I pulled his short down along with his briefs. His rigid cock sprung free. I licked my lips as I looked into his eyes. They were already half lidded when I took his cock in my hand grabing the base of his thick shaft. My finger could go all the way around it. I seen his bulbous head. I wrapped my wet lips around it and sucked while my tongue swirled around it. He put his hand on my head and guided me back and forth, taking his length with some minimal gagging. I kept my eyes up looking at him as I worked my head up and down his shaft.

I reached up under his shirt and ran my hands on his muscular stomach. I reached his nipple and teased it with my nails. That got a moan out of him. He took his shirt off and got to see his ripped chest and stomach. He has a smoking hot body. I reach down and rub my clit as my head bobbed up and down his thick cock. I moaned around his shaft as my fingers dipped into my folds. Bringing my wetness up my fingers circled my sensitive nub. His hips are moving back and forth, fucking my mouth. His urgency was palpable. I didnt want him to cum yet so I stopped my sucking.

Have you ever licked your girlfriend Jesse? I say looking up into his eyes.

No. Never.

Would you like to learn how?


I stand, still holding his dick tightly, and lead him to my bedroom. He follows obediently. I can feel his pulse in his throbbing cock and it sends shocks of electricity to my wet pussy. I love teaching young guys how to please a woman and Jesse was just one of many. I layed down on the bed and pulled him between my thighs. I brought them high into the air and spread them for my newest boy toy. I reached down and spread my swollen lips for him.

You see that little nub there Jesse? Thats my clitty. Your tongue will feel very nice there.

He leaned in and started licking my clit. He tongue was rough and unpracticed. I told him how I wanted him to lick me. To be easy, teasing it. I showed him how to lick the outer folds, then the inner lips. Moving back up to the clit. When he had me going good, I told him to spread my lips and tongue my hole. He delved in with great enthusiasm. My hand guided him and I soon felt the churning of my first orgasm wash over me. I held him there licking as my pussy gushed with my lady juice. I squeezed my thighs tightly together holding him there, as he eagerly lapped it up. When I finally pulled his face up, it was covered with my arousal. I pulled him up and we kissed, tasting my tangy sweetness.

I quickly pushed him back and took his raging hard on into my wet mouth. I was still shuddering from my orgasm and needed to have his young cock in my mouth. I f***ed my head down until I could feel his spongy head hit the back of my throat. I gagged slightly then used my saliva to storke his cock as my tongue swirled around the crown of his cock. I knew he wouldnt last long with all that had gone on so I looked into his eyes and smiled with his cock in my mouth. I reached down with three fingers and started fingering myself. When I whimpered with his cock in my mouth, it sent him over the top. His semen hitting the back of my throat had me following him into bliss. I love sucking young cock and Jesses was just one among many I have had.

When his spasms stopped and I had milked all that he had, Happy Birthday Jesse.

Wow Mrs. C. That was awesome!

Ill look forward to doing that again sometime.

Anytime Mrs. C. Anytime.

As he left, I was still fingering myself, thinking of yet another young stud I have added to my harem.

Pool Party of the Century


Jas texted me early this morning and told me that the pool party was on. He had about eight friends lined up to come this afternoon. I sent him a note back asking if I was going to have to ID everyone to see if they were legal age. He sent back LOL......no they are all in your wheelhouse for age. 18-22 and toting young hard cocks. Three of them say they already know you because you counseled them about college courses. My pussy pulsed thinking of which one of my black students he was referring to. This was going to be an epic pool party and cock fest for me.

I busied myself with getting ready. I showered and removed all my body hair. I put on some light makeup but decided on no bathing suit. I mean why bother. I had no intention of masking my intent to fuck or suck everyone at my pool party. Every time I stopped to think about it, I had to refrain from fingering myself silly. The final preparations were finished when I got back from the grocery store with cases of cold drinks (non-alcoholic) and snacks for my men. I wanted everyone hydrated and nourished so they could fuck me as often and as long as they wanted.

Around noon Jas and Rocket showed up to the front door. When I answered the door naked, they both smiled and came inside. Jas said that everyone knew to come to the side gate so we went straight to the pool. Both young men were naked by the time we reached the backyard. I didnt waste any time and had both Jas and Rocket in my mouth. They took turns throat fucking me. I was lost in remembering the time they took me in the abandoned building near the skate park. While I were consumed in sucking these two off some of the other guys showed up. Soon there was a crowd around us.

I was throating Rockets giant cock when someone started fingering me. My juices had already been flowing since Jass text. But the wet sounds of my cunt being fingered only spurred me on. I also felt hands, too many to count touching my body. At that moment I had a flashback to the skate park dream I had where everyone was using me. A shudder went down my spine. Hands cupping my breasts and ass, fingers slipping in and out of wet cunt. I was on fire with the heat of all that was going on. Someone finally put their cock inside me. I stopped sucking long enough to turn my head to see who it was. It was Nat and his wonderful black cock. I saw Jamal and Marcus from the basketball team too.

Nats thick cock was pounding me when I went back to sucking Jas and Rocket. I was in sensual overload. My body was awash with spasms and I came with a shuddering explosion of electric energy being coursing through my body. My thrashing must have sparked Jas and Rocket causing them to erupt, spilling their warm salty seed down my throat. Rockets splashed on my face and hair. Nats cock swelled shot sending his cum blasting into the depths of my core. I was moaning like a slut with gifts of their arousal.

Someone came up with the suggestion that we find a way to cool off but still have a chance to fuck me. At first I thought about floating around on an inner tube or maybe using a kick board, but then I thought about using our pool noodles. We have tons of them as Mack once made a floating bed out of them by weaving them together. I didnt want to use the bed idea because it had been too cumbersome to fuck on, but we made a little cylinder out of three noodles cut short and circling my body. One under my arms, one at the waist, and two smaller ones around my knees. Each loop circled unto themselves and was secured by the connecting pins. It allowed me to float around the pool easily.

It was actually very relaxing to just float around, either on my back or on my front. But we werent there to relax. So as I floated around the pool hands would touch me, fingers or cocks would enter me, using my mouth or pussy. It was so enjoyable. The guys started up a water volleyball game. At first I thought they wanted me to get out, but the game was to push me around amongst them while still playing the ball. It was a good way to spread everyone out and give them a chance to rest and recover. I on the other hand was used and fucked like a whore. This went on for about an hour or so until I was beginning to get sore from all the fucking in the water.

I decided to get out and rest for a bit. Jas got out with me and put some lotion on me. His hands felt strong but nurturing on my body. As I reclined there, I watched these young athletic men really start to play volleyball. I laid back on my lounge chair and reveled in these naked young bodies jumping and thrashing about. It seemed to be becoming more competitive and I wondered if they were battling for dominance. Jas and Nat were the two that I would call alpha males but the rest were merely followers. Watching all of this showing off, I soon found myself fingering my clitty. It wasnt too long before they noticed that and the game ended.

I think it was Marcus who came up with the next fun game. Someone got a blindfold and secured it around my head. My arms were pinned back behind my back. Then the game was explained to me. I would be carried around the pool area. Each young man would enter me and fuck me until I could recognize his cock. I would incur three strokes, if I couldnt identify him. Then I would have a second chance to identify him with my mouth. I would suck his cock until I recognized him. If I was unable to do this, then I would incur another three strokes. The young man would then get to spank me for not remembering the feel or taste of his cock. My clit pulsed as he explained the rules.

Soon I was hefted up and carried to my first cock. With my blindfold on and my arms pinned behind me, I was lowered onto the first cock. It was a nice fit and I was soon grinding on it. I kept thinking of whose cock it could be but was distracted by my need to cum. Just before I could, I was hoisted off the cock and bent over to taste it. At first all I could taste was my tangy sweetness, but then as I cleaned his cock off, I began to recognize his scent. I guessed that it was Donny, one of the skater guys. I was right but had incurred three strokes for not getting it right with my pussy. Donny bent me over his knee and gave me three rather hard slaps to my ass.

Before I had a chance to rub my stinging ass, I was carried to the next cock. The minute that the cock entered me I knew exactly who is was, Eric, one of the black basketball players. His cock was very big and had a massive curve to the left. It hit me in a wonderfully familiar spot. I rode it playing along hoping to get to cum, but again I was ripped off before I could. I whimpered with need. I wanted to have his cock in my mouth so I pretended not to know him. When he entered my mouth and stretched my lips around his thick shaft, I melted with desire. I love the feeling of his spongy crown hitting the back of my throat. I knew I could come from giving him head so I worked his shaft back and forth. I was right there on the edge when he pulled from my lips with a pop. I whimpered again but identified him correctly. He slapped my tits for the three stroke punishment I had incurred for wanting him in my mouth.

The game went on until I had fucked almost every cock in the crowd. If my count was right there should be two left. When I was carried to the next cock and it sank into my sopping wet cunt, the other cock entered my mouth. Anyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely love to be spit-roasted on big cocks. I knew the moment they both entered me who they were. Whether it was by subtraction or deduction I couldnt tell you for sure, but Jas was in my needy cunt while Nat was throat fucking me. Any woman who has ever had her cervix and the back of her throat being pounded at the same time knows it is a euphoric and blissful feeling. I was in heaven. They each have their own style but it was sending me to the edge at a rapid pace.

Hands were all over me. Some stroking my reddened ass, other kneading my hanging breasts and pulling on my tingling nipples. My hair was being pulled back to open my mouth further. There was no stopping my orgasm now and I was flying. Neither cock stopped or slowed as they continued to take their pleasure from me. This thorough pounding lengthened my climax as the spasms continued to wash over me. My body was trembling, and shuddering. My cunt was quivering with being racked by my orgasmic overload. Having been denied for the past few hours or so, left my body palsied with irregular twitching. I have never cum so hard and for so long in all my life. Even though I was now left weak and wobbling, I long for them to do it to me again and again.

I was finally laid down in the cool grass and every young man came and stood over me, one or more at a time and stroked their cocks to completion. Their warm jets of cum splashed on my glistening body. I rubbed the sticky fluids into my skin while the next one would stand over me. By the time everyone had deposited their cum on me, I was exhausted. The party essentially ended there. Some of the guys helped clean up. Jas was the last of them. He took me inside and showered me and carried me to my bed. To my amazement he stayed overnight with me to make sure I was alright. When we woke up the next morning, I was sore but we still fucked like bunnies. I spent the rest of the day in the hot tub recovering from the most epic pool party orgy ever!











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